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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mummy Daddy Nine years anniversary

天长地久 , Daddy and Mummy have been loving each other for Nine years.

Along the way, four lovely babies pop up.
Cheers and "Yum Seng"to more happiness ahead.

Video : Words are not enough to express Daddy's love for Mummy :)

Video from Youtube -->

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anchorvale Swimming complex - family fun

Mummy and Ah Yi joins us after our Wei and Kang's swimming lesson.
Yi is always so happy in the water.

Video : Daddy managed to film Wei swimming underwater

Video : Look who is pulling Daddy's leg

Everybody looks happy :)

Asian Civilisation Museum - Mughal weekend

Last Sunday, we went to Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM). The key highight was India's Mughal kingdom. These warriors and rulers reigned India in the 16th and 17th century. Opulence is commonly used to describe their lavish lifestyles.

Daddy explains : Men use Swords and Women don Jewels

Our little Mughal . Wei looks nice in his turban, but Kang and Yi declined.

We pop by Singapore River exhibit

Video : Singapore River, then and now

Kiddos posing, here, there, everywhere.

Exit, and we had more fun Outdoors :p

Some monuments along Singapore River.

Video : Skyline of CBD

Normal extrance fee for Adult is $8, but last Sat/Sun
was Mughal open house, and entrance was free.
We did not really enjoy Mughal, as the exhibits could be
too abstract for Daddy's two little audience.
Refer to AsianCivilisation website for more exhibition highlights.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

T3 Kiddy rides again- with our cousins

We were at T3 two weeks ago, and we decide to make a beeline for the tracks again. But this round, we brought some reinforcements (our cousins Kara and Joley) to attack the kiddy rides.
The two oldest boys upgraded to F1 circuit.
Wei got his Trek, and Kang a Yellow F1.

Video : bigger rides

Yi and Kara stayed on the "basic- L-plate" circuit keke.
Nevertheless, Kara and Joley had a jolly good time.

Video : smaller rides . Yi's Harley is cool.

All the parents followed their kiddos on the Tracks...
and we help to salvage the cars when they get hit-and-runs.

Video : Wei's ride can drift, but F1s still faster

H20 - quench our thirst, medium for F.U.N

In these Dry months, how can we cool down?
We would like to share our outings, splashing, and wet experiences.
In case you have not noticed, Water is always our medium for Fun,
when it comes to Sengkang babies :-)

On a side note, this article was drafted when Singapore was having one of it's dryest spells, but sibilings El-Nino and La-Nina have other plans. Singapore is suddenly wet (with thunderstorms) for the weekend. Wierd !

Check out our recommendations on keeping cool :
- swimming at Anchorvale

- corridor fun, just add bucket

- car wash

- jacob ballas waterplay

- baby dip (wei)

- marina barrage

- zoo

- jurong bird park

Click on our labels "WetWetWet" for other suggestions. (eg Science centre)
Even shopping centres like Vivo/IMM/Sembawang got their own wet playgrounds.
Please feel free to share your wet escapades with us.

ps.. if you like the 3-d texts, visit

Sack'n Seat, Portable seat for toddlers 6-24 months

We have been looking around for this seat.
Imagine, toddlers can be adjusted ( or restrained :p ) to any seat.
What's more, it can be difficult to grab baby-seats or high-chairs in restaurants.

"Sack'n Seat" is portable, and very ideal for overseas travelling.
Lightweight, secure but not flimsy. (suitable for toddlers from 6 to 24 months)

Refering to first pic, look at how we wrapped up Ah Xin.
Girl, your hands should be outside :p

This seat is retailing at $39 but Mummy got promotion for $26.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Earth Hour 27Mar2010 at 2030 , where will you be?

Video :Started in 2007 with Sydney, the world joined in 2008

Video : 2010 commercial

Where will you be? Singapore Earthhour website
For a start, let your kiddos play this online game -->

For just one hour, teach our next generation to care for the world.
Let them know how fragile is Mother Earth.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

生曰快乐, 奶奶

Today's is Nai Nai's birthday.
Another occasion to sing song, and eat cake.

Everybody sings, then take turn to kiss 奶奶.

Video : Song, and Blow. Nai Nai too slow :p

Happy Birthday, 奶奶.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What promotion is this? Hint- something to do with trains

Are these structure museums or some hi-tech buildings?
These are the new CCL train stations.

CCL = Circle Line, and these stations are opening for preview on 04Apr.

Wait! What is so happening about a few more MRT stations?
Look at the host of programmes on 04Apr from 1130 to 1800.

You have fasion shows, charities, band performances, and free museum passes!!
Hooray, more fun is coming for our sengkangbabies.
Maybe we will check out some stamps at one of the museum :-)

For more details -->

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Marina Barrage - rainy day

After our Canon photography session, we toured
Sustainable Singapore Gallery.
Look at all the mineral water bottles.
Are they recycled, yucks?

Video : Quick run, Blue avatar's house?

We sort of rush through the gallery, as the boys were anticipating some splashing fun.
We went to Marina Barrage a few months back, and Daddy came prepared with extra clothing.

