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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Natas 2009 - Redang, here we come

Four little kiddos will be frolicking in the sand come Oct :)
We book ourselves a little holiday on Pulan Redang, Terengganu (Malaysia).

On a side note, make a guess who resembles who in Passport pictures above :p
Only Wei and Kang accompany Mummy/Daddy to Natas 2009 at Expo.
We enjoy collecting all the brochures and flyers from the vendors hee hee.

Oh, and we boarded the luxury 25 VIP seaters !! Cool.
Although Daddy/Mummy will never take a 8hour coach up north to Peninsula Malaysia again ! We will be flying from Seletar Airport to Rendang island in under 90 minutes.. yipee.

In the evening, Daddy share his memories with us.
Mummy and Daddy were in Redang 10 years ago in 1999.
Dating and feeding the fishes goes hand-in-hand keke.

Daddy : Back then, the waters were crystal clear, and the sands white.
Shoals of fishes will "attack" us when we feed them bread.
This trip will mark a milestone for us, can we survive 4D3N with the kids ??
(Paradise or torture trip for us adult ??)

References : Please visit this website " for everything you need to know about Redang. The gallery/Forum sections will make sure you book the next flight to Redang !!

We book a package through Berjaya direct, air-wing -->

**Edited 2009Nov : Read our experience at Redang 2009 Oct !!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

me not a boy, I am a girl

Mummy dress Xin in Kor Kor's clothes.
No wonder, people can mistake her for a boy.
We really have to find her some dresses, and feminine toys :)

Mei Mei, do you know you are going to Infant school next week?
Big girl already, must learn to adapt and be independent ok.
Time flies, Xin is 3 months old already.

Video : Mummy rock-a-baby

Video : Xin push up, neck exercise

Video : teasing, how come wear boy's clothes?

Mummy: We will miss Wen Xin, and we are worried whether she will quickly settle down to new teacher, environment :)

But it will be quite a sight to have 4 kiddos in same school premises running/crawling around :p
The teachers cannot call them Boon-brothers anymore hee hee.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

snip snip..Xin's baby hair no more

Mei Mei Wen Xing baby's mane has been snipped.
The recent hot weather and her long hair, was making her uncomfortable.

Now she looks a bit boyish. Or is Mummy/Daddy to used to having boys?

Pink dress or apparel should do the trick:) make Mei Mei more cute.

Proud Mummy.

Mei Mei lying still for Mummy to snapshot

Does Mei Mei's new hairdo bear some resemblance to Kang?

Daddy : now with new haircut, Mei Mei refuse to let Daddy coax her to sleep :(
She only want Mummy's smell.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dinner at Vivocity, and diy clothes?

We went to Vivocity for dinner. Actually it was Sakae at HarbourFront.
The kids love the bento sets.
After dinner, no harm letting them ride on the kiddie rides.

But Daddy had other plans. Daddy/Mummy has always want to diy a t-shirt for us siblings :)
After searching around (design, prices), Daddy wants us to sample the clothings at this cart-stall

Not sure how the outcome will look.. do stay tune.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

it is the seventh month

sssh is that time of the year again ... we cannot mention the word Ghos..t.
Daddy will nag this and that, then say "宁可信奇有".

- if stranger calls you from behind, do not turn around

- Do not step on the "burnt" incense marks on the ground

* No urinating into incense burnt patch, if you need to spilt or urinate, say "excuse me" first

- Go see getai, do not seat front rows

- No swimming, or something will Pull you !!

- Do not stay out too late

- no Whistling after xxxx hours..

- if you hear marble rolling on the floor after midnight from neighbour on top, do not go and investigate ??

**do not bend down and look behind during this month !! Try and tell me what you see !!

The list goes on .. and on..

Daddy got so many ground rules, and legacy beliefs, and he say is is traditional.
We say Daddy is superstitious :p

Wishing everybody 出路平安

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hort park is HOT!! Gardentech 2009

We popped by Hort park this warm afternoon.
Gardentech showcases the latest "green" technology, lifestyles, plants, and education snippets for everybody.

Exhibits area
Be careful of the potted plants..Yi was zooming here and there..phew.
Kang and Yi : Amazing, how did they plant this thingy?
Bees were busy harvesting the roses, and sunflower.
And Yi was busy sweating.
We are shelter :)

No fingers allowed.
Short break..catch our breath.
And Daddy snapping away.
Nai Nai beckons ask to seat on the bench..

Video : swing and Swing

Water parade!! everybody better wear your cap.
We are sheltered by this hugh tree which can easily cover a basketball court..sorry Daddy forget to note the name.
We went hiding in the bamboos

What are they admiring?
Oh, Wei say he will built a sky-roof for Daddy next time, when he has a bungalow :)

Directions : other Southern Ridges directions
This Rabbit came from nowhere, and the kids were rallying around him to hello, and hi-5.
hug hug. Yi must be curious why this bunny so hugh, and walks on two legs?

Playground, which we gave up. Too hot !!
Are we done yet? Daddy is slightly tired. But the kids are like Energizer Battery Rabbit..
always hoping around, with inexhaustible energy.
Video : hide and seek

Dinosaur photos

Yi is relaxed, as he was always looking for Nai Nai or Daddy to hug. Lazy Pig.
Another exhibit, let's pose.
Interesting deco
and Merlion in background

No playground again :(

We arrived at the small Butterfly enclosure. This misty green house was refreshing, and we enjoyed mingling with the butterflies. Wei is very curious about all the different butterfly varieties.

Video : Kang, be gentle to butterflies !!
Look ah this cool buggy
and tram.

Captivating..water play !!

We have reach the funfair area, and all the rides and drinks here are Free !!
Maybe the weather was hot, so there few children in the Q.
Kang always choose the first locomotive. Yi was scared to attempt one ride, boo boo.
The boys get to go extra rounds.

Video : Cool ride, but brutal sun :p
Carousel round and round..

Some ice lollipop for us?

We also play the boats. This was fun, and the splashing helps to cool us down.
As Yi could not ride the boat (in a big swimming pool), he runs around the pool and shouts at his brothers :p
Video : manual (not motor) boat

Time to go home..
Tired but happy.
In the evening, we realised what the sun had done to our skin. Yi's hands were toasted red like lobster :) Mummy applying moisturizer for us.
Luckily Mummy and Xin stayed home.

we spent 2.5 hours at Hort park.
The best surprise was the mini-funfare at the end.
Weather was hot and Daddy was initially hesistant to let them play, but gave in, after the boys sound so enthuaistic ..
.. their happy expressions make everything worthwhile

References --> Hort park is part of Southern Ridges.
We intend to explore the other scenice peaks soon, and Daddy better built up his stamina first :)
Url -->
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