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Monday, June 27, 2011

Police Heritage Centre

As part of this year's Museum Children's Season, Daddy found out about "Police Heritage Centre". It seems that it was open to the public since 2002 (but why is it so low profile?)

The police crest at the main lobby.

Daddy told them we are in Police HQ, must behave.. but kids started giggling.
When will my boys learn to take my word seriously :p

Inside the gallery, uncle Steven explain to us :
- the different police roles (Prison, Riots, Traffic police, Coast Guard)
- how some brave Policemen die in the line of duty. Respect.
- some road name are named after old Commissioners (Dunman Rd, E Tong Seng, Duxton Rd)
- Wei even had an opportunity to photo-fit a snatch thief!

After the tour, kids got a chance to play police.
Daddy could not find those police attire from yesterday when police wear short pants. (direct translation from Hokkien)

Daddy showing boys the correct way to salute keke.

Overall, a fun experience. Our boys now know more about the police, and they understand it is sometimes tough to catch criminal (movies make it look easy). It is a pity that no photographs are allowed in the gallery, and we did highlight that the experience would be better if kids can "interact and role-play", maybe :

- play police catch thief, with baton, handcuffs. Taser would be a bonus :p
- wearing a helmet, riding an old-time police bicycle, or maybe take a spin on Traffic Police's Wrx
(... some points are exaggerated, please do not mimick at home with young kids ..)

Outside the compound, we could not resist posting infront of the drama poster.
Our boys are fans of this 9pm Ch8 show (which just ended 27Jun).
They understand Police motto CLIF stands for Courage.Loyalty.Integrity.Fairness

If you are interested in visiting Police Heritage Centre :
- call 64782123 for an appointment (at least 5 days in advance)
- you will need to furbish all participants' IC number for security clearance
- on the actual day, please bring along your IC/passports for yourself and kids to facilitate your checkin-in process
- Do not drive, as you cannot park in Police HQ. We recommend you take a MRT to Novena and walk 10min.

For more information on Children's Season or Museum activities, visit -->

ps..anybody know the website for Home Team vehicles? If your kids love the Police, view our video taken during last years' NDP mobile column



  1. anyone mentioned that you really look like a police inspector?

  2. aiyah, I should have pick a white suit, then maybe look like "Commissioner". wahaha :p


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