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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Garden of Eden, Where?

We brought Xin and Yi to see our pediatrician this morning.
Everybody got some form of flu or cough.

While waiting, Daddy brought the boys to explore a niche garden hiding somewhere...
Our doctor has moved to Novena Medical Centre, or Novena 2.

A lot of buildings are under construction along Novena.
But this little garden provided much needed respite from the heat.

The boys? They get to disturb some fishes, and throw some stones!!
Daddy : Do not throw stones downstairs !! (we are at Level 7)

Video : Exploring mini-garden, the trees, fish and stones
Daddy would least expect the kiddos to have so much fun in a mini garden, in a high-rise building. Imagine how much more fun the boys will get, if they explore the gardens Duxton, at 50th storeys!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Blog enhancement - widgets and fancy stuffs

Daddy has been quietly adding new layouts and widgets to our blog, example :
- third column, but main-page still need tweaking
- twitting but nobody follows (yet)
- view Daddy's favourite blogs, click on Complete Profile
- more tidbits coming..

As we blog and discovers, Daddy is exploring and understanding the "Whys" and the "Whats" better. More things to learn and adapt. Only no time ... ...

Noticed anything new on our blog?

Daddy noticed the blog effects and layout, differs from browser to browser.
We are using Mozilla 80%, IE8 10% (only for Blog editing), , and Google-Chrome 10%. Seems like Chrome is still loading most webpages faster.

If you are interested in any gadgets which we have on our blog, just drop a note. We would be glad to share.

Feel free to visit these cool blogging gurus for tips and references:

Meanwhile, if you like our posts, and if you are free, please help to click on our NuffNang advertisements. (top right ). Hopefully, it will help roll in some $$vitamins for buying pamper or milk powder haha

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mummy's SAHM experience

Since 04-Jan-2010, Mummy is a part-time Stay-At-Home-Mum (SAHM). Mummy has always highlighted her intention to be a SAHM, even before she married Daddy :p

.. but somehow, our babies keep popping up, and Daddy managed to persuade Mummy to postpone her "ambition".

Mummy's daily activities can include :
- supervising Wen Wei's study
- cooking lunch or dinner
- sweeping or mopping
- wash clothes
- clothes ironing
- etc

Being a Mummy is a full time job, 24 hours around the clock.
Doing housework is no joke, and tasks are never-ending.
That is why Daddy still prefer getting stressed at work, rather then bogged down by house chores :)

Being a housewife is not about being glamorous.
We see Tai Tais go for Spas, massages, manicures, brunch, shopping, in TV dramas.
Reel and real life are different :0

Despite her hectic schedule, Mummy never regrets making the switch, allowing her to spend more time with family. Nurturing Wen Wei's primary school progress is her top priority now. Mummy finds her daily routines fullfilling and enriching.

ps.. we have not even started yaking about the daily challenges we encounter, mingling and dealing with our little monsters.

Daddy's excuse : His housework is half-past-six, and will not match Mummy's expectations.
At least he bring the kiddos out to play keke :p

--> the man from our cartoon (top of page) could be referring to Daddy !!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday at Kovan

Mummy joins us at Kovan after Wei and Kang's classes.
The boys get to sit in their kiddy rides.

Normally Mummy, will wait for us at home, together with Ah Yi.
So you can imagine how happy Yi was.
He can run anywhere.

Stalls selling Chinese New Year decorations are everywhere.

Video : Car wash before heading home

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Xin learning to stand, and cold-treatment (ii)

When Daddy or Mummy needs to attend to something, we normally give Wen Xin some playthings. Anything goes, as long as she is occupied for a few minutes ;)

But Daddy, as usual, like to disturb our 妹妹 (sister).
Video : Xin likes Root beer?

As Xin is getting mobile, Daddy capture one candid climb on video.

Video : Ah Girl standing, with some help

Daddy whisphering to Mummy : The boys will understand why Daddy dote on our litte princess :)
This adorable girl dispenses her megawatt Smile to everybody.

Inhouse activities, simple Bliss

What is keeping us busy and entertained at home?
Sometimes, it is a luxury to laze around at home.

Video : Wen Xin having her porridge lunch.. "ummmph mum".

Video : Wen Yi playing with, what else , cars

Video : Kang and Wei playing LightSabre, Skywalker (with Daddy's Android)
Simple activities, simple leisure, feel our Family warmth :p

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Where is your PSP, DS-lite etc etc?

We went to Mummy's BbQ function at Costa Sands (Downtown East).
When the kids gather in aircon room, it became their game room.

Nowadays, when kids play, they whip out their electronic gadgets.

Where are the good old days? When Daddy and Mummy enjoy :

- police catch thief
- playing marbles
- catch spiders
- catch longkang (drain) guppies
- catch grasshoppers to feed birds or fish
- stealing neighbour's mangos

Blogger's bug

Just noticed something recently.
We can set how many topics to display on main-page. Ideally, the lesser number of topics, the faster your blog would load. However, this page-control thingy does not apply to your "archives" or "labels"!!

