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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mummy's parenting thoughts- 2009.03

Learning curve for Wei.
Reading - Peter and Jane , We started Wei with these books, to engage his interests.

We enrol Wei in I-can-Read last year, hoping to improve his comprehension and writing skills.

Now Wei can read by himself and know a lot of words.
Just start to teach him spelling, and was surprised that he pick up very fast.
It helps that Wei has fantastic memory. He remembers everything.

Discover that Wei like numbers when doing math assessment last year and decided to let
him learn Abacus -CMA. Mummy is very proud that Wei picks up easily.
Wei likes to find challenging questions for himself

However, Wei complains that
there is too much homework, and no time for cars (his favourite pastime) .
Poor boy :)

Learning curve for Kang.
He like reading but not writing, always complain that he don't know how to write or hands is tired (Kenging).
Maybe is too young for him to write, so now we have slow down in teaching him.

We did notice that Kang's oratory skills is solid. He is effectively bilingual, switching between both language effortlessly. He can accomplish anything which he puts his mind too, but only lack patience, and dedication. This boy has high EQ, but we need to be very patient with him.

we like youtube

Somehow, kids are watching cartoons (Mr Bean, BernardBear, Ben10) online at YouTube.

So when they come home, they start to "On" our PC, activate IE, and type in YouTube.
Wow, they also know how to Google. Mouse, and placing a CD to start a game is chicken-feet to us :p


Durng my childhood age, we only know how to play marble, and catch spider haha
How times have changed.

Maybe Wei will ask Daddy for handphone when he goes Pri school?


Saturday, March 28, 2009

LV Cecil is one year

We went to school and celebrate LV Cecil's one year old.

Eating and drinking...

and no party is complete without balloons..

we got not 1, but 3 cakes...

singing happy birthday to LV-Cecil !! Everywhere we go, people want to know...

Yi (on the right) and Teachers..

Yi hiding one corner, and playing hide and seek.

Class photos, for N2, and K2.

Kids were busy running around, food aplenty, songs , balloon, everybody gets to enagage, and were joyous.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Toilet Training Wei

Wei is 6 years old now, and mummy/daddy has been toilet training him for last two months.
Initially, Daddy has to bring Wei to toilet twice per night.
Wei would always struggle, and he is a sound sleeper, and hates to be disturbed.
The koon-sin (sleeping god) behaviour is inherited from Daddy.

If Daddy forgets, and Wei piss off, Daddy has to clean up the mess .
Serves Daddy right, since he could not help breast-feeding when kids are still babies :(

Now Wei can wake himself up, and go to toilet himself.
We are happy that he is independent, and hopefully provide a role-model for Kang.

Meanwhile, Daddy still has to ask Wei go toilet once before midnight.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nai Nai's birthday

celebrated Nai Nai's birthday at her house.
Delicious, favourite Asam fish, and Cereal prawns

Future soldiers..

we got a chocolate cake.. drooling

and aftermath

more fun at our home..

go go Lorry, Car, and bike

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Zoo 20090315

A big SeaLion greets us at the Zoo.

let's go..everybody got their hats, and mosquito repellent !

Kang : Kor Kor, that bird behind is staring at me..

happy feet..but this penguins smells ..yucks :)

herd of seaLions..
let us hug them.


These squirrels are cute, zooming here and there..

Yi, you be careful..crocs/aligator/gavials munch munch

Do not teach the monkey to feed the animals..

new RainForest water them park. Big area for everybody to get wet.

how come Wei become fireman again?

Stroll in the park..where are you going?

Dinosaur - duckbill, we are not scared !! punch, box..

Dinosaur t-Rex, scared, shiver. If we do not move, and he might miss us.

All the boys should know what number to call when someone is in danger..
We notice enclosures now come with more "warnings" !!

More exhibits

chummy bros. hot, but we start to notice gloomy skyline again..

nothing can stop Yi for dozing, not even the baby otter (who are ever noisy)

Another wonderful trip. New displays, but I guess Zoo is packed , due to school holiday.
Soon after we left, there was heavy downpour all over Singapore.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wii - new toy

Bought a wii for the kids, but end up hogging it most of the time :)
Very captivating.

Mario Kart

Outdoor Challenge

The younger brothers are still learning, but Wei is picking up fast.
Yi? he only knows how to disturb (for now !!)

Yi will jump and shout with us, when we play haha..very cute.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

LimChuKang.Kranji Farm trip2

We went sight-seeing at countryside. Fish excites us.

Goat farm was closed, but we can hear the Billys... "meh...meh.."

Frogs.. crocking.. "kuah..kuah.."

and some veggies...

Video - Yi runs, and saw Ball.

Why this little boy did not realise he can be fish-bait?
..even bigger Fish/Cats

Warning sign is self-explanatory.

More fish(Long Kang literally drain)....
$3 for 30 minute... Kids had fun. pOOr guppies...

**updated 2014Feb - Hausmann's longkang fish is no longer available

The fish farm -->
Video : boys catching fish

Time to pose...

Enjoyable but tiring. Best is Foc. Will go again.

**updated 28Apr2010 - do visit Qian Hu too

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