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Friday, September 30, 2011

Istana Open House

Over Hari Raya holiday, we pop by Istana with Tan family. We always enjoy the lush green meadow.
There is plenty of open space for kids to run, roll, tumble and even sleep !

As expected, Istana open house is always crowded, we had our lunch at Fish&Co .

A little digress, we always love Fish's Seafood platter, and kids can even do some colouring
while waiting for our fishes to be fried.

Back to Istana topic, a long queue has formed from Istana entrance until Plaza Singapura. Fortunately, there is a express-lane for citizens. It makes us wonder why so many foreigners are attracted to Istana ?

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Graceful Swan greeted us at the pond

Once inside, the kids are free to run, sprint and tumble on the gentle slopes :)

We thought the low hanging branch would form a nice backdrop,
until a police uncle ask us to shift our butts :p

How can we forget about the slides and swings?

You might be interested to know what else your kids can do at Istana Open house
(drawing, birds, bands etc). Click to read our previous experiences.

It would be so nice if we have our picnic mat.

Our kids really enjoy their $2 Cornetto, no thanks to the warm weather.
We have blog about their messy-ice-cream-is-fun earlier.

There is even a corner where kids can pet ponies.

Time to head home, we are tired after a full day of activities :)

We bid farewell to Istana, and President Nathan (pity we did not get to meet him)

For more Istana Fun photos, visit SengkangBabies Fanpage.
The next Open House will be on 26Oct Deepavali, you might just bump into our new President, Dr Tony Tan.


Marina Bay City Gallery and Walter Rabbit

We had always wanted to visit Marina Bay City Gallery. It is a one stop shop to view Marina Bay developments, both past and future.

Anyway, since Mummy got a wedding invite, and Daddy heard about the BIG bunny Walter loitering near Marina Bay. We thought maybe Walter-the-Rabbit will entertain us, while we wait for Mummy?

Big Rabbit, but thanks to the hot Sun, kids prefer to chill indoors :)

There is a hugh 3D plan of Marina Bay surroundings. Kids can press button and buildings will light up.
- Flyer
- Merlion
- Gardens by the Bay
- even F1 circuit !

Our kids were pressing the button and playing see-who-spot-icon-first, and some tourists were bemused :)

We head to second floor for more rabbit exhibitions.

Each photo depicts Walter at a different location. It was interesting as it allows us to focus on Walter's surrounding and neighbourhood.

Imagine what will happen if Walter pop up at your favorite petrol station or hawker centres?

We help ourselves to the drawing accessories. Theme is "Bunny", what else :p

The friendly staff at the gallery sponsor two cute bunny ears for our youngest kids.
Wen Yi and Wen Xin looks so adorable !

Daddy usher kids outside to pose with Walter again hehe.

Good bye Walter, we wonder where you will be hopping to next? For the latest happenings on the Bay, you can visit Marina Bay's Fanpage.

We will be back one day (with extra clothings) for the kids to indulge in some fun at the water-feature.
Meanwhile, you can view more photos at SengkangBabies fanpage.

Click for Opening hours and Location of Marina Bay City gallery.
If you like similar interactive galleries, you will love URA's City Gallery !


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Family portrait is missing the photographer?

Is your family portraits always missing the photographer Mummy or Daddy?
Trust us, it is always worth the effort to make the family portrait complete :)

Daddy is constantly exposing (literally) the kids to camera and posing,
it is no wonder SengkangBabies are now adapt at striking poses !

Look at our first photo, Daddy swear he did not teach Boon Xin how to camwhore!
Our little vainpot :p

Photo below :Boon Yee set the timer on his Pink camera, and ask everybody to sit down.
Boon Xin will coordinate counting down 5,4,3,2,1 Cheese ! Super cute,
and sometimes Parents "entertain the kids by "pretending" to pose for our little photographers haha.

If tripod is not available, just place the camera on a flat surface on timer. After a few times,
your kids will automatically smile when the camera is "Flashing".

Family photos are always more memorable when everyone is in the picture. Have Fun !


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Circle Line open house

Make a date with Circle Line Discovery on 02Oct, when 12 new stations will be having open houses.
From 1000 to 1800, you can pop in any of the 12 stations (except Marymount) for some fun activities
or simply just to explore the "Stations".

**do take note only 11 stations will be offering FREE rides, the existing Circle line stations (which are in operation) will not be having any open houses! Click to read FAQs.

Click on the map below to find out what is special about each station. Daddy is very happy that these new stations will bring us closer to nature.

Look at where we had fun :
- Southern Ridges
- Botanic Gardens
- West Coast Park
- Macritchie Reservoir
- Haw Par Villa

The first phase of Circle line was open back in Apr 2010, and we visited some museums along the way. We had a lot of fun, and we hope your family will enjoy the train rides come 02Oct :)

More updates are available at CircleLine home page.
credit.. above pictures are taken from CircleCine homepage

**updated 2011Oct09 - We toured four stations. All Fun and Happening !


New Swimming Pool at Pasir Ris

We heard Pasir Ris's new pool got slides, and we are not talking about Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East.

Ooops, not everyone is tall enough to play on the slide :)

Not to worry, short young kids can still have fun in the wading pool, and the BIG water bucket!

Together with Tan family, we went to try out the new pool.

There is a set of slides, to cater for the smaller kids.

Even Wen Xin had fun, after her initial reluctance. She had earlier refuse to dip into the cold water.

Needless to say, our families enjoy our morning !

Click for Pasir Ris Swimming complex location.

You might be interested to read our review our Sengkang (Anchorvale) Swimming pool.

**Updated 06Nov2011, Official opening coverage


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Singapore Flyer at Night

Daddy went downtown to soak in F1 frenzy and also to try Singapore Flyer.

.. some Flyer time-lapse just for fun. Love the colourful rotations !

If you like our Flyer time-lapse, you might like other time-lapse projects :
- Swimming Pool
- Good Morning

What can we see in the evening sky?
Everything looks different in the night (MBS, Gardens, Millenia)

The road below is illuminated by powerful lights. It needs to be bright,
as F1 will tear down Marina circuit this weekend !

The capsules will change colour from pink, to blue to yellow.
Eye catching from far and near.

This must be a Vip capsule, Daddy spot a butler, two sofas and a couple. Romance comes at a price :p

When you are engross in the night scenes, Singapore Flyer seems to rotate too fast.

The movement means it is not possible for tripod or 5s long exposures.

It is challenging to shoot with the reflections.

Flyer hidden by trees

All too soon, our capsule touch down again. Daddy love the night scenes, but he suspect children might be bored, as everything is "dark".

Video : Night at Marina Bay

If you are interested to know how our kids enjoy their rides :
- 2009 before MBS is ready
- 2011 with Kang and Yi

Have you ever wonder how it would feel to walk on a F1 circuit? Click on photo below.

Do drop by our Fanpage for more Flyer and F1 circuit photos :)

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