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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 6 Genting Cable cars

When u are in Genting, the cable cars are a must try. Period.
Although we have not try a night ride yet.
Read on to experience our jubilation.

This "Eatery" restaurant serves the best Chinese food Zhi(2) Cha(4) in Genting (top) !

Our dinner yesterday evening..

Ready, get set, D..r..o..p !!

Nice stroll in the clouds!! but Yi was a bit tense, keep holding on to Daddy's hand !

At some ridges, the cable cars seem to disappear into the clouds. Splendid !

Video : Going down

Mummy and our sweet princess

No playground, so kids improvise !

Video : Ready to go back up ?

Time to pack up and say bye bye to the Clouds.
Wei happily showing off his lottery tickets.

After checkout, we head down to the same row of restaurants at mid-hill again.

We found a cute Orange RidingHood helping herself to the goodies!

Sotong anyone?

This restaurant is famous among the celebrities

We spotted a few youthful stars, they must have visited years ago :p

Souvenirs kept her wallet busy, and kids happy with new clothes.

Video : driving home, but we must navigate the hills first!

Always lookout for Seremban and KLIA and you will not be lost.
Becareful, some GPS will recommend you to cut into KL city area, jams jams jams !

Genting Skyway Two way tickets is only RM10 per adult. Ironically we refuse to ride Sentosa Jewel boxes, costing SGD$24 two way! My family will have to fork out $100 for Cable ride from Keppel to Sentosa.

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Our previous Sunway trip in 2008

Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 5 Genting Theme Parks

For Singaporeans, Genting and Cameron highlands offer temperate cold environment. When we need to cool down somewhere near, Malaysia has a lot of hills and nature reserves to offer. Genting has themeparks for kids, and casinos for adults.

(disclaimer.. we never encourage anybody to gamble ok )

We climb Genting back in 2008. Nothing much has changed, except we have all grown.

After breakfast, Daddy took care of Wen Xin while Mummy went shopping with boys. This tram looks interesting, it goes one round between the hotels.

Video : toe morning mist, ggrrr. cold...

Indoor Themepark's scenes...from around the world..

We would recommend that you buy a family package for both Indoor and Outdoor. Believe us, you will be entertained throughout one whole day ! (they offer discounts for senior citizens too, please bring along your ICs)

We head outdoors, but Kang need to call his friends first.

When we started in the morning, it was still cooling, and we need to wear our jackets. The mist will float in and out every few minutes, covering the landmarks. It was fun for the kids.

S.M.I.L.E , if you love Genting !

Themeparks at Genting normally starts at 8am, please check online for map -->

Mummy play Jumbo with Xin. Little girl always look so compose and cool.

Outdoor Themepark is hugh, and packed with various activities.

Video : Outdoor Fun and screams

For Daddy, so many things to snap for memories :)
We throw all the kids into this lau-pok (vintage) car.

Some like the thrills, others felt bored (yawn )

But Balloons and IceCreams will never fail to make kids smile.

Sometimes, being too adventurous has it's pitfalls.
Yi discover, too late, that not all rides are suitable for him keke.

Carousel is safe for whole family to enjoy.

This is a SPINner. You hold tight when it spins. Period.
Wei is so brave !

Yi getting emotional again.

Okay, shall we take the monorail to explore one round of our playground?

Kara and Joley are our passengers too :)

Everybody look outside... wow there are more things for us to explore !

The mascots, and kids were wearing the cute animal headgears (cows, chicken etc)

This double decker actually serves western cuisines !

Lunchtime, we make a big mistake. We order the mixed dish rice at the food court.
Food is cold, tasteless and cost us RM25 ! Look at picture below for two miserable plates. (It reminds Daddy of the yucky old-army cook-house food )

After our lunch, Round #2 of Fun (Indoors). We went for the bumble-cars.
There are two venues, for big and small boys.

This kiddy rides is ideal for smaller kids. Just pick your truck, ambulance or even forklift!

What about Train? Ding-Ding ...

We even board a Dragon ride..and we found Superman's cousin GentingMan :)
G-man is wearing opposite colours to superman, ie not red underwear.

Video : Indoor Themepark is equally exhilarating !

When everybody sleeps, Daddy sneak out to take photo again.

Sorry to disappoint you, if you are looking for jackpots, or roulettes.
We are a family blog :0
However, do pop by again, on our last day, we will capture our Skyway Cable car experience (Fun Fun Fun !)

Click to view our 6D5N experience :)

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Our previous Sunway trip in 2008
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