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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lower Seletar Reservoir, cool water play arena for kids!

We first heard of Low Seletar Reservoir from mummy Kole -->

Her kids were having so much water-fun, that we know our kiddos will definitely love it !

Video : Nice panorama of reservoir. No Obstructions!

This walking path will bring you to a shelter+stage, right in the center of Reservoir.

Along the way, we came across some interesting histories.
However, the kids were more keen to explore the other features.

Anybody want to stage a concert here? This spot can be a popular gathering point for residents after their dinner.

Video : round and round the stage

Life Buoy everywhere.

Daddy was still taking photographs when he hear children shouting.
No one has fallen into the water, but the kiddos have already started their Water Play !

The pictures shout FUN! and we did enjoy ourselves !

Even small Wen Xin was busy wading up and down the artificial "streams".

Video : Fun with Water!

This park has so many cool and interesting features, no wonder Wen Yi is smiling so :)

**We were there from 1000 to 1200, and crowds keep streaming in.
You can imagine how popular this park will be during weekends.
The carpark is very small.

Need more water playgrounds?
Search our tags for "WetWetWet" and "Playgrounds".
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  1. Maybe you'd wanna invest in a waterproof camera casing for your dSLR?? Then you can take underwater pics with the youngsters. It's really worth the investment, i'd say. :D

  2. hi Mabel, I got another camera just for underwater shots. Would hate to risk dunking my dslr :(
    ..and u and friends are having a fun time jumping keke

  3. Cool, never knew about Sembawang! Another place to add to the list! Thanks!

  4. ya MamaJ, this spot is very secluded. I am also surprised not many people know. Lucky for us, we got Mummy Kole to do the leg work :p

  5. Hi there,

    Was researching abt this place when I came upon ur blog. This waterplay area is the one very close to the public car park, right?

    Is there an area for washing up nearby (eg. toilets - with showers)?


    1. hi Bayya, there is a public carpark, but only for around 20 cars. (do a streetdirectory search and you will find it)

      There is a toilet, but we did not notice whether it come with shower facility. Please bring along a tower.


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