Looking at screenshot below, if you click on "2009", or "excursion-gathering" , everything will be loaded onto one page !! Daddy wonder how many readers got the luxury 100Mb broadband at home? Otherwise, most readers will get time-out.

What are our alternatives?

- maybe set archive period to weekly
- to display your "archive'" or "labels" topics as summaries of only one or two paragraphs.
- breakdown labels into smaller segments, then use cloud-label.
More tips here -->

- migrate to WordPress :p

Hope someone from Blogger will develop a workaround quick. Or if you have recommendations, please share with me.
Meanwhile, you might need to rely on traditional "Search button :(

**updated 25Feb2010 -- problem resolved, but Blogger did not make any announcements?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wen Kang plays Big Brother in school now

老二, 你长大了. Since Wei is now in Primary school, Kang is shouldering extra responsibility as Big brother to Wen Yi and Wen Xin.

After Mummy say bye byes in the morning, Kang becomes Daddy's little helper in car.

When Wen Xin cries, Kang will pluck in pacifier, or sing a song for her.

Kang is behaving like a darling in school too.
At least, we do not hear so much complains from teachers already :p

Kang has grow into his new big-Brother role very naturally. Mummy Daddy nudged and nag him a few times. We encourage Kang to be Big Brother, then " 要好好照顾弟弟妹妹ok ".

Kang seems eager to take up more responsibilities, and teachers are praising him more frequently. Kang is very helpful, and always offers his assistance.

We also noticed Kang's routine tantrums has tone down.
But our little Kang is still very mischievous and cheeky :p
If we just Overlook his stubbornness, Wen Kang is a very likable boy :)

Video : Look at Kang, so chubby, when he just master walking

Yeo's drink (chilled) disturb Wen Xin

Xin is a very curious baby. And she is crawling to every corner around our house, as if she is searching for something :)

Daddy was drinking Yeo's Chrysanthemum Tea and Xin wants a gulp.
BUT, the tetra pack is chilled, how will Xin react?

Video : Xin and Yeo's fighting

Daddy and Mummy had a lot of fun watching Xin struggle with the packet keke.
Xin will twitch her petite face when the pack touch her face :p
But yet, she will obliged and come back for Round 2, Round 3...

On a side note, does Xin looks like a Japanese doll?
Her hair is getting long and uncomfortable.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Advertising for Food is a hit :p

Singaporean loves shopping and eating.
Our recent advertisement for CNY goodies/cookies literally draw in the crowds.

From an average 20 to 30 unique hits per day, our blog jump to 40 to 60 hits per day.
This is modest compared to really-popular blogs ( search NuffNang listed blogs for some ideas, on how to increase your blog appeal. Their blogs are packed with multimedia widgets! )

For those of you who had made purchases or enquries, thanks a Million.
Eight more days to Order hehe. Click on Picture below for Order details.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Backup your Data, utilise your space quota

What happens if your computer burns down tomorrow?
Have you backup your data and memories (pictures and videos) ?

Daddy backups his data once every 6 months. Can we afford to lose those precious memories? NOPE !!

While you are backing up, do not forget to archive your blogging Contents and Template too.
It would be horrible to rebuilt your blog from scratch. If you are kiasi, you can even test exporting your Contents and Template to a test-blog.

If you always fiddle with widgets or templates, backup first !!
One little <#tag# > placed in a wrong corner can mess up everything :)

Blogger gives us 1Gb space quota for our pictures and video.
Daddy has already used 200Mb, due to our blog's intensive pictures and videos.

How do we utilise the amount of space?
- reduce picture size (most camera bundled software can do this)
- reduce video size (eg with Windows Movie Maker)
- host your pictures and videos outside Blogger, then just provide links or embed
- example "Videos" : use Vimeo or YouTube, and "Pictures" use Picasa or Flickr.

Your blog will load faster too, when your pictures and videos are smaller.

Vimeo can create cute thumbnails for video-playbacks too.
Playback our favourite videos at top-right of our blog.

Additional tips to migrate your blogs :

Cars, Wash or Ride

Kiddos like their cars clean, either we DIY (Do it yourself), or we car-wash at petrol station. Daddy prefers option two, as car will be cleaner :p

Video : Car wash can be Fun, and Loud

Lee babies never get sick of Kiddy rides.
These pictures are taken six months ago, Wen Xin still in Mummy's stomach.

Daddy used to be very hardworking, spending hours to wash his car every week.
Now he tries very hard to at least vacumn once a week

Monday, January 18, 2010

Our trusted stroller review - Maclaren Volo

This Maclaren Volo has been with us for six months now.
This workhorse has serves us well, over rough terrains, puddles, up and down stairs.
When Daddy bring the boys out hiking, he relies on his Volo.
We like to take turn seating in the stroller, or pushing the stroller.

