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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Circle Line Open house - 04Apr2010

Today, Circle Line is open to the public for preview.
Each station is filled with activities.

We drove to Stadium MRT, we thought this station would be less crowded.
Stadium MRT station has a nice colourful Leisure Drome backdrop.

Grand is an understatement. Station is stately, and ultra modern.

Kids are free to roam anywhere.
No restriction on camera or video footages today :-)
Video - Tunnels sound exciting to you? Our boys love it

You have balloons, jams, scultures, bands at different stations.
We caught ourselves on surveillance Video keke.

Our objectives today was just to take a ride, and visit Singapore Philatelic Museum.
(Daddy learn that "Philatelic" is the study or collection of stamps, and related topics)

We make our way to our Museum, a cool 10 min walk.
Daddy could not get us to part with our precious balloons.

**do visit our Stamp experience keke here --> Philatelic Museum

Anyway, we took a cab back to Stadium MRT Station.

Why do we need a Cab?

Updated 20111009 - Free rides at Circle Line Phase 2 opening


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