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Friday, October 29, 2010

2 more days to 31Oct - Happee day at Hort Park

We are SO looking forward to this meaningful event.
Hope we can bring some cheers :)
** each of us, no matter how small, can always strive to make an positive impact on someone else. Do not be shy :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daiso - What can $2 buy you? Tons of FUN!

Daddy is not one to go shopping, but one trip to Daiso (the $2 shop) ...

..unleash so much inspirations hehe.

Does Kang look like the Nuffnang icon?

You should see them take turn role-playing kitties haha. Meow !

Daddy also saw some cute dresses.. for four-legged best-friends !!

Video : more cute scenes

Let me show you how to balance my red nose! Awesome.

**updated 2011Aug** Read Daiso Part 2 for shades (Still with cute kids)


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We took the train from Singapore (Tanjong Pagar Railway Station) to Johor (JB)

*** Updated 25Apr2011 ***
- 0845 train now changed to 0800
- Price increased from $3 to $13! Refer to timetable at end of page.
- JB to SG price no change, still $3

*** *** *** ***

Following our trip to Tanjong Pagar Railway station, we embark on our maiden train trip to Johor. (we have only taken MRT and LRTs in Singapore)

We can hear the whistle, and we boarded the 0845 train.
(for short trips, tickets are only on sale on the day itself)

Train is noisy, air is a bit stuffy, but hey, this is a NEW experience :)
Daddy would prefer to have a non-aircondition cabin, so we can smell the dungs, the soot, the "outdoor freshness".

Video : Choo choo setoff !

Some familiar landmarks, nice perspectives from the train's angle.
Do you know that the kiddos at Alexandra Hospital's childcare can view the trains from their school? Cool.

History has forgotten about Bukit Timah railway station.
We did not know this station even Exist !

After numerous vegetation, we reach Woodlands for immigration checks.
Daddy was caught snapping photos, and had to "delete" them on the spot.
We normally cross the causeway on buses or car :)

Arrival Johor Sentral station. Time is 0930, our train ride took only 45 min.
Hassle free and jam free!

Since shopping centres open at 1000, we went searching for breakfast.
Two shopping centres are nearby, Kotaraya and City Square.
.. we suggest you skip Kotaraya :p

As Deepavali (festival of lights) is near, a lot of stalls were selling flower garlands. We head back to City Square.

Shopping and eating will keep you occupied.
Mummy got some children's clothing, and Daddy bought
some photography book (9Rm only).
The donuts and PapaBeards are famous at this shopping complex.

We settled at Swenson (Malaysia call it Season) for lunch.
Food is nice, and very economical, due to exchange rate :)

We did not forget to buy some souvenirs for Yi and Xin (whom we conveniently left behind in Singapore's childcare hee hee). Very bad correct keke.

Heading back, we can only get the tickets 30 min before train arrival.
If train is full house, we might have to take bus 171 back to Kranji MRT, or even hire a taxi back to Woodlands.

We took some more photos of Johor's historic railway station.
Coincidentally, today is also Johor Sentral's last day of operation.
You may want to read about the story --> SinChew's report .

Balek Kampong (back home to Singapore)

Video : Train departs for Singapore

Some more sightings along the way.

Wei and Kang had enjoyed their journey. They get a train ride, buy toys, and can skip school! (Wei's primary school is actually close for PSLE Primary-6 markings)

We had a lot of fun on this trip, mostly savouring the railway experience.
Maybe we will go further KL, or Kuantan next time :)
(Daddy told kids maybe they can ride all the way to Tibet in 20 years)

Video : Locomotive is very loud !

Back home, after dinner, babies get to savour sweet cream puffs from PaPa beard :)

Singapore's TV5 and Malaysian tourism is also promoting railway travel+homestay programmes -->

Additional travel tips and maps are available here -->

Contact KTMB for more information :
- phone -- nobody will pickup - 62225165/ 62213390
- Fanpage --

Tips :
1. Tickets prices are $3 for adult, and $2 kids. New price is $13 adult, and kids $11.
2. If driving, carpark rate at Tanjong Pagar is $6 per entry, and $10 if you exceed 6 hours.
3. We need to disembark at Woodlands custom for immigration checks.
4. Remember to stamp your passport and white cards at Johor customs (we forgot, but were let off with a warning..phew)..
5. Return tickets are only available 30min before train stops.
6. For first time visit, we recommend you hop on the 0845, and 1530 rides.
7. More info here --

-- Click to browse our Tanjong Pagar Railway station tour.

##updated 2011Jan -Do you have any railway experience to share?
Support "Green Corridor" group, as they are proposing that we preserve the railway tracks for eco purposes (no more condominiums !)

## updated 2011May20 - 40days to go before Tanjong Pagar says bye bye

updated 29Jun2011 - we walk along Upper Bukit Timah Railway

**updated 25Apr2011 ** the new train pricing and schedules


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Swimming is FUN

Sky can be groomy or hazy, but our boys will always be our sunshine.

Look how happy they appear during their swim class!

Pool was especially crowded today, must be something to do with the HOT wheather !

Wei is ready to jump in with his life jacket..

Daddy is happy to see them progress every week :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West playground + Mac breakfast

This is a belated post, dated 09Aug. Yes, on National day, we went to Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 McDonald for breakfast.

Restaurant is packed ! Seems like this Mc is very popular in AMK.

Outdoor dining for us.

Xin and Kang koves to tease each other.

But kids know the highlight is the Playground !! 1,2,3 Run.


Sand, but please do not throw at each other !!

For the adventurous, try climbing the rope assemble.
Maybe Xin (little girl) should try driving first :0

This playground is fun, we hope to come back again.

Take note, this playground is alway packed during weekends :)
Drink lots of water.

**updated 2011 might like Pasir Ris Park too

Snoopy art gallery - we love jigsaws

Mummy and Daddy are jigsaw fans, that is, before the kids pop up.
We collected Snoopy jigsaws wherever we go.

Our little projects kept us occupied, and now our house is dotted with Snoopies :)

Besides jigsaws, you will also see a lot of portraits, mostly of our kids.

A picture tells a thousand words. Sengkangbabies wish to tell a Happy Family story.

Hopefully, the kids will pick up jigsaw, and carry on our Snoopy tradition :p

Global Art – Drawing allow Wen Kang to express his thoughts

Kang loves drawing. We figure drawing will allow Kang to focus, and learn to be patient. Our boy is normally impatient, and can be temperamental…

We hope Arts can nurture Kang to be more patient :)


Our teachers at Global Art Kovan are friendly, passionate, and more importantly patience.

His master piece. Each week, Kang will finish an art piece, and proudly showoff to Mummy and Daddy.

One day, we hope his picture will don the wall :)DSC_7307

Normally after class, we will loiter around, and wait for Wen Wei.

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