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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SengkangBabies are moving...

Sengkang Babies are migrating...

We are still in Sengkang but will become

After three years, 850 posts and 500 videos (youTube), we have decided to host our own blog. You can still expect the same quality of Fun and Adventures from our babies.

Please be patient with us, as Daddy is still messing with his new blog project. If you have been subscribing to our blog-updates, please pop over to our new blog and add in your email address at FeedBurner.

Our old blog will still be up, but this will be it's last post.
Join us on our new journey, starting with our 4d3n Penang itinerary :)

- Forest Adventure @ Bedok Reservoir
- Bukit Brown cemetery


ps.. Daddy will share why and how we decide to host our own blog, and change from blogger to Wordpress later. The new interfaces are quite challenging to adapt :p


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Greenwich contest, $50 vouchers up for grab

Remember our Greenwich Bloggers challenge with 14 other bloggers ?

You can now vote for your favourite team and stand to win $50. Contest ends 09Apr and more information about team and voting can be found at GreenWich website.

Good luck to you and to team Lifestyle :)


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We are having fun at Penang !

We arrive to a Sunny day, and immediately head to Adventure Zone at Golden Sand.
Kids went crazy, especially Wei with his suicidal leap !

Daddy is too old for this type of stunt :)


Monday, March 12, 2012

Visit to Chek Jawa

Chek Jawa is located at Pulau Ubin, and it's landscape host one of Singapore’s richest biodiversity.
During low tide, visitors can spot starfish and anemones on the shallow basin.

When we realised Naked Hermit Crab ( is running
free tours every 2nd Saturday, we quickly registered our interest.

And so last Sat, we took a 10min ride from Changi Jetty to Ubin, followed by a 15min ride on the island’s mini Van. For those adventurous ones, you can rent a bike from $2 onwards and navigate your way to Chek Jawa Visitor Centre. (hint, there is a lot of hills)

The bum boat ride itself is very much part of the FUN, kids relish the open air and sometimes sea water brushing against us. (van and bumboat price is per head)

We went to Ubin with Tan and Heng families, 6 adults and 8 kids.
Do gather more kids along for more FUN and exploration !

Along the way, we will come across numerous kampungs and abandoned plantations.

First stop, we got a rubber-tree tapping demonstration by one of our guides, Ley Kun.
Kids are very curious how rubber sap flows from the trunk.

At the Visitor centre, we are split into three groups, our guide for today is Ria.
She is the owner of Wild Happenings Singapore (
Coincidentally, Daddy has been following her blog for the latest nature activites around Singapore.

5 min into our walk, we sighted the magnificent Hornbill ! nPark is trying to rehabilitate
the hornbills on Pulau Ubin, and we could not contain our excitement.

We knew earlier that we need to climb a Tower, but we did you know the Jejawi Tower is six storey tall ! A breathtaking view awaits you at the top. We were fortunate to spot the resident eagle.

Video : Look at the height of the Tower !

Yeah, we make it ! So proud of the kids !

The best (and worst haha) part of your trail is along the mangrove boardwalk !
Every two steps, we HEAR the kids’ new discovery, everyone was trying to find the next crab, mud-skipper, even spiders and snake !

Love all the small and colourful crabs ! The crabs are only 1cm, and it is not easy to spot them.
Mudskippers are truly master of camouflage !

Be warned, the mosquitoes here are immune to insect repellant. Daddy smell like a lemongrass, but he was still attacked by battalions of mozzies ! Long sleeve is highly recommended, as some kids might develop reactions or bad rashes from the stings.

Trust us, the sights is worth the sting. Just go prepared and you will be rewarded ! Do not forget to take a deep breath during the walk, the rotten-egg smell is manufactured from bacteria and sulphur.
Not plesant but 100% natural, and our guide mention it smells like Fart po00oh !

Sweat, mosquitos, now fart, Pulau Ubin's Chek Jawa is not for every kids wahaha :p

Three families, half way though treking, we are smiling because we left the mosquitos behind !

Next, onto the coastal boardwalk, which will bring us near to the mangrove swamp ! The exposed roots, moss and shy crabs kept the questions coming from the kids (why are there so much rubbish,
why got grass here, so many crabs with BIG craws etc etc )

Truly an outdoor Science class :)

A boardwalk has been built over Seagrass lagoon. Some time back, the authorities were concerned that the visitors were stomping on the eco-system and maybe picking up too many Starfish souvenirs. We need to remind our readers that Naked Hermit Crab’s free-walk does not include walking on the mud-banks during low-tide.

10 years ago, on one of our dating trips, Mummy and Daddy saw the rich pickings during low tide. It is an amazing experience to touch the marine creatures, but this will be a strict No-No from the green conservationists.

Even though our feet is dry on the boardwalk, the kids have sufficient distractions to tick their curiosity. Even the frequent aeroplanes flying overhead kept us guessing "AirAsia, Sia" etc.

Weather was kind to us, allowing us to complete our two hour trekking with relax pacing.

Here are our friendly guides, Ley Kun and Ria. On the boardwalk, we were told the Pulai tree (one of Ubin's tallest tree) need to be grounded to prevent damage from lighting.

Even the rubbish does not skip the kids' attention, poor fowl rummaging among the rubbish.

Kids are always looking out for more flora and fauna

This is the hornbill's nest, and we understand Mummy and baby hornbill are nesting inside,
while papa has gone to look for worms.

