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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taiwan Day 5 - LeoFoo 六福 Amusement Park

* We broke Day 5 into two parts, (i) LeoFoo Amusement Park , and (ii) LeoFoo resort

On day 5, we headed to 六福村 LeoFoo Village in Guanxi 關西 (HshinChu 新竹). Journey is about 1 hour coach from Taipei. We have seen Ch8 review this Safari-resort in Taiwan before, imagine waking up to see zebra and giraffe roaming infront of your window!

Along the way , we see some weird shop names (literally Third Mum Smelly wok)

Anyway, this is the famous resort in Taiwan, LeoFoo Resort. While Mummy checkin, Daddy heard Wei exclaiming. We rush outside to see Giraffe, Rhino, Antelopes, Zebras roaming everywhere in the compound ! Daddy will cover Leofoo Resort and it's amenities in part 2 of our Day 5 blog.

Under our package, we get tickets to explore Leofoo Amusement park. Otherwise it will be $45/$40 for adult/kids respectively. Themepark is 15min's walk from our resort, but we opted for free-transport :)

Above Map is taken from Leofoo website.

We spotted Sponge Bob and family in themepark. We got our cap as it was drizzling.

Cowboy town is so quiet. We heard Taiwan school holiday will only be due in 2 weeks, lucky us.

No need to queue up, kids can go for multiple rides :)
We left our stroller in room, so Mummy have to sling toddler Wen Xin all the way !

Some rides are too challenging for Daddy. Skip !

Sponge bob is a hit with smaller kids, but maybe K2 and Pri2 kid got other "heroes" in mind ?

Ferris wheel, go round and round slow-ly.

Next, Aladdin and his Arabian kingdom. Daddy and Wei went for a carpet ride.

Video :Some family friendly rides

We notice curry rice is quite popular in Taiwan restaurants (not spicy at all). Wonder why?
Set meal would be around $9 SGD.

After our lunch we took the train to go one round our Safari park.
Yes ! there is a safari within LeoFoo themepark !

More wild animals, kids oooh and aaaah at the bisons, zebras.

The "carnivorous" animals are housed in another enclosure, and we hope onto our coach.
When Yi hears we are going to view tigers, he thought this spear might protect us?

Daddy fought off a 2.4m Brown bear !

..and Wen Xin was apprehensive whenever the tigers come too near our coach. Maybe Wen Xin look like a tim-sum for the beasts? Our kids are animal lovers, so they will never get sick of the safari.

Take a break, Mummy shops for souvenirs, while Daddy brought kids for more rides.

The drizzle did not stop for the whole day, but we were not deterred. Family fun is more important :)

There is a small corner where kids can feed the Mummy goats We had a good laugh when an over-friendly lamb charge at Wen Yi. His screams were hilarious and comical keke.

We were at Leofoo themepark from 1030 to 1600, almost 6 hours. Mummy and Daddy were surprised
Yi (No 3) could stretch himself without an afternoon nap.

Video : More fun clips

Interestingly, we notice Taiwan's themeparks are not marketed to tourists. Daddy thought the themeparks are decent, well-maintained and definitely wallet-friendly (most are under $40Sgd).

Before we flew to Taiwan, we did not know the themeparks are so pro-family and fun, and not surprisingly, a lot of families mentioned they were not aware Taiwan got themeparks too !!

Nevermind, we will help Taiwan Tourism to promote Taiwan as a pro-family destination.
If you are going to Taiwan for holiday, do check with Singapore's Taiwan Tourism bureau for promotions.
We got "free-tickets" to selected themeparks.

More info on Leofoo 六福 :
- themepark -
- resort -

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More information and tips are available at Taiwan tourism web -->



  1. Hi, may I know how u go to leofoo village fm taipei ie. take what coach fm where? Tks

  2. hi, we have a shuttle bus and did not commute on train or public bus. Follow this link --> Would strongly suggest u to email Leofoo for directions, they are quite responsive.

  3. Hi! Is one day more than enough to cover the amusement park and safari? Would u recommend staying for 2 nites instead?

  4. I would recommend 2 nights. ( I heard there are some farms and also WOC to explore in TaoYuan, ask your Hotel recept for tips). Compared to Taipei, 新竹 is more laid back. (on the subject of farms, 宜蘭 YiLan is another fave destination). "Wiki" these two locations.

  5. Tks,will check out all ur links. :) one more qns, do we have to book in advance for baby boss? Or just get tics on the day itself?

  6. Hi! Tks, will check out ur recommendations. Another qns, do we hv to buy tics in advance for baby boss? Or just get on tt day itself?

  7. hi Bentomonsters, you can get tixs for Baby Boss on same day. We did notice a lot of school kids when we were there, maybe avoid TW school holidays.

  8. Hi
    Would like to know in LeoFoo Theme Park, is there lots of rids for kids below 6 years old?

  9. hi, your question is subjective. 1,Maybe not too many rides for the young ones. 2,We love the open Safari ride. 3,For us, we feel themePark got enough activities to keep our family entertained for 1/2 day.

    Maybe their map will provide more clues for you?

  10. Am thinking of going either WOC or Leofoo on our day of departure (flight at 7.30pm, must leave the park by 4.30pm). Which would you recommend? I have a 4,6 and 8 yo.

  11. hi, both offer different scopes.
    Leofoo - games and rides are suitable for all, there is even a wet themepark. We love the animal safari section.

    WOC - we took the opportunity to teach kids about geography and famous landmarks. I love the family photo opportunities. The train ride is entertaining for the kids.

    If kids decide, they will always choose themepark. Personally, I prefer WOC.
    (sorry, never answer your Q )


  12. Hi, how do u travel to 六福村 from taipei ? Where do u take the coach from ? Can i have more info ? Thx

  13. hi, our transport option came with our package. I hope Leofoo's direction will provide some tips for you -->

  14. hi, may i ask where you got your package from?

  15. hi, we got our Leofoo resort package (stay + breakfast + dinner) from Namho. We heard price has increase.

  16. Hi did u stay in the resort or u just went to the park?

  17. May I know which type of room did you stay in Leo Foo? I have 6 adults n 2 young kids. Thinking of squeezing into a Congo sky or congo greenery room for 6 to cut a bit of cost. It will be more ex to book 2 rooms.

  18. Hi, is it possible to take a full picture of the list of amusement parks and attach it.

    The current picture is partially covered.

    I will love to check the places out for my coming trip.



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