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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Singapore City gallery - Urban Redevelopment

If your kids like our article on LTa gallery (SG Transport History),
URA's City Gallery is even better!

Just make sure kids keep their hands to themselves, and do not play Godzilla !!

URA gallery showcases urban redevelopment and conservation in cosmopolitan Singapore. We are a small city state, and development means some corners and histories are sacrificed for growth.

At City Gallery, we know how future Singapore will look like,
and how our work, leisure, family will be affected along the way.

Video: Building cannot touch, water cannot play :p

Kids can spot various Landmarks, and even Mrt stations.

"Gardens by the Bay" will be new Marina downtown's feature garden.

Duxton Pinnacle - Singapore's 50th storey public building

Video : slideshow

Did you notice URA Gallery is forested, and resembles an enclosed Garden city?
Greens and water everywhere.

Happy family



How can we forget Playtime?

Happy families

Second modelling site, and we spotted our hometown, Sengkang

Mandai forest reserves..

We head to Second level for more interactive exhibitions.
Madam Asmah is our friendly URA assistant. She patiently tips us
about the "must-see" displays.
Video : Future Transport system (Daddy had to drag kiddos away)

This hall features an interactive session with Gurmit Singh, our funny Host.

We had so much fun and laughter, some visitors join us.

Video : Gurmit Singh Q&A session ..user your Brain !!

Singapore's aspiration to be Global city..
avatars myspace at
Fireworks are nice, Yi agrees.

Video: SkyCam - Superb view of Singapore's Skyline

Wei only say one word, COOL !!

Know our history, eg how we should eat our food :-)

Singapore's location and size pose different constraints for our blueprints architects.

Video : Where is Singapore located?

Singapore's past, and Future
free graphic for myspace
Video: Buildings disected

Video : more exhibits

Old and New buildings co-exist.
Visit these cultural enclaves, before they are re-developed .

Singapore can only grow Up, or Down !!

Aping around for the camera.. you can tell boys are delighted.

Video : Where are you?

Singapore's largest 3D landscape modeling

Kids love it . but where is Mummy's office?
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Video : Urban models

Miniature models are so alluring and detail,
right down to every buildings, trees, and cars.

Too bad, Daddy cannot ask boys to pose in the river or lake..out-of-bounds.

At the exit, we saw these Samsui women donning red hats

Daddy: Where is Wen Xin? We drop her in school, and trouble teacher to look after her. Cruel? Nope, she had the whole school to herself :-)

If you wish to know more about Marina downtown, click on URA's multimedia Youtube link -->

Visiting hours and location can be found here --
45 Maxwell Road
The URA Centre
Singapore 069118

Bath seat

When your baby is too big for the bathtub, you might want to consider a bath-seat for him/her.
Daddy cannot remember the brand, but it cost less than $20, and is available at Kiddy Palace, or most baby-accessories retail outlets/malls.

We recommend this seat only for baby who can sit upright independently.
Just place your baby into this seat, and she will still enjoy his bath.
Seat is very stable, and will not topple.

Wen Yi showing us a Dry demo. His thigh was stuck when he tried to climb out later :p

Video : Wen Xin enjoys her bath, with Barnie

Friday, February 26, 2010

Daddy can be short temper too :-(

Mummy attended a company function this evening,
so Daddy and 奶奶 has to take care of kiddos.

Muse #1 - While driving the kiddos home, 妹妹 Wen Xin coughed and woke up crying in the back seat. Daddy could not stop the car to help, and his helper (Ah Kang) had dozed off @#$#.. Poor Wen Xin has to cry for almost 15 minutes :-(

Muse #2
- When it come to dinner time, Wen Yi is running around, forcing 奶奶to chase after him. Yi recently has a habit of holding the food in his mouth, refusing to swallow !
Luckily, Wei and Kang can quickly finished their dinner before catching Ben10.

Muse #3
- Sleeping hour, Daddy nagged at Wei and Kang to go and rest in their own room. They are reluctant and want to wait for Mummy. Daddy promise Mummy will kiss them in their dreams, after she is back.
But Daddy failed to pacify Wen Xin to sleep. She only wants Mummy's company, and kept crying. Daddy can only hug Xin walk up and down, until she cools down, and sleep on her own :-P

Muse #4
- Wen Yi coughs and Vomit twice. Daddy is upset that Wen Yi has vomited all his undigested rice. This is what happens when kiddos do not seat down and eat a proper meal.

Daddy always look cheerful and soft spoken in blog, but few realised that Daddy is the discipline master at home too. YES, when children cross the Line (after repeated warnings), they will get the cane.

Daddy is not proud of his action, as he always feel guilty after cane treatment.
Loving the kids, does not mean we dispense with discipline.
Discipline (hard or soft) becomes even more critical, when you have a few kids at home. (The younger siblings can quickly mimic and learn from their elder siblings)

Kiddos are sensitive, and will sometimes wonder why they are hold accountable, and not their siblings. We have to explain why discipline is necessary, after child has calm down.

