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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Baby Yi . 李文驿

Wen Yi is third prince :)
Pictures assortment from birth to 2 months

Yi learns fast, getting all the tips from his brothers.
Mummy say he combines all the strong straits from his elder brothers (sTubborn, cHeeky, cUnning)
... who is who?? ...

But look closely, compare Wei's photos, and you will notice they look like twins :)

he does resemble Wei..

all upgrade to be Big brother already..

Video - Kang.Yi just woke up

Video : Yi walks

Video - Yi giggling

Video - Yi bouncing

Video - Yi talking to Daddy

Video :Yi and cars 1

Video Yi and cars 2

Video : Wei/Kang stop Yi from reaching their toys !!

Video : Elder Brothers gangup to block Yi :p

Video : Yi reaching for his toys

Video : Yi puffing, neubaliser (when he got bronchitis)
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