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Monday, August 23, 2010

Singapore Zoo, Animal Friends Show is back !

Are you an Animal Lover? Then you would be happy with Animal Friends show @ the Singapore zoo. Our kiddos were squealing with delight whenever a pet cat dog, and even mice appear !!

Cheryl from IconInternational has invited our family to review the new Animal Friends :)
(they know Sengkangbabies like the zoo)

Xin saw the crocodile, and clung onto Mummy like a Koala

The famous Matriarch of Singapore Zoo, she was our Zoo Mascot.
Ah Meng has endear generations of kids to the zoo.

This time round, we ride the Tram first, rather then wait till the end.
We are very happy that Kara and Jolie (cousins) can join us at the Zoo ..

Video : Tram ride is cool

It was a good decision. Look how happy we are, smiling and singing along the way :)
If we had taken the Tram at the end of our day, we would have been too tired to appreciate the sceneries :0

Alight at Splash station, and we went to disturb the penguins.

Then we hunted for MouseDeer, and watch the Crocodile stalk us !

Video : Squirrels, kids very excited

Video : Stroll towards Kidz

Restpoint. We recharge, fill our hunger, before we storm KidzWorld.

No kids could resist touching the pony (fake)rides.

Animal Friends show will only start at 1230, we are early.
Everybody is waiting eagerly, and charged with anticipation.

Look at the kids running round and round the compound.
They already love this place, even before we see the "owners" :p

Video : Knock knock, any doggy home?

Who is cuter? Mushroom or girl

Video : 3,2,1 here come our Animal Friends !

Is that Kang whistling? This German shepard is named Baby-Boy.
and he easily stands taller than Mummy 1.5m !!

Our friendly cast let us pet them at the end of the show.
Wen Yi is apprehensive, so he just touch and go .

Video: Hop

He is more interested in the bubbles :)

Weather is hot and humid, luckily our WET wonderland is just next to us.
Hurry up, let us change, and dip into some refreshing rainwater :p
(Daddy told the boys Rainforest is not Rain-in-forest)

Video : Wen Xin made to go through fountain

Someone ran and fell. Someone else giggled "serves you right" haha

Daddy task Wen Wei to look after Wen Yi, who is always trying to hide from us !!
We need to pay full attention to No 3, in case he is up to some mischief.

The Big brother, Wen Wei

Video : Hold my hand

Quick, why is it so difficult to grab everybody to sit down together?
This scene was very comical for photographer Daddy.

Video: cameo

We always have Fun at Wet Play, and this trip was no exception.
Can you feel our Energy ?

Ok, adults and kids are all tired, we shall take a slow stroll back..
We saw the tram again, and since we bought the ticket, board the ride home.

Portraits, finally Daddy appear in at least one photos :0

**warning .. do not bring your beloved DSLR camera or iPhone4 into the pool.
All the kids will be aiming their water gun at the nearest Adult !!


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