Thanks to our blog, Daddy is really Trying very hard to interact more with kiddos.
Our blog is a reminder and aspiration for Daddy (daddies) to bring smiles (instead of tears) to kiddos.

Mummy's discipline style?
She just keep quiet and ignore the kids (or Daddy), and we know we are in trouble :p
Now, you know who runs SengkangBabies at home haha.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Universal Studios Singapore Preview

Universal fourth Studios (USS) is situated in Sentosa, Singapore.
USS is part of Resorts World Sentosa, a theme park for families young and old.

Today, we marched to USS's preview opening.
Official opening is somewhere in Q1 2010,
and 14-21Feb 2010 is only soft opening.

Video : Far Far Away, we see Shrek's castle

It was drizzling, but the rain stopped before Universal's opening at 5pm.

As we were early, we explore Resort Worlds other hotels first.
Video : Lobby

Every corner we turn, we see happy faces.
Even the staff were putting on their best smiles.
We really Feel welcomed, and we feel obliged to spent :-)

Until we see the Exclusive Boutiques (read $$$) haha

Okay, some items are free :p

Video : Casino entrance

Street performances and entertainment to drum up your Carnival mood.

We do not need to ask whether Kiddos are jubilant.
Look at their smiles and chuckles.

Video : Universal Studios is open at 5pm during preview period

Total of Seven worlds to explore.

Where is Kang, our Navigation expert?

Red Truck selling candies

Madagascar - our kiddos favourite Theme.
Look, ship wreck, and aeroplane remains (cum skeleton pilot)

Everyone like the cute characters, except Wen Xin.
Maybe she is worried Alex will find her tasty?

Video - I like to Move IT

Shrek - Far Far Away
This Castle brings you into Shrek and Fiona's domain.

Wicked GodMother has something up her sleeve (Potion inn)

Video : Fairy Godmother's potion Inn

No wonder the teddie bears are afraid of Goldilock!!

We rested at Goldilocks. They serve good Fish and Chicken setmeals.
We can use entrance coupon (worth $10) to pay for our meals :-)

Video : Shreks' backyard

Jurassic Park - Lost World

Video : Jurassic fountain

Get Wet!!
pimp myspace with Gickr

Video : Rides found in Lost World

Underwater World is not ready yet, so the cast pose for photos.
Daddy checked and confirm they do not have Gills.

Dino eggs..omelette?

Friendly uncle try to entice us with Triceratops keke

Ancient Egypt
Mummy, Scorpion King etc etc.

These statues looked impressive and intimidating from any angles.

Video : Egyptian Statues are HUGH and imposing

With background of sunset, the Mummies look surreal.

Sci-Fi City
Suspended Roller coaster will test your G limits

Please read before boarding.. Daddy will skip this topsy turvy ride.

Video : Heartrate is sure to pump UP - BattleStar Galactica.
Something is missing - SCREAMS!!

Wen Yi seems to agree with Daddy? Scare scare?

Come, let us play with Mist instead.

Video - Mist

New York
Regocnised any buildings? or Spielberg studio?

Video : Dancing

Strange creatures once roam the Night..

When night falls, every building and stage glows, under illumination.
It feels magical, and romantic.

Video : Night roller coaster, Anyone?

Mel's restaurant has a carpark for Vintages.
Wei call them Lau-Pok cars.

The hamburger smells nice!!

We are hungry and greedy for more food.
Marty's Casa Del Wild (Zebra) serves spicy Asian cuisine.

The walls are plastered with Madagascar posters.

Meanwhile, Daddy sneak out to grab a pizza.

Madagascar carousel
avatars myspace with Gickr

Video : Carousel Madagascar

Satisfied with the park and rides, we stroll towards the Exit, Tired.

Video : Endless entertainment

*** Marilyn Monroe picture from

Then Kang spotted KungFu panda,
NO way we are letting him sneak away.

We saw a billboard advertising Transformer.
Optimus will be a hit with children (and Daddies)

Video : Warm hugs, Bye Byes, HI 5. We feel like VIP

Finally, Bye bye.

Video - Even Xin waves tata

Video - Fire display - Really last stop

Daddy : We stayed from 5pm to 9pm, for a Preview.
Can you imagine how much time we need, if we try all the rides?

- We were initially worried that no-rides-means-no-fun. We were entertained by Street Arts, gags, and tons of photo opportunities. $10 per head, what a steal !

- Merchandise (swords, bears, dino, props) were freely distributed for photo sessions, but the staff did have problem chasing them back from kids later keke.

- The food were very appetizing. Cuisine are prepared by "renowned" chefs, and usual set meal would cost between $10 to $20, but we were able to use our preview tickets to exchange for the food. (Total 60 restaurants to choose from !!)

- Service , tip top for the friendly USS team. Everybody put on a smile, and were ever so ready to help. Not forgetting that most of them work during Chinese New Year weekends. Kudos.

Well Done USS, you are going to be "Asia's Ultimate Family Destination".

**updated 05Mar -- Opening date announced as 18Mar,
USS published their annual package.
Adult - $318, Child - $238

**updated 2011Aug** You should try HollyWood After hours too

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