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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Central Firestation is 100 years old

Central FireStation is celebrating it's 100 years old.
Daddy decide to bring us to visit our valiant Firefighters.
(Every Sat 0900-1100 is open house )
Lta Foo patiently explain to us the nuts and bolts of the Fire station.
There is a long queue to mount the ladder.
Push the Rhino, Ambulance in action. Full of activities.
Little firemen in action. Got Pole dancing too.
Video : hub of activities

Video : water gun

Battle action, ready to roll out
Suddenly, the sky turn dARk :(
Downpour, and boys get wet !!
Rain or shine, boys are not detered..
Video : CPL folding down it's ladder

As it was still raining, we went to the Heritage museum.

We saw a lot of model kits, and lego, even Transformer fire-engines.
Luckily, the toys were locked.
Antique fire engines.. and we become drivers !
Old telephone and pictures.
Can you spot the bell? We could not ring it as it was too wet.

The famous Red Doors on Hill street.
Still raining after 1 hour.. and we had to quick march back to our Car along Armenian street.

Daddy :Although we miss the high rise spectacle from the CPL (Combine Plaform Ladder). The rain brought out some of the kids' best smiles.
Nobody was complaining, really kudos to the kids : )

Daddy tell the boys that firefighters are very brave, and in other countries, they need to fight forest fires bigger than Singapore, or even save people from falling Towers (911 Manhattan).

Salute to our fire fighters-->
We had no doubt that we can sleep well when our SCDF forces are so dedicated.
Salute !!

Visit other fire stations :
--> Tampines


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