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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Haw Par Villa - childhood memories

No more Dragon-entrance at gate...

$5 car park entrance.
Hell entrance, another $1/ pax

Monkey god - Sun Wu Kong

Titanic - Pacific version

Big Rabbit sweet (confirmed no melamine)

GuanYin neo(2) neo(2).. bless us with health.

Daddy : shall we have seafood?
Wei : pepper crab!!
Kang : butter crab !!

10 Courts of Hell ...Enter at your own risk..

worse treatment than Guantanamo Bay, cuba

More interesting articles -->

weather so hot.. Tiger car so fierce

Are we getting that Cornetto? Slurp

sadly, this once-scenic theme park has loss it's shine.
We went on a Sunday, but there was so few visitors (mostly China and Malaysia tourist)

Not sure why KingKong also stay here...

Video - brothers pushing strollers


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Feb activities - Daddy/Mummy birthdays

We bought a mini cake for daddy's birthday.

Ah Yi's eye was always fixated on the cake..
Mummy celebrated her b'day at Swenson with cake, and ice-cream.
Now we know who has more privileges ....

cheeky boys in play..
Do Reh Me.. Yi is fast cathing up with Kang, so we always tell Kang must eat more..

Yi is similar to Wei, ie both like to climb obstacles, and under table.
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