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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Krabi, here we come

This is our postcard keke

When Daddy say we are taking Tiger to Krabi, kids look puzzled.
They ask why not take Lion? (LionAir only when you fly to Jakarta)

This will be our first Budget air experience, and we hope our trip will have
as much fun as Redang.

Baggage all checked, mostly kids stuffs.

Meanwhile, we are not wearing Yellow or Red.. neutral.

**updated 28Sep2010 --> read our KRabi experience here -->

10,000 - sengkangbabies hitting new milestone

In a few hours, our blog should have cross

The current reading is :

Some of our popular searches :

- Europe - Redang
- Middle East - search for boys + girl ( perverts !!)
- Asia - Universal Studios
- Singapore - Education (Nan Qiao primary) and Food (Bakerzin and Barcook ) !

Favourite Video :
From our She Is walking Article dated 14Apr 2010

Some famous blogs easily get 200 hits, or even 1,000 hits per day,
so 10,000 to these bloggers is chicken feet.

Nevertheless, 10,000 is a big deal to little sengkangbabies
Hope you have enjoy our blog, more entries to come .

Hip Hip Hooray !!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Qian Hu 仟湖 fish farm - Long Kang (drain) fish

Last Saturday, we went to Qian Hu fish farm along old Choa Chu Kang.

This "farm" is hugh, housing ornamental fish, selling pet and fish accessories,
and of course longkang fishing (our objective)

Qian Hu is not so easy to find (compared to those farms along LimChuKang or NeoTiew)
but the carpark is still FULL on a hot Sun afternoon !!

Endless Rows of fish tanks and various assortment of fishes..
Wen Yi keep asking for Nemo?

Video : boys are excited..

Expensive black fish, which looks like 奶奶 yummy fish-dish.

Below Promfret (black or white chang) image taken from Thai-Food website.
If you are visiting Thailand, the dishes will make you hungry.

These wavy black fish is named Devil's Blade. Eerie.

Video : Fish and more fishes

Anything which swims or crawl, will get the boys exclaiming,
you hear shouts of excitement and discovery.

Farm trip climax is outdoor fishing.
For $5, you get a bucket, fish net and unlimited guppies for 30min.
We can share the bucket, but Daddy got two sets for boys.

Ready, Action, Go.
Boys complain about empty fishtank after a few minutes haha
After repetitive squat and duck and stretch, you get cramps .

Daddy's strategy caught three wandering guppies.
(tip, one boy will herd the guppies into a dead end, where second net is waiting)

Both fishes and boys are tired !!

Since Yi cannot net any fish, he helps to move the fish tank after us.
Yi is still short and Daddy was worried he will fall into drain.

Video : It is tiring to catch guppies

For some reason, Yi likes to dip his hand into the murky water. Yucks !!

Ice Cream, to keep cool. Daddy rewarded us for a hard day's labour.
(Although we return all our utensils and guppies)

Other information :

1)The other Fish Farm we visited in 2009 was Hausmann
The drains are narrower, and we believe it should be easier to "corner" the poor guppies.

And at Hausmann, you get really close to some Giants !!
Look at our review -->

2) You can easily spent two hours here, so do not make Qian Hu your first stop :)
You will have problem pulling your kiddos to the next stop( can be any farm in Lim Chu Kang.)

3) For ladies, please refrain from skirts or low cuts.
Daddy was trying to take kiddos photos from low-angle,
and it was very hard not to look like a pervert :p

Jetstar contest - Fly for free, blog, and win HTC phones

If only Daddy Mummy still dating, and no baggage ;p
This 3d2n Jetstar contest would be fun.

For young couples out there, hurry up and tour the world before baby comes along haha

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

International Museum Day ~ 14-23May 2010

Mark your calender,
May's weekends will be packed with children and cultural activities.

This year's theme is Kid's Edition.
With 20 participating Museums, we are spoilt for choices.
You can even participate in contests to win
HTC Smart (really Smart) Phone, and Museum passes.

