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Monday, June 28, 2010

who is selling Cheese cake?

Did Wen Xin smells the cheese?
She sneaks into the kitchen, mouthing mum-mum, mum-mum
(give me food !)

Now, we know who are the bigger mice in our house.
Xin's sibling have been gobbling on some yummy cheese cake.

Xin did not get any crumbs from her bros,
so she head to the food source (Mummy). pretty Smart gal ...

And she was rewarded...

ooops.. Daddy has not introduced our Mummy baker yet.
Mummy was inspired by Auntie Shirley to make some
Oreo cheesecake for the kiddos.

..and she spend a good few hours in the early morning..
to prepare the ingredients... labour of love.

Notice this weighing device is marked appropriately "Use for Family".

The end result?
Everybody is happy with Mummy's effort,
and planted out cheesy lips on her keke


our Nikon D5000 review

After 2 weeks, 1000 photos, and 1 holiday trip...
Daddy is very satisfied with our camera.

- camera did not disappoint under dim lightings
- or when kids are running, we can capture their expressions easily
- now we need more shots on macros, and night shoots

Some samples shots are showcased in this blog.
Please leave your comments on how I can improve my composition.

Not going back to P&S anytime soon :p

If you are still considering whether to go for P&S or DSLR, take the plunge.
We did, and have no regrets.

There are no bad DSLR camera, only lazy photographer.
So do not blame the camera when the image did not turn out as expected :p

Read our DSLR selection criteria already?

If all fails.. order this book haha

Sunday, June 27, 2010

There's Nothing Like Australia

After their Blxxdy popular tourism advertisement in 2007, Australia came up with another catchy theme. "There's Nothing like Australia".

Daddy just like the synchronized singing, the video leads you from laidback towns (maybe Darwin), to climax in Sydney harbour.

Cannot help but admire Aussie's Tourism ads.
It always contain tons of animals and nature, landscape footages.
Just look at the kangaroo hopping at 48s. Wow !! Wow !

Video : There's Nothing Like Australia

Australia is a blessed continent.
And we look forward to our Goldcoast weekends in September :)

singing--> da da da da , la la la, la la la
More updates at -->

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~
ps..Australians are generally friendly, so Daddy is bewildered at the next ad.
(definitely not from Toursim ministry)

Video : Australia invades New Zealand. Have a good laugh, Mate, and Kiwis haha !

0% Navy, Infantry, Airforce !! oops

Garden in a City.. or .. City in a Garden?

Video tells Singapore's progress over last 100 years,
from Garden's perspective. Clip contains stunning helicopter visuals,
and Daddy is proud of our young but vibrant gardens :)

Back to our title "Garden in a City.. or .. City in a Garden?"

Does not matter, as long as Landscape is beautiful :o

Credits : Video link -->
.. from nParks

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Malacca Day 2

Map of Melaka town. Melaka is Malay for Malacca.
Map also indicates things to do while in Malacca.

From the map, we can cross a highway to reach Mahkota shopping grounds,
but this is not recommended when you have kids in tow.

We can also see Local-Landmarks from our corridor.

Family portrait (minus Photographer Daddy)

We went swimming after breakfast..
This pool is cool, as you can see the sea-horizon overt the edge!!
Can you imagine swimming from pool to sea? Wow !

The kids love the pool, it is shallow at one end,
and we could have stayed longer, if we do not need to checkout early :)

After checkout, we head over to Mahkota Parade again.
Luckily, we found Hatten Square nearby, and parking was free during promotional opening.

Be warned, Mahkota Parade is hugh, and comprised of a few shopping centres.
You can easily get lost in the basement maze !

Lunch at a Sushi outlet, but Wen Xin kept looking at the Sakura Fuji backdrop...

... and Wen Yi kept staring at empty plates.. where is my chawamushi?

Full of activities to entertainment the kids...
- we have pinball, balling, golfs, and sand Art.

While adults shop, children entertained themselves.

