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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Glorious Food and Landscapes await us in Taipei

Daddy will be advance party for SengkangBabies on this 台北 trip.
The very thought of the delicious street fare and beautiful landscapes makes Daddy drool !

Even though we are staying for 5D4N in 台北 alone, there are so many interesting venues that we are stretched for time :)

Daddy and Mummy have to take turn to visit the night markets, as it will be too difficult to handle the kids, and enjoy the snacks at the same time.

Taiwanese are known to be very friendly and hospitable, and SengkangBabies look forward to embracing their culture :)

Are you hungry already?
Wait for Daddy to bring you more food pictures haha :)

Meanwhile, we would like to recommend another blog which has extensive coverage of Taiwan :)

Our previous review

and itinerary


Friday, May 27, 2011

Shell Fuelsave - Kang took photo with pretty jie jie Eunice Olsen

Eunice Olsen (Shell FuelSave Ambassador) say she wants us! So Daddy brought Kang to Pungol Shell to meet her and take a photo. Eunice is really pretty in real person.

She is one of the most beautiful politician, Daddy shows Kang the link..

Now, who really want to meet Eunice? Is it Kang or Daddy haha

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Back to our topic :p
Shell wants you to take up their challenge.. how far can you go on 1 litre?

If you are the winner, you will stand to win fuel vouchers, and even represent Singapore on eco-marathon in Malaysia.

Little hope for Daddy as he always step on the gas, but for the chance to meet Eunice again, Daddy will try to drive "economy".

For you guys out there, Eunice will appear again 03Jun somewhere.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Love Museum, "Museum Day" is here again

That means kids can enjoy free entry to selected Museums :)
Theme for this year is "Children's Season", and you can expect tons of activities waiting for the kids ....

Personally, we would love to visit
1) Bukit Chandu (Japanese occupation during WW2)
You can have an excuse to Canopy-Walk at Southern Ridges after the Museum

2) Land Transport Authority (highly interactive simulations to keep your kids engaged) SengkangBabies play Transport Minister in 2010 , before Mr Raymond Lim :p

Contests, promotions and more information are available at I_Love_Museums Fanpage -->

More info :
Please visit for the list of museums which will be free on 29th May Sunday.

Do pop by our Museum adventures over the years :)

** updated 09Jun - we pop into Peranakan Museum

**updated 28Jun - we visited Police Heritage

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We won a Camera and an iPod :)

Mummy's department got a photo cum story competition, we won First and Third prize hooray ! Boon Kang will get to play with our new Nikon camera in Taiwan :)

First prize is a Nikon coolpix 5100 and Third prize is an Ipod shuffle :)
(Daddy would be overwhelm if we win a Nikon D5100 keke)

Here is our entries, no prize for guessing which cute pic won First prize :)

#2 Siblings (Blood is thicker than water)

We hope our little ones will standby for their siblings throughout.
The Chinese got an idiom "Blood is thicker than water".

Siblings are for life.
We embed attributes in our kids from young, to take care and trust each other.
When siblings work together, there will be less family tension and conflict.

When siblings start to look after each other, we hope they will grow up to be responsible adults.
When parents delegate household activities to kids (sweeping, washing, gardening),
we want the kids to enjoy working together as a Team.

When kids are looking after themselves, when they love and respect each other, siblings can pull a family together.
As a Team, siblings will be strong, and can face any challenges together.

Above vision belongs to Mummy and Daddy, which we hope to achieve.
When the kids are happy, their smiles are the only reward we parents need, and the only motivation to make us better parents.

… Meanwhile, back to the present, kids are still fighting over toys and remote control and iPhones :)


#1 Family (our cool activities)

We are one red-hot family!
When our kids wear Red and march out, people stare at us.
How did the parents managed to rein the active kids together?

Ever since the kids were young, we involve them in all our activities.
It can be a simple outdoor picnic, or a short holiday abroad.
We believe this is the best way for our family to bond and become stronger.

Through family activities, we are transferring family values to our kids.
Hopefully, kids pick up "empathy", "sharing", "independence", and become more confident.
When they see Mummy and Daddy loving and respecting each other, we hope kids will grow up to respect their partners too.

Outdoor activities makes our kids more robust, and less prone to illness.
Meanwhile, parents get to hone our parenting skills, and we can only improve as our experience grows.

So, getting together as a Family is not only Fun, but educational !!
Our kids only has one childhood, we wish to make it memorable.
This is Daddy and Mummy's Promise.


The camera freebie was a GorillaPod, and Daddy is having fun twisting the tripod around for his camera .

Thank you to the Uncles and Aunties and Kor Kor and Jie Jie who voted for us :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SengkangBabies got a Fanpage now

We are very new to Facebook, and even newer to FanPage.
Does SengkangBabies have Fans?

We would like to hear from you:
- how can we further improve our blog?
- what do you want SengkangBabies to promote? More parks, products or photography etc?
- Daddy would like to link up with like-minded blogs, maybe have group outings?
- maybe group blogging and photography knowledge sharing?

If you have been following SengkangBabies, or Facebook, or Youtube, or twitter, we hope you can support us by clicking on our FanPage "LIKE".

A Fanpage allows SengkangBabies' stories and photos to reach a wider audience. Our Motto is always about "Fun", and we hope more parents would be encouraged to bring their kids outdoor.

If you find our blog interesting, do share them with your friends. Thank You :)

Sincerely yours,
Blogger Daddy Andy

NDP 2011 ticket balloting, 5 more days only

Every year, we announce to our fans about NDP tickets availability, and every year we did not win any tickets (Daddy chewing on sour grapes)

Daddy hope our family of six will finally visit NDP at Marina 2011!
Visit to make a date now, dateline is 29May2011.