End of the tour, we went to an old English cottage, "Chek Jawa Visitor Centre".

Kids are encouraged to pen and draw their experience :)

.. while adults went to one shady corner to chit chat. Daddy Barry invites us to the real mud-walk in June :)

Wild Boar came to bid us goodbye.

Lunch at one of the island’s coffeeshop, there are at least five to choose from. We follow our guides and order the delicious calamari ($15).

After lunch, it is time to say good bye to our Pulau Ubin. Hopefully, Kids will be able to come back for more activities soon (example cycling, visit the scenic quarry, or even walk on the wetlands !)

Photo credit from Bpdg and Bee Hong.
Links :
- Wild Shores of Singapore post
- Heng family Ubin experience
- More photos at SengkangBabies FanPage

SengkangBabies would like to thanks Naked Hermit Crab and our friendly guides (Ria and Ley Kun) for sharing Pulau Ubin’s rich flora and fauna knowledge with us . We hope there will be minimum development on this island, to keep everything as rustic as possible.

Quick, go and register your family for the next Chek Jawa trip here -->

. **updated 2013Jan - we went for a Wetland tour on Chek Jawa. FUN !

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Taiwan with Sengkang Babies

Taiwan is popular with Singaporeans, no wonder our Taiwan posts rank among the top 10 at SengkangBabies.

The number 1 post would be our Taipei Itinerary guide. Parents are goggling for Leofoo Safari Resort and BabyBoss while researching for Taipei free and easy.

We got some feedback that our Taiwan fanpage albums are hard to find, because there are TOO many albums. Since starting our Fanpage 6 months ago, we have consistently loaded more adventures
(both in and out of Singapore)
haha. This should be a happy problem.

For more Taiwan itineraries, we recommend you to drop by Taipei Dreams :)

At SengkangBabies, we believe in sharing our adventures, everyone benefits from sharing.
Do share our blog and Like our Fanpage if you think more young families will benefit.

- Places of Interest in Singapore
- Family Holidays

We guarantee more fun is coming your way :)


Saturday, March 10, 2012

We are Family

Does your family love to play board game? Our boys Wei and Kang love Monopoly
From 17 to 18th Mar 1200 to 1700 , Frasers Centrepoint Malls has a life-size boardgame at Changi City Point.

"The life-sized game has a fun music theme which will enable participants to roll the dice and perform tasks stated on the box they land on, such as ‘Sing Staying Alive with Actions!’ All winning teams stand a chance to win Star Cruises trips and Frasers Centrepoint Mall shopping vouchers worth $5,000! "

If it sounds Fun and interesting for your family, do register at this link.
You can also check out what other malls are dishing out to keep your kids entertained this Mar holiday :)

We know what is happening at Sengkang Compasspoint. From now till 31Mar, get some Forest adventures ! Our kids did some exercise last Oct, and it was fun :)


i Light Marina Bay

i Light Marina Bay is back for the second year, and Daddy went for the media preview last Wed.
Guess what is his preferred installation?

Featuring 31 installations along Marina Bay, Daddy feels this year's light displays are more captivating then last year, incorporating more visual effects.

Click on any of the images label from 1 to 31 for a detail explanation from their artists :)

Back to the briefing room, friends gather to chit chat and also hear our program curator brief about iLight's one month programme. (click here for list of events from 09Mar to 01Apr)

Let us review some of the special effect...

#15 - Key frames
Stick figures gave Daddy the impression that they are kicking football ! To enhance your experience, climb up the seating gallery.

You must see this ..

#13 - Parmenides I
3D sense achieved through mapped projections and lighting. If Daddy's descriptions suck, please drop by iLights' official explanations ok :p

#14 - Crystallised
The artists know Singapore cannot see much stars, so they use 5000 lighting rods to form a canopy.
You just need to stand below and look up. Cool !

The highlight for Daddy is #18 - Garden of Light
Walking across from the Helix bridge, we can see Art Science Museum plastered with wallpapers.

Lovely reflection, courtesy from Darren Chin. Do drop by his album for more fantastic shots :)

The different projections allow us to view the Walls in a different light (pun intended). LOVE it !

We board a coach to travel around Marina Bay. Do take note that if you are bringing your kids along,
a slow stroll might need 3 hours to complete :)

#27 - The Gate
Artist wants us to imagine this Gate leads to another realm, maybe spiritually, or maybe new beginning. This is the most interactive display as we crowd around the laser beams haha.
(Hello Ghost Whisperer Melinda, are you here?)

#26 - 5QU1D
Although this Sotong cannot squirt black ink, it flashes blinking lights. Set against CBD's background of skyscrapers, it seeks to highlight our fast changing pace of life.

#25 - Deck Journey
Go on, you are invited to sit down. Deck chair will illuminate and immerse you in a glow.
Maybe we will view Marina Bay promenade from a different light :)

Believe me, it is not a simple beam of LED, stand infront of the light pole, tilt your head left and right..
until you see the image. Amazing !

We did not cover all #31 installations today, but you can click on below image for their locations.

We hope you and family will have fun exploring the artistic installations and concept.

Grab this map, head down to Marina Bay, and be impressed ! Oh, and you do not need to be artistic to appreciate the Lights installation :)

View more photos from SengkangBabies here, and even nicer photos from Darren here.
Plan your Marina Bay tour from iLights' homepage.

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