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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Baby Kang . 李文康

Wen Kang is second prince :)
Pictures assortment from birth to 2 months.

L00k at the hair... but Kang was very "Dao" and did not like to smile when he is baby..
Looks innocent, but always scheming :P

Video - Wei hug Kang.

Video : Chummy Bros

Video : Mummy luvs you boys.. Kang Tow Truck..

Video : Yi crawls, backside pointed :p

*** Video : Go away, Mickey !!

Video - Kang learns to stand

Video : Kang walks

Video : Kang walks 2

Video : Kang and Wei taxi

Video : Boys running at Raffles Place..catching birds

Video : Racing at home
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