For more information, visit

or reference Sengkangbabies' reviews :
- Asian Civilisation Museum
- Newater
- Marina Barrage - Sustainable Singapore Gallery
- Land Transport Gallery
- Singapore National Museum
- Singapore Philatelic Museum

Monday, April 26, 2010

Carpenters - Top of the World

MTv is not exactly groovy.
but the lyrics.. is timeless.

Song will not appeal to today's teenagers,
But Daddy can sing this song to his darling Mummy :p


One day, the kids will describe Daddy as m.u.s.h.y haha

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Myopia finds Wen Wei, and Mummy's job interview

The verdict is out,
Wen Wei is short sighted, and we have precribed his spectactles

Possible causes
- Is Myopia genetic?
- Too much TV, computer games or homework?
- Inadequate distance (60cm), or lighting?

Acivities to minimise (or delay) Myopia
We participate in many outdoor activities,
letting our kids see the Greens,
even our Blog is Green.

Unfortunately, Wei has become another myopia statistic.
We start asking ourselevs whether we could have done more.

In Singapore, the probability of children being myopic is very high :
- 30% starts wearing specs in their Primary schools
- then they reach age 18, 80% are myopic !!

More on myopia

Video : Meanwhile Wen Wei needs to interview Mummy about her career.

Friday, April 23, 2010

OMY's 2010 Blog award - 新加坡部落格大奖

Blog = 部落格 ( this is something new for Daddy)

Have you noticed the above logo on our blog?
We have nominated ourselves for OMY's Best-Lifestyle category.
There are 10 categories, but none for Parenting !!
(Maybe parenting-blogs are too "lame" for teenagers, and un-happening for yuppies?)

Remember to "Rally" for our blog too .
You will need to register with OMY first,
then look for our blog "boys.girl" under "LifeStyle category" page 12 or 13.
Click on the red RALLY button.

Well, what does this competition means?
You stand to win in two ways, either
Nominate your own blog, or Vote for your favourite blogs.
$40,000 worth of prizes awaits you.

Besides the usual lucky draws, tips, publicity, we can definitely
learn/copy from the BEST !!
Nomination ends 09May2010.

More Prizes

The lucky winner of each award will also win this trophy.
Do you feel as exited as Daddy? keke

Tickets to HongKong, Phuket or even an ePC sounds so much more tempting :-)
(Daddy assumes again that stands a chance to win haha)

**One more tip - avoid "Lifestyle" and "Individual" categories to stand a higher chance of winning

More about OMY
OMY stands for online-mobile-for-the-young.
This portal is packed with entertainment news, and latest promotions.

Although Daddy is not so young anymore, but it is more important
to Feel young-at-heart :)
Our Sengkang kiddos are rejuvenating our lives every hour, every day haha.

Good Luck to all!!

"Jeanette Aw 欧萱 " is winner in both 2008/9 local-celebrity category.
She played little Nonya, and is now the funeral-director (红白囍事) on TV8.

**updated 10May2010- sengkangbabies selected as one of the special nominees !!

BarCook Raisin cream cheese bun - We love it

BarCook Bakery (吧台), this bakery chain is pulling in the queues recently.
Everybody is curious.

BarCook describes their signature "Raisin Creamy Cheese" :
~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~
An irresistible cottony-soft and flat bread filled with silky cream cheese and juicy raisins that gives the bread a full bodied flavor and wonderful aroma.

Our kiddos love anything cheesy. Yummy.
And the raisin sweetens the bun.

Be warn, you will need to queue for at least 20 min, to savour the cheesy bun :-p
You can find BarCook at Central, Hong Lim Complex, and Raffles Place OUB Centre.
Click for locations.

If you like cheesy stuffs, try Ikada Tarts too.

**Above pictures taken from
BarCook website.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wen Yi is sick - Bronchitis

MC for two days.
Poor boy, his fevers come and go.

