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Monday, January 31, 2011

Project Old Playground #3 & #4 - Airport Road - Seal

#Playground 3 - Dakota Crescent Seal
Daddy grew up in Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, there was a Seal at Block 134. So this playground holds a lot of fond memories for Daddy.

The Seal is hidden in one corner of Dakota Crescent (between Block 10 and 16)

To our dismay, this playground is in very bad condition. Someone lay a decomposing toad on the stairways yucks. And we spotted a lot of rusty joints!

Video : Seal introduction

Boys in chains and fun with tyres

When we play police and thief, these tyres used to be our safe-houses.

We would jump down from the 2nd floor, instead of sliding down keke.

Hide and Seek was fun, and some daring kids will even scale the Seal head ! (not those born after 90s)

In the original version, the bridge was made of real wood-planks (which shakes so badly when you run across!) . Boys will be digging holes (booby trap), covered with newspaper, hoping someone would fall in! When it rains, this holes become our canals and reservoirs, we will bring along our sampan and boats.

This slide is very rough, so kids need to slide down on their sandals, not buttocks.

One photo for memory sake, and just to make Daddy happy :)
Thirty years ago Daddy was running around with his neighbours and brother.

disclaimer : above pointers in Blue are meant to illustrate how mischievous kids behave last time, there are risks involved, please do not ask your kids to play stuntman !

Video : Seal play area

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
A short 5 min away, at Jalan Tua (Block 93), is another Old playground.

Updated 2012Apr - Jalan Tua payground has been replaced with a new playground.

#Playground 4 - Jalan Tua - Adventure playground (not sure whether this is actual name) Reference
There are ample stairs and bridges to ensure kids are connected to each other.
Daddy told kids Old Airport Road and Dakota Crescent used to house Kallang Airport! (before Changi)

More tyres. Does anybody still see tyres in new generation playgrounds ?

A lot of senior citizens were amused our boys were having so much fun.
We are disturbing the neighbourhood again ah ha.

Boys will be happy, as long as they are swings and slides!

Video : Adventure playground

Appeal : Daddy fail to locate a single merry-go-round in Singapore over the last month. If any of you spot one working Merry-go-round, please let us know. Do not ask me to go Malaysia's merry-go-round ok :p

*** Updated 2014 - Catch us with Seal Playground on Channel 100% Singapore (百分百新加坡)

. Project Playground #, the oldest playgrounds :
#1 - Dragon Amk - (how our Project was born)

#2 - Elephant Pasir Ris -

# School of Hard Knock Playground exhibitions at Esplanade Tunnel

#3 & 4 Seal Dakota Crescent, and Adventure playground Jalan Tua

# Some other playground blogs we found along the way

#5 - Dragon Toa Payoh and Dinosaurs

#6 - Pelican at Dover - Merry-Go-Round at Tiong Bahru Park

More photos of Old playgrounds!
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clarke Quay Night exposure with Nikon D5000

Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, Singapore River's bank was once lined with bumboats and warehouses. Today, this Quays are R&B hives for pubs, dining and entertainment.

When night falls, the beautiful lights bask onto Singapore River.

Daddy like the fast moving clouds. The silky water is always so colourful but calm.

Mummy has given Daddy time off to induldge in his hobby today :)

I love picture No4. What about you?

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wen Xin can blog :p

She likes to disturb when Daddy blogs, so Daddy promotes her to be Sengkangbabies deputy-editor. We even invested in a new iMac for her :p

Now when Daddy is not available, Wen Xin will help post some articles.
Anybody wants to outsource your blogging to Wen Xin, just call for appointment.
You will be paying for her milk powder and diapers keke

Video : Introducing Blogging world's new prodigy

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Brewbaker at Anchorvale CC

There is this western Bistro restaurant lurking at Anchorvale CC.
Brewbaker's Kitchen and Bar BBQ signature dishes are a must-try!

- kid's menu is available
- prices are reasonable (click for menu)
- prompt and polite service, with smiles

奶奶 and 叔叔 joins us for dinner.

We order crispy platter, while waiting for the main dishes.

Spaghetti for Mummy, Mash Potato for our girl

奶奶 ordered Nasi Goreng (Malay fried rice), which was surprising Delicious, and spicy. Daddy ordered Chicken Maryland (BBQ sweet sauce combines well with the grilled chicken thigh, Juicy !)

- Brewbaker offers both indoor and alfresco dining
Outdoor views are splendid in the evening, with cool breeze blowing
(you can romance with your Darling until the sun sets)

After dining, we took a slow stroll along the banks of Sungei Punggol.

Watch the sun sets over the LRT viaduct.

Map taken from BrewBaker's website.

**during weekend, RSVP early to avoid disappointment

Monday, January 24, 2011

Token of appreciation from Zoo - WRS

Our kids love Singapore Zoo, and Daddy's employer got a Zoo pass :)
We got a pleasant surprise when WildlifeReservesSingapore decided to pack us a festive box!

It was so thoughtful to bundle set-of-fours, so our kids will not fight haha.

(WRS is the organisation running our Zoo, Birdpark and NightSafari, and upcoming RiverSafari)

So many activities all year round, have you subscribed?
Facebook -->
Do pop by our Birdpark and Zoo entries -->

Thank you Natt (WRS) and Cheryl (ICON), you can expect to see us running in your parks soon :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Drypers Family Man 绝世好爸妙家人

Ch8 together with Drypers, got a upcoming programme on Family Man.
"Drypers Family Man" aims to showcase what the fathers can do at home
(cook, wash, shopping, child-minding).

With Mummy's support, Daddy grab two models and went for an interview last weekend. Wow, there are almost 250 Daddies who are participating !

Only 8 will be shortlisted to participate in the Variety Programme in Mar.
We are at number 45 :p

Daddy feels this will be a great platform for Daddies to showcase their "skills".
Hey, we can show Singaporeans being a Daddy can be happening too !
(after we dispose the soiled pamper)


Wen Yi storytelling - My family

Video : Teacher ask Wen Yi to talk about his family.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Edutainment Games for Iphone, Ipad and Android - Baby Cortex

Daddy does not have an iPhone nor iPad. He is really outdated, with regards to online education games. Even "Edutainment" (education+entertainment) is a new vocab for Daddy keke.

So when Baby Cortex approach our blog to review their educational games, Daddy was literally blown away. There are so much variety and creativity ! and some are Free too.

Shall we look at what Baby Cortex has to offer ?

Baby Series offer anything from Music, FlashCards, Memory, Photos and even colouring. These innovative applications are developed to stimulate your kids' imagination and curiosity (suitable for 1 to 6 years old ).

We chose to review Alphabet_Car in our blog. Kids drive a bus , using iphone as a steering wheel and grab the alphabets to form a word.
(quoted from BabyCortex, kids focus on "hand-eye coordination, and memorization")

According to Baby Cortex, their baby-series of applications has 2.5 million downloads! Daddy should reduce the kids' crazy-bird and hungry-sharks :p

Video : Kids with iPhone

For you lucky iphone and ipad users, do drop by and see what Baby Cortex can offer. (Android users have to wait a bit longer) .

Flash_Card and Alphabet_Car are highly recommended.

Are you interested to know more about what Baby Cortex has to offer?

** we would like to thanks Jennifer for offering our kids an opportunity to explore Baby Cortex's innovative games. Our kids certainly had fun learning !

*all the cute cartoons on this article are sourced from website.
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