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Friday, December 10, 2010

Changi Christmas Fantasy - Bouncing Castle and Magic Teapot

Today, Sengkangbabies visited Changi Airport again.
Below pictures show what we usually do in the airport :)

This time around, Changi Airport wants you to experience Christmas Fantasy in T3.

A Magical Teapot in T3, which can make your wishes come true :)

Our objective today is this famous bouncing castle :)
(hands up which parent still does not know about Airport Castle? )

Video : children all excited out about Changi's Fantasy Castle

Video : Castle in action, hear Yi squeak, and Daddy pants :p

Video : The slope is quite steep, so we left two smaller kids behind

** Take note you need to have one receipt (any amount) in order to climb the castle.
After sweating at the castle, we rushed to The Slide (the smaller one).

Back in May, Daddy brought Wei to view Changi T3's hugh slide. For more pictures of The Slide, click -->

For more info on Changi's Christmas' Fantasy, click -->

Time check, 8pm. Children are sleepy (read Parents are tired), let's go home.

**updated 23Dec2010 - we are featured in Changi's newsletter


  1. I definitely didn't know airport has such fun stuff. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. hi Vincent, watch Xavier do 100m sprint, hugh vast empty space :)


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