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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Changi Airport - really HUGH Slide @ T3 !!

We can see slides and see-saws in playground, but in an Airport?
Yes, Changi Airport has added two slides in Terminal 3 (T3) recently !

Now, why would Changi built a FOUR-storey slide ? Read on.

Today, only Wen Wei accompany Daddy to T3.
Terry from Changi's communication team has invited us to trial their new slides.

There are two slides :
- Big one at L1 (four stories)
- only available when you purchase $10 items (two rides, and height > 130cm)

- Small one at B2 - everybody can go.
- Unlimited rides, but must be > 110cm
- be prepared for queues

* Daddy read somewhere height limit is 2m.
* Even before we start, we can anticipate the Fun from these slides.

Ok, Wei pass all requirements, Fun-time.
Like the other school kids, Wei also help himself to one, two, three and more slides :)

Video : Bigger slide

Look at all the curious kiddos.
Did you notice the slides can change colour?

In Singapore, there are always rules and regulations :)
Changi group wants you to be safe keke.

Video : smaller Slide

You will not miss Slide @ T3, posters are all over Changi Airport Terminal 3.
Just go to Level 1 Arrival hall.
**Hint - the Slides are 4 storeys tall !!

However, we always take around 15s to reach ground floor.
It would be challenging to queue 20min (on a busy weekend), only to last 15s :p

Video: Wei never stop smiling

We had enough sliding for one day,
and proceeded to "Changi Aviation Gallery" (CAG) over at T2.

Video : paper aeroplanes, these are not !

There are nearly 600 paper planes hanging from ceiling.
(Don't believe, Count :p )
These are the number of planes Changi Airport is handling every day !!

Now, we know Jakarta is 2 hours away, Mumbai is 4hours away etc.
We can learn to fold all sorts of paper planes too.

Video : Where is Japan?

We saw a firefighter corner.
Do you know where are the fire stations in Changi Airport ?
** there are three land-based stations, and one sea base facility. Wow!

Picture above : Wei has to decide his own career path.
Daddy would prefer him to choose SIA, instead of KingFisher (what?)

Daddy is glad that Wei accompany him today.
This means Daddy can share more knowledge with Wei.
When Wei younger siblings are around, Daddy will have problem dedicating equal resources.

Video : Slide construction - cool!

Reference from -->

Daddy : Changi airport is constantly adding interesting projects in all three Terminals.
Click to read Sengkangbabies having fun with Kiddes-rides at T3 too.

We will definitely come back to T3 for more fun and entertainment.
Changi is trying to market itself as a one-stop entertainment for Dining, Fun and Learning.

Airpot's BIG open space allow kiddos to run freely, and view aeroplanes go up/down too. This Airport has certainly captivated our family.
For latest updates, you can subscribe to FansOfChangi Facebook club.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Terry (and Changi Airport group) for his invitation, who took time off his busy schedule, to bring us around :)

**updated 23Dec2010 - we are featured in Changi's newsletter

**updated 19Jun2011 - T3 Slide is free for every $10 spent (used to be $30)


  1. I never notice this when im there O_O

  2. thks for visiting Kristin.
    Maybe listen for screams, instead of looking? :)


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