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Saturday, September 6, 2008

SengKang Firestation

Every sat is open house for Firestation.
So we decided to bring brood down to Sengkang station to have a look, and feel.

We got more than we bargain :)
mum: is it raining?

we got to simulate spraying, but did not have chance to extinguish a fire ...

Wei as future fireman?

daddy and wei went up the ladder.. (can reach 10 storey)

you cannot buy this smile :) Wei was adventurous

next..we try the bike, ambulance, and redRhino..

but not this jump..from 3 or 4th storey !!

yi: i want to be fireman too...

Video : ambulance on call

Visit other fire stations :
--> Central (next to Funan), got a museum.

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