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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Raffles Lighthouse, first visit to a Beacon !

As part of Singapore Maritime week, there was an invitation for the public to visit Raffles Lighthouse. Lighthouse is normally restricted, and Daddy thought it would be a wonderful, maybe alternative experience :)

Video : our Cruise to Raffles Lighthouse.

We set off from Pasir Panjang Ferry terminal. Raffles Lighthouse is on Pulau Satumu, 1 hour away. Read wiki for more info.

Singapore Maritime map, we get to appreciate more islands other than Sentosa, Kusu and Ubin (or Tekong).

Maybe we will visit some other islands in the future? (Above map from

Activities on board. We recommend you to visit the loo before our 1 hour cruise to Raffles Lighthouse.

Some landmarks, viewed from the sea

You see ships, containers, oil tankers, petrol vessels everywhere off Singapore. No wonder our port is so busy!

So many oil storage in our offshore islands, really an eye opener.

Now you know why every tanker got "no smoking" in bold?

After 1 hour, we see Raffles lighthouse beckoning.

We arrive :) Group photo from Maritime Facebook

You might even believe this isolated island belongs to Koh Samui or Redang :)

And so we climb 107 steps up the giddy stairway.

Hello Mr Mani

Video : one cool island, nice view!

Daddy would have problem staying more than two nights, Too quiet !
(not taking F16 and F4 sonic-booms into account)

Luckily Singapore does not have this type of Waves !! How to hide?

Lightouse pic from "Kereon"

Sailor Moon uncles? Shorts and knee-length socks wow !

Now, we know more about Singapore's five LightHouses? The one at Bedok is mounted on top of HDB block !

There is a small Museum, which houses all Maritime gadgets. Some measure waves, humidity . Sorry I am not Maritime expert :p

After spending 2 hours. we bid goodbye :)

We pass by Asia's exclusive Cove! (Sentosa)

We witness API firefighting capabilities (what does API stand for?)
Cool, our maritime authority also need to clear oil spills , and maybe catch illegal dumping )

Video : the kids should see this !!

Daddy would like to take this opportunity to thanks MPA for a educational trip.
I enjoy every bit of the journey, and the Lighthouse climb will be Forever memorable !!

** additional info

1) Met another blogger Jerome from "the Long and winding Road", do visit his article for a more professional debrief :)

2) Andrew's review from OneNorth Explorers

3) It was extremely challenging trying to "focus" when our boat was bopping up and down in the open sea. Daddy would really need to practise more on "Manual focusing"


  1. that's one nice cruise! looks very interesting! I have been to one light house somewhere in Port Dickson.. nice view from the top..

  2. I can imagine my kids will be shouting from the top :p


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