Want to increase your chances of winning tickets?
Go to NDP fanpage, and watch out for their contests !

Last year, we went to see the fireworks instead at Marina Bay instead.


NFC is giving tickets to places of interest !

NFC (National Family celebrations) is giving tickets to some fun places, so that you and family can enjoy some blissful moments. Last year NFC gave away 700 tickets, and we were lucky to win tickets to Sentosa's 4D Magix.

To stand a chance to visit Singapore Flyer, Hippo or River Cruise or Bus, even ArtScience Museum and Sands Sky Park, visit today to register your details.(Take note tickets is only valid for 25th June Sat )

This Friday 27May is Eat-with-your-Family day, and you should hint to your boss to let parents go home and enjoy family time with kids. (Maybe couples without kids can have excuse to go dating? haha)

Good Luck to all !!


RSAF Open House 2011

One show which will guarantee to keep your kids excited.
RSAF open house will be at Peya Lebar this year.

More information here -->

Soar to the sky Video

We had so much fun back in 2008, but it is a shame that Daddy will not be able to bring the boys for some dogfights or maybe Hercules or Chinhook rides this time round. If you are free, bring your kids down for some adrenalin pumping fun !!

Only public transport is available, please do not drive in.
Transport options are listed in RSAF webpage -->

Opening hours
28May Sat - 0930 to 1900
29May Sun - 0830 to 1900

Do remember to grab those ultra cool tattoos!!

credit : Chinhook photo taken from


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome to Taiwan 台湾

Welcome To Taiwan ! SengkangBabies will be hopping to 台北 Taipei next week. Daddy will be going on a company trip and Mummy+babies will join later. Mummy will have to check in four babies and fly to Taipei hehe.

Regardless of season, 士林夜市 Night Market is the in-thing in Taiwan, Taipei. We should try some chicken cutlet and Taiwan sausages, and stinky beancurb for those daring ones. But our kids will be too young to roam the markets ..too bad :)

No more "爱" in Taiwan. Our boys are hook on this popular 7pm Taiwan drama !

Daddy is curious to know whether kong-ming lanterns is only available during lantern festival? It would be an awesome sight to light up the sky!

Cherry blossoms in April, but we will miss the gorgeous bloom and cool weather of Spring. Will 陽明山 Yang Ming Shan still be as popular for kids?

Maybe we can try to do some outdoor hot spring, like this lucky primates?
(maybe on second thoughts, not ideal during summer !)

Credit - monkey picture from

Video : Welcome to Taiwan tourism promotion

Who is your preferred diva? 张惠妹or蔡依林 ??
Daddy's idol is Ah Mei, but youngsters will prefer Jolin.

Other places of interest should be 西门町, 小人国 etc
SengkangBabies are looking forward to another adventure !

If you have more kids-friendly venues to recommend, do let us know :)

*updated 09Jun2011 - our Itinerary is up

Punggol Jetty, good spot for family picnic

At the end of Punggol Road lies a jetty and the beach. Across this narrow stretch of sea is Johor's Pasir Gudang. A few decades back, people use to drive up here for seafood, and it will be packed in the evenings.

Daddy drove by to revisit the area. Seems like some development is going on in the background. Looks like another cosy F&B corner is spurting along the coast (similar to Jalan Tebing opposite Lorong Halus)

The jetty has remained unchanged since yesteryear...

But Daddy did not expect this spot to be so popular with families picnicking.

Fishing must be the no1 hobby here at Punggol Beach.

Daddy saw children picking pebbles and throwing into the sea.

This place is very windy, but there is no shelters to hide from the sun.

The sun sets too fast

Wow, Daddy and the kids look forward to see how Punggol beach will be transformed.
Those living in Punggol and Sengkang will have another spot to chill in the evenings !

One day, our kids will be able to trek or canoe from Punggol Jetty to Lorong Haus.
( Map taken from StreetDirectory )

Friday, May 20, 2011

PolliWogs for Thomas' Birthday !

Our birthday boy Thomas got the coolest cake for his second Birthday. Lighting McQueen !! Thomas gazing into his red Ride :)

Thomas' loving parents, who invited us to PolliWogs for his birthday celebration :)

One word about PolliWogs, Fun , and more Fun ! Who can resist the balls?

For those who dare to step into the killing zone, no adults and kids will be shown mercy ! Ouch !

Polliwogs organized some games for us, we play Thomas-the-Train-choo-choo, and we love our Rainbow blanket !

Polliwogs got one cool car, and the kids were wondering why everybody should prepare an empty plastic bag. Everybody screamed when they saw Sweets, and more Sweets popping down !!

Video : Happenings, Kids do not want to go home!

Even the Daddies join in with some Ball games haha. Kids stuff their Daddy !

Are you ready for the cake? Thomas is very eager ...

Parents are always snapping away at smiling faces :)

1,2,3 song ensemble, Happy BirthDay Thomas !!
Are we really going to slice poor McQueen ?

Video : Come and Sing song cut cake!

Among all the fun and laughter, one cute baby is still too young to join in :)

Friends came together to party with Thomas :)

Post-cake survey by Thomas keke

After our cakes, we ran back into the pits to challenge each other. Xin was fearless and wanted to try everything :p

Parents can rest and catchup with their novels or simply chat with friends, while the little ones tear down the obstacles !

Daddy told Mummy Polliwogs is like Ninja Warrior kids eddition, Adults really have to crawl and catch the kids :p

Our kids had so much fun, we literally had to drag them home haha.

Do pop by to visit Daddy Vincent's Polliwogs post

More info :
Visit Polliwogs @

Weekday $16 per child all day
Weekend $18 for two hours

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