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Friday, December 31, 2010

bye bye 2010, welcome 2011

All the boys wore green Ben-10, just like our blog colours :)
Finally, Daddy got some nice family portraits (with the man himself in picture)

Sengkangbabies wish everybody a Happy New Year 2011, may all your wishes come through. More importantly, good Health !

Daddy was trying to sort some pictures to highlight our 2010, but there are too many !

In 2011, our kids will continue to roam Singapore to bring you playgrounds, and overseas to bring you resorts. Sengkangbabies will definitely be more fun !

Self advertise again, click to read our adventures :
- places of interest
- our oversea trips

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tips for taking Fireworks, compiled from a newbie :p

**disclaimer.. these firework photos are not mine :p
The old firework photos we have are from our compact camera. You know they are fireworks, but nothing to shout about :0

This coming weekend, Daddy hopes to capture some "decent" fireworks. From research, we would love to share a few pointers. Note, Daddy is still at 纸上谈兵 stage.

- Iso - 100
- Shutter - Bulb
- Aperture - F11 to F14
- set lens wider to capture landscape or background too
- Manual focus (instead of Auto)
- Tripod and Remote is a must
- Arrive early, and chop your sweet spot :0
If you have additional tips, please please please share them with me :)

The tips sounds easy, but Daddy suspect multiple attempts are needed to improve our skills. Hope Daddy will not fumble with the Dslr buttons in the darkness :)

Please follow links below for tips and more gorgeous pics.

Additional readings reveal a mysterious "Black Card".
- reduce bounced-lights off smoke, thus minimum over-exposure
- allows different "stages" of firework to be captured, and combined into final picture

Read this article for illustration of how a black card is used.

2nd and 3rd pics--> posted on DPS, and owners are StuckInCustoms and Michael Glover respectively.

**updated 01Jan2011
--> our first attempt at Anchorvale CC

**updated 2011Jul
--> NDP 2011 rehearsal Fireworks at Marina


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our boys are fishing in a Primary 3 English book, and Singapore Maths

Do not be surprised, if you see our boys in Marshall's Primary 3 English supplementary book. Our photo is in one of the article.

Our picture above is taken from our Qian Hu fish farm adventure -->

Marshall Cavendish (MC)is an international publisher, and their books are very popular in Singapore. As Daddy was reading more about MC, there was an interesting article on how Singapore's Maths are discovered and exported to the USA :


** Above English book pages are published with prior permission from Marshall Cavendish Education.

Wen Yi celebrated his 3rd birthday at School

We celebrated Wen Yi's birthday in school too. Unfortunately, he is still a bit grouchy, maybe he has just recovered? His friends and teacher gave him a lot of hands imprint.

Can everyone smile for Uncle?

Kids eagerly waiting for their prized catch (we need to blow candle first)

Video : Singing song

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas + Wei and Yi birthday celebrations

Every year, we celebrate Wei and Yi's birthday's during Christmas.
End of the day, it is not the venue or food which makes a party happening.
It is always the company of good friends who make a party lively!

The food.

The hosts.

The venue.

Our Guests.

The VIPs! (kids)

The atmosphere!

The toys.

The song.

The cake.

Video : The party !

Video : What goes on behind, Wen Xin is secretly happy to see her bro gets bullied!

It helps that all the kids become kaki over dinner and toys :)
What a way to end 2010 !

The party Mood was hot, and everybody enjoy themselves.
Let our pictures tell you how we celebrate Wen Wei and Wen Yi's birthdays !

Spinning Top taken from


Monday, December 27, 2010

Firework countdown 2011 @ Sengkang Anchorvale CC

We were there last year, to countdown and view the fireworks.
And we will likely pop by Anchorvale CC again to say bye bye to 2010.

Organized by

It would be too troublesome (Read jams, sleepy kids, and crowds) to go to city area ! Where are you going to countdown?

Read our previous experience -->
Tips for taking fireworks -->

Sunday, December 26, 2010

my Nikon D5000 - panning shots at home

Panning is the technique of capturing "motion in action". Only our subject is sharp, but all other things in background appear blur.

Daddy set shutter speed to 1/50, and got kids to roll pass.
It is ok for "subject" to be slightly blur, as we are looking for
contrast between foreground and background. (Daddy's excuse keke)

Although we are going slow, you can still detect blurness in the background.

Video : buffet is here

Picture should convey motion. and Wen Kang expression is very candid !
Daddy wish he got a small bike to wheelie too !

Okay, our rides are slow and Daddy is still learning.
So if my pictures disappoint, try DPS -->

Your jaws will drop ! ( I like picture 4 and 11)

Friday, December 24, 2010

2010 - Christmas comes so fast

.. bearded uncle has rsvp, he will be coming with his reindeer :p

.. our little hosts are ready..

.. guests have been invited..

(sesame street picture from

.. shopping done..

.. tree is up, and shining..

..Cookies are ready, buffet ordered..

In fact, in a few minutes, it will be Christmas.
In a few hours, we will be celebrating Wei and Yi's (Dec 25th and 27th) birthday too.

Video : How can we forget the carol? "Deck the hall" by YouTube's animals haha

MERRY Christmas, and a Happy New year !
Wishing everybody a healthy 2011.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sengkangbabies are in Changi Airport's Connection newsletter

Maybe we have been loitering too frequently at Changi Airport?
Someone (from CAG) spotted us, and decided to interview us for a social-media feature in Changi Connection (Changi's newsletter).

When we talk about Changi, we naturally remember Changi's international Icons.
Oh, for the record, Daddy never ogle at the figure-hugging sarong kebayas ok :p

Our family considers Changi Airport a lifestyle hub, for food and entertainment.
You can shop at the boutiques too.
Well, someone from CnnGO did spend 24 hours exploring Changi Airport !
Read his story-->

Daddy has no intention to become another "Tom_Hanks_Terminal_Part II", but our kids can introduce some amazing activities too !

2008 - We were running up and down Changi even before T3 opens.

We love everything about aeroplanes (Changi Coastal)

2010 - Fancy sliding down the world's Largest Airport Slide at T3?

We will miss this carpark rally :p (so cute)

Wow ! there so many activities ! Hop onto Changi Airport's fanpage
for latest happenings.

Maybe we can recommend some non-conventional activities ?

- role play in airport for kids (who want to be pilot, stewardess, security, immigration, firefighter etc )
- visiting the fire-station at Changi, and maybe spray some foam?
- staying near the runway, waiting for the after-burners blast as the jetliners take off

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Eugene and editorial team, for featuring our blog Sengkangbabies. You can bet we will be back exploring our favourite airport Changi, again.

Wen Yi washing car, caught on myPaper 我报

My hardworking boy on today's paper :)

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