Hope he recovers soon.
Meanwhile, cars and nebulizer are his buddies, to keep him company.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Header [ Publicity ]

.. makes our kiddos a little bit famous ... If you have interesting events or need little models, ring Sengkangbabies :p (email us)

Omy Singapore Blog Awards 2011
NTUC FoodFare @ Clementi Mall
Lumix GF3 and Shine Youth Festival Media event

Changi Airport - SingKids playground, Transit are exploration
Peranakan Museum - Wei can prepare Nonya dishes now

TheNewPaper - Kang and Yi attended GV's Mummies and Babies screening

2010 Dec
Our kids caught at Qian Hu, will appear in Primary 3 book
We appear on Changi Airport's newsletter, must have been creating too much din!

Mypaper - Yi naked and washing car

2010 Nov
Wei featured in Nparks publication

2010 Jul
Patriotic boys on MyPaper

Kang and Xin on My Paper

2010 May
Blog award Omy special nominee, Sengkangbabies video clip online

2010 Apr
Nuffnang Symposium

Qiji Nasi Lemak - Every Sunday !!

Daddy brings Wei and Kang to class every Sunday morning.
And without fail, these two boys will want "Nasi Lemak" breakfast.

Do they get sick of eating same food every week? (must be Set 1 somemore )
**There is even a "Nasi Lemak" wiki article.

In Kovan, the "Nasi Lemaks" in the hawker centres (be it Chinese or Malay stalls)
easily beat Qiji hands down, and are cheaper !!

But boys always choose the "branded" Nasi Lemak (read air condition)
Thus we normally dine at QiJi cool outlet.

Poor Daddy has to share our Nasi Lemak "twice in the morning", every week.
Even if the food is good, it can be an over-indulgence !!

Daddy : Are your kiddos also pestering you to woof down
the same cuisine every day/week?

**above images taken from Qiji website -->

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wen Xin, from Monster inc (boo)

Wen Xin with her pony tails.
Daddy thought she look like Boo from Monster Inc.
Both are so cute.

Video : a short clip of Monster inc, Boo

Official Monster Inc clip -->

More updates on Wen Xin's walking..
she is now exploring every corner of our home.
Can you imagine her sense of freedom?

..from months of crawling, then suddenly you can walk, run... Freedom ..

Video : Japanese

Video : Part of sengkangbabies convoy

Video : I am cute, but I bite (she is teething)

Circle Line 2011 - nearer to Nature

Come 2011, when you step out of a train station on the Circle Line,
Botanic Gardens, Labrador Park, Southern Ridges, and even West Coast Park
will all be accessible within a few steps.

Hooray, this means more playground within easy reach for us.
More excuse to leave our car home.
As we live in Sengkang, Labrador and West coast always seem a bit far off :p

**Read how Sengkangbabies explores Circle Line Phase 1preview

Updated 2011Oct09 ** Free Rides Circle line phase 2 opening


header [ Contact us ]

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Welcome to SengkangBabies (盛港宝宝),
we hope you like our adventures and stories :)

Feel free to link up :


Saturday, April 17, 2010

header [ Holidays ]

##refer to our Pages tab

Holidays (not neccesary overseas)

Click for --> Tips on bringing little kiddos overseas

SwissHotel (ndp fireworks)
Traders (x'mas stay, including zoo+Funvee opentop bus)

Johor via Railway
Genting (2010Dec, 2009Mar)
Sunway Lagoon (2010Dec, 2008Jul)
A Famorsa Malacca
Port Dickson

Gold Coast Surfers Paradise 201009


... Taiwan
Taipei 201105, do visit this wonderful site too !

Batam 201103


Star Cruise


header [ Our Blogroll ]

##refer to our Pages tab

There you go, Daddy's regular digest. These bloggers always give Daddy more Motivations and Ideas on what to blog!

Sengkangbabies are always searching for playgrounds, or restaurant, and places-of-interests in Singapore. If you have any recommendations for us,
please please please drop us an email.