Occasionally, Daddy bring a buggy-board along.
Video : brothers pushing, and Kang standing on Buggy

As Mummy will be using the stroller more frequently (especially when Daddy goes overseas or reservist), her stroller criteria :

1. must be light weight (Mummy is petite)
2. but not flimsy
3. easy to open and close. (Look at Maclaren's 5-second fold demo. Enough say. )
4. lasting and durable
5. hopefully not too expensive !!

Video : cross country

As this Volo is recommended for babies above 6 months old, we can only give it a 9/10.
Otherwise it will be the perfect stroller for us.

**highly recommended for active parents and kids

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Exploring Anchorvale Neighbourhood

Sat morning activities..
1) We went to Wei's school, as he left his textbooks under table yesterday!!

2) Then we went to temple 拜拜平安健康.

3) Lastly, Daddy and Mummy brought us to our favourite playground.

This is first time Wen Xin joins us at playground.

She still does not know what she has been missing !! keke

These captions are cute and comical.

Video : Even Mummy is tempted to bring Xin for a slide

More Fun

Video : The boys had fun on their own

Saturday, January 16, 2010

PageBoy for 舅舅Patrick- backdate 10Jul2006

Wen Wei stars as Patrick 舅舅's pageboy on his wedding day back in 10Jul2006.
PageBoy job description -->

Video : Our Chinese custom requires Wei to kick the car :p

Marital bliss

Video : Walking down the aisle

Daddy : Wei was so young then, and he looks dashing in his suit.
Wei likes the limelight. Noticed our No3 Wen Yi resembles Wei ?

Nite kite, with their LEDs, twinkle twinkle

Daddy just came back from jogging..
Noticed so many cars parked at open field...

Look up, WOW. So many fireflies !!
These kite enthuaists are out in force, there are at least 50 kites easily after 10 pm !!

Too bad, Daddy do not have a camera to video the scene.
Borrowed a Video from SengKang neighbour's blog :p
Please visit -->

Can you imagine, the whole clear night sky is pepper by LEDS, big and small.
Daddy can imagine the kids singing (Twinkle Twinkle little stars, how I wonder what you are).

If you are the lucky few who live in the flats facing the field, maybe your kiddos will have no problem sleeping at night. I can picture our kiddos laying on a mat on the open field, with strong breeze, counting the kites.... ZZZ..ZZZ...zzz...

( In case you are from overseas, Singapore is a BRIGHT city, and we normally do not see the stars and the moon so clearly. So the kites are a wonderful substitution :p )

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chinese New Year Goodies and Pastries - promotion

Chinese Lunar New Year (CNY) is approaching, and we would like to share some goodies with our friends. Our friend, Ah Thong, is passionate about cookies and pastries. And we are advertising for him through our blog.

**Click to get full view of pastries and cookies

He enjoys baking and whipping up new recipes.
Ah Thong's pastries are delicious, crunchy and value for money.
Look at our Boys busy munching away !!

All pastries are handmade
pimp myspace

Good quality containers
pimp your myspace at

Tandalising treats !!

(descriptions are listed in first picture)

> Email your orders(Subject:CNY goodies) or enquiries to ""
> Orders above $50 get free delivery in Singapore
> Orders above $100 need a $20 deposit (bank account will be given)
> Listed price is Singapore$ nett
> Last Order date is 29 Jan at 1500

All Enquiries are welcome !!

2011 and 2012's pricelist and menu are available for your comparison.


Our Blog has hit 5000 reads !!

Yes, we got 5000 visitors since we started blogging in Mar2009.
Ecstatic is an understatement. We are over the moon, and happy that our supporters keep on coming back to our blogs.

We got some compliments along the way, mostly how "Adorable" our kiddos are, a "happy" family etc. Every encouragement spurs Daddy to carry on writing.

家家有本难念的经, Daddy's blogging style is to try to highlight the Fun part..
We do have our challenges, but no point harping about the bad episodes :)

Daddy started blogging because :

- he wants to share kiddo's growth stages. Our Blog becomes our online Diary, not only for ourselves, but also for friends and acquaintances.

- we wanted to bring our kiddos to places of interests in Singapore. Most blogs/reviews lacks children participation, and we can only anticipate the fun-factor. Daddy will try to blog our "excursions" from a child's point of view. Hey, along the way, Daddy and Mummy get to relieve their childhood memories too !!

- that explains why our blog contains so much pictures and videos !!

- our motto - bring Joy to kiddos' lives. They grow up all too fast hehe.

Some interesting findings :

** Someone listed here is our 5000th visitor !!

**Most popular searches or references

- NanQiao Primary balloting
- Redang Day 1/2/3/4
- Istana Open House
- Sakae Sushi

**Because our Blog is titled Boys.Girl, we got some unwanted hits from people who googled "boys girls XXcensoredXX" !!
I guess this is one of the perils of being exposed in the WWW.

To our beloved readers, please keep on supporting us.

-Terima Kaseh
-Thank You
-KamSa HaMiDa

Feel free to leave your recommendations and feedback
Either on cbox, or just email us at

Cheers to the next milestone, 10,000 hits !!
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