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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taiwan 台北 itinerary

Daddy stayed 3 nights, before SengkangBabies came for another 5 nights. Taipei and TaoYuan is packed with kids activities to keep us entertained ! Initially, we intended to leave Wen Xin behind in Singapore, but Mummy could not bear too.

We make a right choice to bring her to Taiwan, Xin had fun along with us, although we had our fair share of tantrums !

Below pictures are randomly selected, and more details will be shared along our Taipei trail. Some pictures need no introduction, because they are iconic landmarks, or their "smell" will haunt you haha. Scroll down for SengkangBabies' 9D8N 台北 itinerary

There is only one word to describe Taiwan, . (and we have not even explore the rest of Taiwan yet !!)

Taipei Itinerary

Click on the links below for our 9D8N Taipei adventure, we guarantee you will be visiting Taiwan soon !

Taipei Itinerary -
Day 1 - Arrival
Day 2 - National Museum (故宮), Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (紀念堂), Taipei 101, 士林夜市 (Shi Lin Night Market)

Day 3 - Nanya Rock (南雅), 九份, YeLiu Geopark (野柳), Yang Ming Shan hotspring (陽明山)

Day 4 - 北投 Hell Valley, 淡水老街
Day 5 - Tao Yuan (桃园) LeoFoo 六福村 (Safari resort and Amusement park)
Day 6 - 小人國, 寧夏 (Ning Xia Night market)
Day 7 - Baby Boss (職業體驗城), ( 西門町 Xi Men Ding)
Day 8 - Taipei Zoo, Maokong (貓空)
Day 9 - Home if you cannot wait, please visit SengkangBabies Fanpage or Daddy's Taiwan Facebook Albums (more pics and descriptions). Click on image below.

More information and tips are available at Taiwan tourism web -->

If you love our itinerary, you will love TAlive aka TaipeiDreams ! For more itineraries, click on link below
Escape to tour Taipei, Taiwan where
no boring travel guide will bring you!

On the way back SQ gave us a Pineapple cake. I am missing Taiwan already !



  1. you gave us courage to bring my 2 girls to Taiwan too...=)

  2. After seeing your post, I wanna go Taiwan too! hahaha

  3. J_Dad - your girls will go gaga over BabyBoss!
    HP - when u go soldier, maybe consider posting to GaoXiong? Nice food, pretty girls (wink wink)

  4. I'm missing Taiwan already! :) And I agree with JBabies Daddy - I am garnering up the courage to bring my kiddos there too! Heard much great reviews about Baby Boss!!!

  5. hello Sandra, just go and no regrets :) Maybe u can partner with the J_family hehe. BB set a very high standard for kids entertainment/education, and I am very impressed. Wonder why SG does not have this kids-working-concept themeparks?

  6. Can't wait to read your sharing on Taiwan trip:)

    We haven't been there and have been thinking about going.

  7. hi Danesa, if our GoldCoast is 8/10, we rate Taiwan 9/10 :)

  8. Good reference for my next trip! Zan lar!!! ^^

  9. Amazing, Andy & Meng Choo!

    I like how U guys shared of yr Taiwan tour as what the kids did n how they enjoyed them!

    Will be happy to link up - that readers from my Taiwan travel sites may see n enjoy yr pics & tales too. Shall we exchange links?

    Thanks. :-)

  10. hi Dave, just pop by your website, and I thought you are from Taiwan :) Let me know how we can link up. cheers,

  11. Aha, on every pg (see the footer?) in TaipeiDreams it's mentioned we're from Singapore. :) I've since emailed U. Hope to hear from U soon, Andy.

  12. Andy, as I promised, your wonderful family tour in Taiwan is linked & featured:

  13. Great posting & sharing. You have given me lots of inspirations! Thank you.. ;) mum23kids

  14. thank you Mum23Kids for dropping by, and do stay around to explore our Fun places :)

  15. Hi. My family just returned from Taiwan. Credited you in my blog. Thanks for sharing.

  16. hi Chew Family, glad your family enjoy yourselves, even monsoon cannot stop your Fun :)
    cheers, Andy

  17. Hi, glad to hear that you and the kids enjoyed yourselves. By the way, you have spent the whole trip in taipei and some days in tao yuan. You did not visit hualien and alishan or sunmoon lake?

    We are going to Taiwan in Dec 12. Wonder if the hotsprings are suitable for the kids...

    Thanks for sharing ..

  18. hi not all hot spring are recommended for kids, it depends on the "minerals" and water temperature. You will have to check with the owners :)

    We must make an effort to visits Taiwan on a second trip :)

  19. HI Andy

    thanks for sharing your have inspired us and we are planning a trip for June 2013.

    Do you have a recommendation for a serviced apt ? Where did you stay ?
    We have three kids 7,5 &3 yrs....


  20. hi Pocoates, we do not have experience with service apartments. Maybe I can recommend Taiwan-Tourism ( or Tripadvisor. cheers, andy

  21. Hi Andy,

    How do u travel from place to place during your Taiwan trip?


  22. hi Mark,

    sorry for the Late reply. We took the MRT 60% of the time. The balance is walk or Taxi. We did not try the public bus.


  23. HI, can i know which accomdation u guys stay?



  24. Hi Sharon,

    Taipei- New Intercontinental (about 12min walk to MTR, a bit too far)
    Leofoo - one night (this resort price has inflated significantly)



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