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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Primary 1 Balloting for 南侨 Nan Qiao - we are IN !!!

We have secured Wei's Primary ticket into our preferred school !!

南侨 Nan Qiao - only 73 children will be eligible, out of 191.

Mummy :
0850 : reach school. A lot of parents are here already
Balloting candidates flashed from 001 to 191

0910 : balloting starts

0935 - Why Wei name has not appear yet? only a few more slots

0940 : Announce "LEE BOON WEE".. the feeling is better than hitting 4D !!

Wei managed to squeeze in with two more slots left.
He has paved the way for his siblings to breeze in.

Luckily Mummy/Daddy, do not have to go through kiasu/anxiety mode again for 2011,2013, and 2015

ps.. for latest update, go to http://www.kiasuparents.com/kiasu/content/seng-kang

Hip Hip Hurray :)

**edited 01Dec2009 --> our Orientation on 30Nov
**edited 05Jan2010 --> Day 1 in school
**edited 27Jul2011 --> sharing our enrollment anxiety

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