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Friday, April 13, 2007

Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

Choo join me after my business trip.

Wei : look at the millions/zillions bikes zooming up and down.Can you let me ride pillion?

Come, take a photo with Daddy. snapshot with Mummy.

Walking around the city is quite easy. People are generally helpful.
Only thing are the menacing motor-bikes, when you attempt to cross the road.

River cruise up Mekong, and Dinner inclusive.

Kang : I will cut off pacifier when I reach Singapore.

Say Cheese, for the folks at home.

In case you need authentic coffee brew, try Ngu Trung brand below. Available at most supermarkets.

Cakes..swallow.. gobble..

another boy, enjoying his Cake. Mummy and Daddy will be lucky if we have crumbs :(

Video : World Famous traffic chaos. How did we cross the road again?

Kang : Kor Kor, look at that plane, why... why... why?

Weather is always hot in City. We shortlisted a few shopping centers, and start flagging for cabs.

Food and shopping is not exactly cheap in Ho Chi Minh. But we enjoy a different culture. Hanoi would be more scenic, and relaxing.
For shopping, Bangkok has more variety, and prices more competitive.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Bishan Park doggy day

We went to Bishan for a dog-parade.
Radio DeeJay was advertising and inviting all pet lovers to descend in Bishan Park.

Kang got cute butt.

Better hold hands, in case one of the dogs turn berserk, and we need to run !!

Wei : hey you dog, not too close....

Pacifier again?

Let's pose.

Interesting trip, as we never see so many dogs hang together before.
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