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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NDP 2010 - Fireworks at Marina Bay

We have heard rave reviews about Singapore's new Marina downtown.
So last Sat, we went sightseeing, and hopefully to catch some fireworks.

We arrived at around 6pm, expecting fireworks at 8:10pm.
The place was already crowded with camera enthusiasts.
Tripods line the Marina Reservoir circumference.

We managed to captured part of National Day Parade (NDP)'s mobile column.
Maybe they are protecting Marina Bay Sands (MBS) ?

Did you caught Sengkangbabies' review of NDP 2010 mobile column?

The sky turning dark.. relaxing atmosphere around the Bay.

Can you imagine walking down Marina promenade with your darlings?
With the magnificent CBD skyline behind you, reflections basking in the Marina reservoir, and MBS over the horizon. Our Prime Minister Lee says this will be Singapore's Shanghai-Bund

Picture taken from http://www.chinese-architecture.info/BUND/SH-BU.htm

We saw a lot of families and couples either strolling along, or settling down to picnic.

When Daddy holds Mummy's hand, we have a moment of Romance.. until the kids caught up with us, and hijack Mummy's hands :p

As the sun sets, you can anticipates the firework's impending explosions

3, 2, 1.. Blast..

Who brightens Marina Skyline?

NICE..Kids lover the atmosphere !


Memorable. Spectacular.

Previously, everybody can only squeeze near Esplanade or Merlion, now with Marina Bay , more people can view the Fireworks . HooRay !!

Our new downtown is glowing, and families should enjoy a stroll.
However, carpark location might be an issue (walking to and fro).
Please plan your walking trial, and do not tired out the little ones :p
(otherwise parents have to piggy back )

Tons of posing opportunities

Marina Bay City Gallery looks interesting, but the kids were more interested in the water feature outside. Daddy suspect this will be a popular get-wet spot during weekends.

Is the smoke from the fireworks or the fine blue/green mist?

We love this greenish photo :)

Pose with L.OVE

Let's move on.. Wen Xin has a lot of volunteers to push her.

We are hungry after a night of excitement. Supper at Lau Pa Sat.

More information on Marina Bay:
Marina Bay, definitely worth a second visit !!

Video :We end this NDP article with Daddy's favourite fireworks clip
(feels like you are at the scene)

from Youtube Genesis3417 --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCl9bnrSH2c

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