We whack Barney and BabyBop's backside too :p

Video : North South highway, on the way home.

More on Holiday Inn Melaka.
Hotel staffs are very friendly, room and buffet breakfast are good.
Carpark feels secure, and is not dimly lit.

If you do not drive, Hotel might be a bit far off, with a major highway separating Hotel from Mahkota Parade.
Equatorial hotel is another popular choice with Singaporeans, as shopping is available at doorstep !

Malacca Day 1 -
Malacca Day 2 -

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Malacca Day 1

We drove to Malacca for a short weekend getaway.

Three friendly cars, we convoyed over three hours to reach Malacca.
The journey itself was fun and interesting.

Our lunch venue, Ole Nyonya.
Otar and chap-chye (vegetable) are standard Peranakan side dishes.
You must order some spicky belachan fish/squid/prawn too. Yummy !

Daddy trying to blog on Food?

Contrasting facial expressions, Happy and Sad.

We checked into Holiday Inn Melaka.
You can opt for Sea or City view.

Kiddos seem fresh, maybe they have slept too much in car?

Video : Kids never forget to entertain themselves

Before heading out, we pose at the lobby.

This river looks interesting, with tourist packing the boats.

It should be Romantic strolling along the river, under dim lamps,
especially when starry night blankets the sky.

Hungry? Walk faster. This is how Malacca's sidewalks look like

Vintage car, and interesting Fruits.

Before Jonker Walk, you will see this famous landmark san-shu-gong.
Offers souvenirs and local delicacies.

This is Jonker Walk, can you feel the buzz?
Strollers are not Recommended along Jonker !!

Certain stretch of the night market is very clamped.
Hold on to your babies.

Video : Jonker Walk, always full of activities

But we make it to dinner, Chicken Rice ball. Yummy !!

And Desert chendol . Yummy !!!

Every eatery is packed !! Business must be good.
More shopping and sightseeing

Jonker Walk will keep you entertained till midnight.
So many things to see, explore and eat :)

Malacca Day 1 -
Malacca Day 2 -

Gardens by the Bay at Marina

Have you seen the latest "Garden by the Bay" clip?
Impressive dragonflies bring you on a virtual tour !!

Misty Cool greenhouse, Garden oasis, flowers blooming all year,
four seasons, Rainforests !!
Did anybody else see the smelly Rafflesia flower?

This is Singapore's Eden, fronting Barrage and Marina reservoir.
Not just another Garden, this is our Garden by the Bay.
When night falls, and the City skyline forms the backdrop. Awesome !!

Come end 2011, this garden will be our new picnic place :)

More garden and parks information available at -->
Video taken from
Author : Squint/Opera

Look at Their bidding Video . Super COOL !!! have Lion, Dragon, Moon, Tiger !

BBC link -->

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup and South Africa's Vuvuzela (loud)

We saw a short preview of the opening match for South Africa.
Stadium was loud, really LOUD.

This is the first time we got introduced to Vuvuzela. VuVu what?
What an IMPACT!

Video : Lower your volume first :p

In case you want to go ebay or Amazon to order one set, just do not come near to us :p

Our boys are hoping to represent Singapore team in World Cup 2022 (12 more years)

Monday, June 21, 2010

ThinkFamily's Filial Piety theme - touching

Video from ThinkFamily, Filial Piety

If you like touching videos, visit Petronas too or click on link.

NDP 2010 @ Padang - our Sniper squad

For the second year round, we failed to get tickets to 2010's National Day Parade at Padang.

A pity, as our kiddos would be able to participate in the sniper contingent,
and showcase their sharpshooting skills.

Did you see Wen Wei's new Canon Dslr 8D (better than 7d)?
I tell you, it packs a punch keke.

Stop !! or I will shoot !

But our boys do not look as fierce as this cute-but-fierce kitty :0

Video : Look what we caught, POW Wen Xin :)

Click to view our previous NDP overview at Swissotel
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