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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 4 Genting Highlands 云顶高原

After our Sunway stay, we head for the clouds!
Genting 云顶 literally means Cloud pinnacle.
Adults go there to pull some jackpots, kids are pampered with themeparks. And the cool weather is always welcoming for humid Singapore :)

Video : Breakfast

We spent the morning roaming around Sunway, and doing some last minute shopping.

As it was near Christmas, so kids pose with the Santas and Trees
(Yup, this post is 2 months late :p)

Video : You must watch Xin dance, she got Talent !

While Mummy go shopping, Daddy bring Kang and Xin sliding.
Look at our fiesty girl!

Video : Sliding with siblings is fun !

... From Sunway, it should take an easy 90 min to reach Genting.
A big tap along the way...

Video : Rain (more like downpours! is frequent on highways!). Once you reach Karak Highway, no more jams.

We stopped at mid-hill of Genting. There are a lot of good and affordable Chinese Zhi-Char restaurants here.

This crispy pork dish (fried like Bak Kwa) is very crunchy and delicious !
The fish, so sweet and fresh. No wonder the kids ask for more rice!

Desert is D24 Ice cream cone. We saw people queuing up when we drove in.
Verdict? Look at our kiddo faces .. Go for second round !

Video : nearing the peak, bends get tighter, avoid full meal !

Genting, see Clouds, what else? The cable cars were sneaking in and out of the mist. Nice !

We stayed at Highlands, pretty old, but decent for two nights stay.
Daddy would highly recommend First World Hotel's "World Club Room".

After a short rest, time for dinner and exploration.

Start with indoor amusement park, Wei is too tall for most rides :p

For the younger ones, round after round of Safari Jeep.

Video : Safari, someone cry and smile :)

Wei goes for Daytona.

Dinner is MarryBrown fried chicken (like KFC, but more spicy)

** If you are driving to Malaysia's hill resorts, please take note that going downhill is always more difficult than uphill, as you might risk losing brake-grip (due to constant braking).Instead of brakes, play with your gears (applies to auto-cars too)

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  1. genting!! i love genting though im older now.. xD

  2. I envy Malaysians, got so many hill resorts to climb :)


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