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Monday, May 19, 2008

Farm - Animal Resort

We went to Animal Resort at Jalan Kayu.
It is a mini farm.
No entrance fee, but we can buy Feeds for the animals.

Portrait , even baby needs to wear cap. At least Yi is not complaining.

Kang : Kor kor, what are you seeing? can show me?


not sure what is the name of this bird, but it is a scavenger bird from Africa.

Stay away from the swans..they always move in convoy, and Quacks aggressively.

Boys learning to take photos..

I am hot (literally) is hot.

What better way to cool down?

Other animals :
Rabbits, fishes, dogs, parrots

Animal Resort Website --

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jolye one month

Time flies, Joley also one month old today.
We arrive early and proceed to setup the function room, kids kept themselves busy with balloons etc, and drinks.

Yi is also 4 months plus..his hair has not settle down yet.

Kang and Daddy took time out for some buddy photos.

Shall we go swimming today?

We went Nai Nai's house after party. Nai Nai's has her hand full trying to catch three monkeys :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Corridoor Water action again - Labour Day

It is holiday today, and we kept the kids at home. Little Yi was busy sucking his KFC fingers.

Yi did not know that a fierce turf war was being waged right at our doorstep.

This is very serious water play..all Wet and slick look.
We got mummy/daddy's prior permission to wash ourselves at corridor.

Crazy boy..bucket himself !!

Wei looks dazed while watering the plants..

These two boys can bring havoc when they play together.
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