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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Singapore Zoo Hoo - where kids roleplay as zoo keeper , Vet etc

In Dec holiday, Singapore Zoo has an interesting programme for kids. Called Zoo Hoo, it allows kid to role play multiple roles working in a Zoo (example Zoo Keeper, Vet, Photographer, Horticulturist). Kids understand Zoo, but Zoo Who? (pun intended).
So Daddy told them read Zoo-Hoo as 猪虎 (Mandarin pronunciation for Pig and Tiger)

It was already drizzling at 0900, we registered around 1000.
The game is easy, navigate and find six stop-points in the zoo, role play the respective roles, collect all six stamps.

Our first stop is Wildlife Photographer.
We have to map the baby animal to their parents. As we watch Animal documentaries, this task is Easy :p

2nd Stop is Veterinarian, who wants to be a doctor?
Zoo staff certified that we did not "mis-handle" the tapir, we pass !

Along the way, we stop to interact with various animals.
Some prefer to sleep out the rain :)

Video : ballerina hippo, so graceful

Australian Outback is always one of our favourite site, as we can see Kangaroos.

Video : This lizard looks ghastly

You might have noticed by now why only two boys follow Daddy?
Well, we left No3 and 4 home with Mummy, so we can run faster, and see more.

It was a good strategy, as Daddy can explain in detail to the curious boys.
Otherwise, Daddy could be busy chasing after Yi (no3), or pacifying Xin (no4) !

Video : We climb the tree in ButterFly Walk. We still cannot find any butterflies !

Video: penguins (we heard some have migrated to BirdPark)

We found station 3 behind Ah Meng (memorial).
Being a Conservationist is Fun. We are equipped with guns, and warpaint.
..we need to protect our environment and animals...

Video : Load and shoot, own time own target.

** river Safari pictures taken from

Stop 4. Who wants to be a Zoo Keeper?
We have to feed the "correct" food to Lion, Hippo and Bear.
Luckily, no one embarassed Daddy by feeding vegetables to lion :p

Video : feeding time.

Luckily, nobody needs to clear any poo poo :p
Next, we explore the lizard world. Komodo dragons in our zoo looks docile, but it bears a nasty bite (with germs) yucks !!
Video : we saw a fat crocodile too

Cute mousedeer, and old Tortoises.

Video : the adults did not understand that the baby squirrel wants to be left alone!

Daddy say this iguana looks serious. He was not moving even when we went near!

We like this T-shirt. Who wants to work for his passion?
Let's play Work or let's work play? Both seems fun !
Not-for-sale :(

5th station. Who is horticulturist? Daddy just know this job entails taking care of the flora in our zoo. Watch this clip from Zoo.

We became busy bees to help pollinate the flowers :)
This helps flower and plants to spread their seeds and ensure continuity.

Video : Fastest bee is...

Finally, we arrive at Kidz Rainforest to act as Show Presenter.

We taught a hedgehog to follow our instruction to look for food.
Kids were trilled. Thu cute sonic-hedgehog helps haha.

Hooray, we completed the course in under 3 hours.
Everybody who complete their course will get one scoop of Ben&Jerry.
For the first 100, extra pint of ice cream !

On our way back, we spoted this massive LENS. Someone looking at the stars?
Each lens would easily cost 5 figures ..gulp!

The six stations were housed under tents, the rain came and go at least four times witinh hours. Singapore Zoo is really a RAIN-forest !

Now, we can share our ice cream with our siblings.
Afterall, we told the two younger ones, we went to school, which sort of rhymes with zoo :p
Wen Kang is already telling Daddy to enroll him for next year's Zoo Hoo ! Another Fantastic outing at the zoo.
More info and registration details -->
(Remaining dates in Dec --> 11, 12, 18, 19)

** click for our school outing -->


  1. what a valuable experience for them :)

  2. yes Papabear, as Singapore is so urbanised, we have to expose the little ones to the flora and fauna.

  3. What an interesting way to see and experience the zoo! Thanks for sharing on this :)
    See you this weekend!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Beware Sakura, it is fun roleplaying at the Zoo, but very tiring to hunt down the "clues" haha :)

    We did enjoy ourselves.


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