Parenting (where do they bring their kids? arts and craft? Insights..go on, take a peep)

Daddies (Papabear from Indonesia)

Food or Photography (deadly combo, makes you hungry) 摄·界 (another papa )

many more...

Travel Malaysia (because we love driving to Malaysia)

Travel Singapore (tips for singapore and Johor)


This list is by no means exhaustive, and Daddy wish he has more time to read through the wonderful blogs above... Thank you for the inspirations !!

Rainy Saturday - supposed to catch longkang fish but...

We were supposed to catch some long-kang (drain) fish today.
Venue is Kid's Kampong along Pasir Ris Farmway 1.
The rain never stopped.

Eventually, we felt the entrance tickets are too expensive, and gave Kampong a miss.
$14 Club fee gets you :
- mineral water, one ice cream
- one fishing rod
- bucket and net for keep
- animal feed x2 packet (For the rabbits, goats and carps)

No doubt they will have fun, but we can get better deals elsewhere :-p
If we let three boys enter, it will be a whopping $42 !!

We have to convince and sweet-talk the boys (who were understandably disappointed) to another fish farm across. We saw some terrapins, guppies, fighting-fishes, even goldfish, but the kids never forgot to ask "when" they can catch some guppies.

Daddy promised we will go back to Lim Chu Kang for some guppies action sometime soon. Look at our previous guppies from Hausmann - only $3 per bucket/net,
and we can "share" !! (rate is taken from 2009Mar)

Fior fishing, refer -->

For animal feeding, refer

Then we pop by Giant, which is always crowded.
Toy cars anybody?

This is how we spend out Saturday. Quiet, not much activites, rest day.

**updated 28Apr --> do Visit our Qian Hu experience

header [ Places of Interest ]

##This article is not updated, for latest news, refer to our Pages tab above##

need not be child's play

# Project Playground - We visit Singapore's oldest playgrounds

Rides and Public Transport
Bus Ride is FUN ! (DoubleDecker 161, Kang sleeps, DoubleDecker 87)
Fun Vee Open Bus rides
Singapore to Johor Train ride

Places of Interest
Crocodile Farm Serangoon
Changi Airport (SingKids+Transit arena,xMasFantasy,,Kiddies rides)
Coastal Road (watch planes)
Duxton Pinnacle
Fire Station (Sengkang, Central, Tampines)
Jurong Bird Park
Marina Barrage (and Sustainable Singapore Gallery)
Marina Bay (2010 Maybank Night Walk, 2010 NDP fireworks)
MRT Depot Sengkang
Punggol Jetty
Raffles Lighthouse
Sembawang Splash Park
Singapore Discovery Centre
Singapore Flyer (2011 MBS ready, 2009 Flyer and Marina Barrage water play)
Singapore Science Center
Singapore Zoo (,Zoo Hoo, new Animal Friends Show,WaterPlay_RainForest)
Universal Studios Singapore (preview,HollywoodAfterHours)

Parks and Gardens
Ang Mo Kio West Garden (Ave 6 McDonald playground)
Botanic Gardens
Changi Boardwalk
Dairy Farm Quarry
Hort Park (2010 Oct HappeeDay)
Fort Canning
Jacob Ballas Garden
Lorong Halus Wetland (Night shoot)
Lower Seletar Reservoir (water play)
Maritchie Tree Top Walk
Pasir Ris Park (packed with activities)
Sengkang RiverSide Park (Floating Island, Stones, Fish feeding)
Southern ridges ( Hort Park to HendersonWaves)
Tiong Bahru Park (got train and MerryGoRound, recommended)

Army Open House
Asian Civilisation Museum
Little India
LTa Gallery Transport
Peranakan Museum
Raffles Place
Singapore National Museum
Singapore Philatelic Museum
Singapore Police Centre
Sustainable Singapore Gallery (look under Marina Barrage)
Tanjong Pagar
Railway Station
URA City Gallery

Need more ideas? We recommend you visit Npark and URA's websites.

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