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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Port Dickson

We went Port Dickson's Avillion Resort for 3D2N stay.

Kang sleeping in his fortress.

Cool, outdoor shower.

Sunshine, early morning !! Stretching excercise.

Baby boy, wakie wakie.

We went to the local Ostrich farm.

Wei exclaiming : big-bird coming !!!

Kentucky marching..

Boys enjoying the race. Ostrich sure can sprint.

Wei, please be careful of the Billy goat behind. It fancies your hat.

Wei running around..he is very excited about the small farm here.
Wei : smiling again

Daddy took me to the sandbank during low tide..maybe we can see crabs, and small fish?

Let us go push our Kang around, in his cart. This baby is enjoying a Good life, got mummy/dad to serve and pacify him.

Maybe Kang is hungry, he did not smile for camera.

We are getting ready to go for dinner.. but first, another photoshoot.

Once the kids are happy, parents are also happy.
Nevermind the stoller was heavy, or we were tired...

Port Dickson is in between Malacca, and Sepang. You will see a lot of Singapore families/cars in this town :) Nice beaches (consider white sand, but water quality still East-Coast better) , cheap food. Good place to relax and rest.

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Outdoor play

One lazy weekend, we woke up earlier , and brought the kids to nearby playground.
We just want them to explore the playground, make a din, and run themselves silly :)

Wei and Kang smiling broadly when Daddy asks : Want to come again?

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Bangkok Trip

We went for a short trip to Bangkok with two boys, and Patrick Tua Koo's family.
Kang is 7 or 8 months, and we have to bundle him everywhere we go. (he should not mind)

This trip was tiring, and we did not have much opportunity to take a lot of photos.
Look, both the kids are KO on the plane.

Things (eat,buy, wear) are cheap in Bangkok.
Especially when we go to wholesalers to buy in bulk.
We would recommend Bobae Tower, Baiyoke Tower for bulk purchase (minimum 6)

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Baby Crawl competition, and swimming

Two milestones for Kang today. We sent him to a baby crawling competition.
In stage 1, he was fast, maybe got a record. But loses steam in Phase 2 haha.

Look at Lane 2, Mummy is using Kang's Favourite toys/food to entice him to move.

In the afternoon, we went swimming at Tua Koo's house.

Kang is very much a water baby, just like Wei.

Even got his own Jumbo jet.

Wei running away from Patrick Tua Koo?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday, May 11, 2006


First airtrip for Kang. We flew to Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou.
All ready to go.

Merry making on the bus.. Kang is nearly 6 months old now.

Wei holding tight to Kang.

Hangzhou's greenery and waterways greet us at every corner. Really nice township.

西湖 (Xi-Hu, translated as West Lake)

In the background, is this the pagoda used to entomb Madam White snake?
(雷峰塔 )

We went there with my Mum (and her colleagues)

Famous poetry quoted : 上有天堂,下有苏杭.

Feeding the pigeons, and doves.

Munching away, Kang was sleeping most of the time, and eating when he wakes up.
Really enjoying his holiday.

More bus trips. Tiring for us, as we try to catch some blinks.

We reach Wu-Zhen (translated Charcoal/Black town)

Weather started to turn cold, and the rain make it worse.

Kang was snugly tucked into his Sarong haven.

More portraits.. Wei was happy, and he was dashing here and there.. got water, boats etc.

The small alleys, but interestingly, there were still occupants in this houses. Playing mahjong.

Downpour... as we reach the temple, to celebrate Vesak day.

Wei is so happy to catch a police patrol car (gong-an)

The infamous XiangYang bazaar - selling all imitations. This haunt has since gone underground.

Kang' bathtub.. we improvised.

Night scene at Shanghai, City of Lights.
We took a ferry up/down the river, marvelling at the night scenes.

Little red riding hood Kang is so happy, did he see Food?
Together with proud mummy.

Bund as seen from the Pearl.

Look at Wei, gorging at the famous

南翔 (NanXiang) 水晶包 and buns

南京路 (NanJing Road)..this road is Long..need at least 30min to walk from one end to the other(if shopping, easily take 1/2 day)

Standard meals during our Trip, always a lot of vegetables, big Fatty pork, and one whole Tub of rice !!

Rockers from Singapore??

Wei: Look, our plane is here. Are we ready to go home?

This trip was tiring for us, as Kang could not walk yet. so we took turn to sling him over 8 days. But somehow, we still manage to survive, and Choo and me are now more confident to bring them on more trips.
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