Video : The birds, and the pump (crest)

The boys have been to the gallery before, as part of their school excursion.

But their School excursion is Dry. Daddy's excursion is always wet and sweaty :p

Video: Run faster, Daddy is coming

The rain has cooled the arena, and temperature was hovering between 25 or 26 degrees. And the water was quite Chilling keke.
Luckily these two boys were running up and down to warm up !!

There was a mini carnival for World-Water-Day (what is this?)
And some artists were dancing on stage.
We had the whole "pool" to ourselves. Initially it felt wierd, as the other parents are more reserved or paiseh... but very soon, their kiddos join us keke..

Video : Lure of "water+fun" is too much to resist !!


Dads for Life and Canon photography introduction

It was raining the whole day, but some 30 parents were at
Marina Barrage for Canon's photography tips. This event is jointly organised by DadsForLife.

The carpark was almost Full, and a lot of tourists also came to visit the Barrage.
Rain or Sun, we are determined to have fun, and enjoy ourselves.

Canon's speaker is Lawrence, who shared with us photography fundamentals and tips. Daddy learned that he should use a tripod more often, so that he will be in more pictures.

The kids were wondering why this 'kor kor" kept snapping away.
And they were on his focus for a while.
Daddy has to bring some cars to entertain the boys, as he is worried we will make a scene :p

Wondering why Wei behaves so differently in two pictures below?
Our boys also like to pose with girls keke.

After the class, maybe Daddy got some homework.

Daddy: Currently still seating on the bench, considering jumping into DSLR world.
But Daddy need to get more exposures to ISO, Aperture, and Shutter first on his compacts. Otherwise, Daddy will only use new DSLR as a point and shoot
(which defeats the purpose?)

Part 2 of our WET Marina Barrage escapade is up..
..or you can click on link to view our maiden Barrage trip first

Breakfast at Ah Kun

Sat, rainy day.
We drove to CompassPoint for our breakfast.

Ah Kun, our kiddos liked their toasted bread, rich in Kaya and butter.
Wei also like their kopi and half-boiled egg.

Video : Yi and Xin banging away at the knobs (Arcade)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Disney On Ice

Today, Mummy treat the boys to Disney on Ice,
performing at Indoor stadium.

Beside our famous mice (Mickey and Minnie), we also enjoy Donald,
BuzzLightYears, Cinderella, and Incredibles.

Yi was a bit terrified of the "darkness", but he enjoy the show 100%.
Mummy mention Yi always murmur "Mickey Mickey".
Wei and Kang enjoy the skating, and their snacks.

Video : TV ad

Video : Compilation

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our warehouse - packed with children items

In our storeroom. you will see dozens of Wet wipes and diapers.
We have to pack extras, in case childcare run out of stocks.
Normally, we will wait for promotions in the hypermarts, before ordering in bulk.

These kiddos are high maintenance :0

Look, even milk also got different variations.
Early in the morning, when Daddy just wakes up, he can be blur and mess up kiddos' milk-concoction. But luckily, no one has drank Mummy's "Similac Mum" yet haha.

As a consolation (for the $$investment), at least Kiddos bring smiles, and sometimes headaches to Mummy and Daddy :p

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dads for Life - activites

A.C.T, "Dads For Life" wants more Daddies to be active parents.
Join their Fan club for latest activities.

We have registered for Canon's photography at Barrage for some photography tips.
Click on Canon website for additional venues/dates, and registration details.

19Mar - Fort Canning
20Mar - Marina Barrage
21Mar - Singapore Discovery Centre

Our kiddos just need Daddies/Mummies to spend a BIT more time with them everyday. Listen to their stories, ask how their childhood are evolving in school, and share their woes or complains :-p
Read a story book, share a meal, watch a cartoon. It can be any activity, as long as it allows for interaction, and bonding.

's 2010 commitment to kiddos : (one step at a time)

- learn Swim (done Oct2009)
- cycle ?
- fly kite ?
- go Library (done Feb2010)
- soccer ?
- skate ?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Changi Airport T3 kiddo rides

Last evening, we went to Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3,
We heard there is one corner for kiddy rides.

Look at Xin, she is one cool passenger, and Yi is the driver.
However, Yi did not realised we are using Remote to control his Volkswagen VW hahaha.

Video : the bigger rides

Video : Cute siblings

Daddy and Mummy kept giggling at Yi and Xin.
Xin's hand was grabbing the car-side and refuse to let go.
Tension or Stressed?

Video : Wen Yi L-Plate (learner)

More information :
- T3 at B2, car Park 3A
- $3 to $8, depending on rides. The one seen in picture with Yi is $4, remote-control car ..
- queues timing can be up to 30min during weekend !!

When we left at around 2030, Airport was still pack with people mingling around.
You would thought Airport Terminal is another shopping mall along Orchard Road.

** To get latest updates on Changi activities, join their Facebook Fan club.

**updated 28May2010 - click to read our trial of T3's four-storey Slide (biggest in Singapore)

**updated 23Dec2010 - we are featured in Changi's newsletter
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