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Saturday, April 3, 2010

NuffNang Symposium - summary

So we went to Nuffnang's symposium..
- we saw our friends and idols,
- we drew some T-rexs,
- and we did not win a Canon S90 ;p

But we still had Fun, and Daddy learn new tips along the way.
Mr Seah's Baby-Kiss-Ballon (picture B) was the lucky S90 winner.

Ed from EdUnloaded

Teacher Leonny from OurEveryDayThings

We also met Rachel from 4malmal, but photo was taken by someone else keke.
Look at our classroom, 95% Ladies, it is really rare to find Daddy bloggers.

This kor kor (Eugene) help baby seat the kiddos when Mummies/Daddies went for their classes. Wei and Kang enjoy their Mr Bean, and drawing session.
** but it would be better if organiser can provide some refreshment for kids next time?

Portrait with Leonny

New Mummies whom we met :
- Milly from Singapore Kid's Places
- Wen Yi from

Thank you Canon and Nuffnang for this interesting Symposium.
Daddy is glad we finally meet up with fellow bloggers.

We shall keep in touch :)

**updated 11Apr - Wei and Kang are now famous as they appear on
Nuffnang's symposium blog article heh heh


  1. no pic with kenny? i thought everyone will do that.. =P

  2. hi ken, if you are in Sg, my kiddos will pose with you.


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