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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cheese tart, anybody?

A bakery called Ikada.. located at 108 Depot road.
Daddy heard the cheese tart are nice, so he bought some home yesterday.

There are two favours, chocolate, and blueberries.
On the surface, it looks exactly like an egg tart !
But there was no running away from the Thick toxic cheese :p
There is a short review here --> MyHomeTown.

Daddy had plans to photo the kids munching their cheese breakfast, but woke up late. Mummy and the kids finishd all the tarts ! Daddy said "Disgusting", no breakfast and no photo :p

Daddy : Now, we know there are mice (big one) in our home....
Please call 62735442 to book your tarts, to avoid disappointment.

**updated 26Apr2010 - need more cheesy treats? try BarCook's CheesyRasinBread

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