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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Qian Hu 仟湖 fish farm - Long Kang (drain) fish

Last Saturday, we went to Qian Hu fish farm along old Choa Chu Kang.

This "farm" is hugh, housing ornamental fish, selling pet and fish accessories,
and of course longkang fishing (our objective)

Qian Hu is not so easy to find (compared to those farms along LimChuKang or NeoTiew)
but the carpark is still FULL on a hot Sun afternoon !!

Endless Rows of fish tanks and various assortment of fishes..
Wen Yi keep asking for Nemo?

Video : boys are excited..

Expensive black fish, which looks like 奶奶 yummy fish-dish.

Below Promfret (black or white chang) image taken from Thai-Food website.
If you are visiting Thailand, the dishes will make you hungry.

These wavy black fish is named Devil's Blade. Eerie.

Video : Fish and more fishes

Anything which swims or crawl, will get the boys exclaiming,
you hear shouts of excitement and discovery.

Farm trip climax is outdoor fishing.
For $5, you get a bucket, fish net and unlimited guppies for 30min.
We can share the bucket, but Daddy got two sets for boys.

Ready, Action, Go.
Boys complain about empty fishtank after a few minutes haha
After repetitive squat and duck and stretch, you get cramps .

Daddy's strategy caught three wandering guppies.
(tip, one boy will herd the guppies into a dead end, where second net is waiting)

Both fishes and boys are tired !!

Since Yi cannot net any fish, he helps to move the fish tank after us.
Yi is still short and Daddy was worried he will fall into drain.

Video : It is tiring to catch guppies

For some reason, Yi likes to dip his hand into the murky water. Yucks !!

Ice Cream, to keep cool. Daddy rewarded us for a hard day's labour.
(Although we return all our utensils and guppies)

Other information :

1)The other Fish Farm we visited in 2009 was Hausmann
The drains are narrower, and we believe it should be easier to "corner" the poor guppies.

And at Hausmann, you get really close to some Giants !!
Look at our review -->

2) You can easily spent two hours here, so do not make Qian Hu your first stop :)
You will have problem pulling your kiddos to the next stop( can be any farm in Lim Chu Kang.)

3) For ladies, please refrain from skirts or low cuts.
Daddy was trying to take kiddos photos from low-angle,
and it was very hard not to look like a pervert :p


  1. HEY! May I know what time did you guys reach QH? I'm planning to go QH as our Proj, but the website doesn't tell us anything at all. May I know if it's open at certain time? (:

  2. hi Adel,
    would suggest you call them beforehand ( Avoid Weekend, packed !

    If not driving, take note of the free shuttle service from their website.

  3. I went to QH a week ago and bought about 26 female guppies.
    Within a week, 22 died.
    Now left with only 4.
    While it's a relaxing place to go to, I won't buy any more live stock from them.


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