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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sunway Lagoon 2008

Drive up to Sunway Lagoon. As long as I rememeber, last trip was when Mummy/daddy still dating .
Wei : I am ready.

nice view from room

and baby Yi looks refresh

we borrow a doubledeck from Patrick tua-koo. Very convenient to move kids around, but too bulky to go up/down stairs !!

post dinner fun activities

Elephant and Dog-fight

Video - piggy rides..Yi also try to hitch a free ride..

We can see people skating

and reverse G-shock

day 2. Sunway lagoon is a big Big compound.

dry run before we go swimming on day 2.

Koala warming up?

the swing bridge

why Wei like V-sign so much?

Korean bbq dinner

day 3.

mini zoo

peacocks are free to roam..Wei and Kang enjoy tormenting them !!

Kang mocking the quail? naughty boy.

Video - Boys disturb Fowl

tram ride - round the lagoon

Portrait. The older boys are tired, but Yi is like energizer rabbit..on and on and on..

Kang : do not leave me behind

A lot of food variety, and vast shopping opportunities in Pyramid complex.
Although accommodation, and food/service prices are not exactly cheap.

What is more important is everyone enjoys themselves. We Did, and will come back again.

**updated 2010Nov - we visit Sunway with our fourth child

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kang 3 year old b'day celebration

Kang is 3 years old. Speical VIP includes our mei mei (nieces Kara and Joley)

Let us sing song for Kang. Celebration in our home.

Video - happy b'day to Kang

Cake cutting--this is Swenson ice cream cake..


Kang unwrapping his toys.. is he happy? Why look gloomy...

We also celebrated his b'day in school, with his friends.
Why is Wei also in Kang's class? He got sibling's advantage, so can have one slice of cake :)

Class N1 : can we sing b'day song now? We are hungry.

Mummy bought a ding-dang (doRaeMon) cake. where is Da-Xiong?

Kang standing up to blow the candles, after two rounds of b'day songs.

Teacher Siti helping to cut, and share the cake.

Boys must really enjoy their cakes

Wow, b'day boy got free hug somemore.

We took Kang out earlier for a short shopping trip at nearby hotel. He gets to have a small ride on the red car. (Wei could not join us as he still has another lesson)

When children celebrate their b'days in school, it is always fun to watch how the kids respond spontaneously to the songs, goodies-bag, cakes and etc etc. You never know what to expect from the kiddos.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Po Tai birthday

We went to JB Kota Tinggi for Po Tai's birthday.

Po tai is old already, and she has 5 generations.

Big eddort to gather everybody for photoshoot.

Lorry and butterflies. Big open area for children to run around and express their creativity.

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