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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Visit to Sengkang MRT Depot

Last week, we sign up for MRT depot tour.
MRT depot is just a workshop, so is there any interesting things to see?

During our orientation, kids saw how "old" people, strollers and wheelchairs tumble down the escalators! Hopefully, kids will understand importance of safety while riding the escalators.

Xin was too noisy in the auditorium. Banish her.

Daddy told kids some naughty uncle go and Spray the trains, he was caught and caned !! They ask Daddy what is O$p$ (haha).

Visitors were asking a lot of questions.

Video: Open Sesame!

Train is moving slowly, hold on to your swings.
Again, kids are reminded that they cannot swing like monkies when they take a "real" ride :p

We would have volunteer to punch the $5000 button. But Daddy was worried kids will start pressing the button everytime they take MRT !! We gave up the idea keke.

Video : During emergency, do not rush! Two by Two.

Walking on the MRT track was a novelty.

An educational trip. We now know how our MRT works, and how they are maintained.Thanks to SMRT and RC Sengkang for organizing this interesting trip.

Video : Earlier, we took a charter bus to MRT depot. Kids were playing who-press-bell on the bus.


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  1. It's not actually SMRT. It is SBS Transit. SBS Transit is the company who operates the "purple" line. The train and depot u guys were in was operated by SBS Transit. SMRT operates the "green"/"red"/"yellow" lines.


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