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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tiong Bahru Park's Train and Merry-Go-RounD

This tilting train is Tiong Bahru Park's icon.

There is a small garden, but forget it, the pond is murky :p

Kids head straight for the sand pit and scale the train.
Can you count the number of slides?

** becareful the yellow slide, it is very fast and many kids(and adult) land on their bum ouch!

Everything is so colourful and well-designed.
Look at the maze next to the Locomotive.

Video : Who catch who?

Park might be small, but there are so many activities to keep everybody entertained!

Just be careful when your kids mount the cabins, the sloping gradient can be a bit tricky to navigate! Smaller kids might even slip ooops.

**Video : Kids no introduction, our boys become friends in a minute. (Must watch!)

Look what Daddy found ! An oldies Merry-Go-Round!

If you have been following our old-playground series, you would know that we have been trying to find Merry-Go-Rounds! This piece might be one of only two left in Singapore !

Poor boy Wen Yi fell here and there, Daddy thought it is safer to watch than mount the Merry-Go-Round. Cheer up :)

Uncle Bernard's family and Su-Pei joins us to explore Tiong Bahru Park :)

Kids are free to roam around the "ring", but the problem comes when kids are trying to dismount !

Look at how this Grandpa rocks haha !

Daddy is really happy that our Merry-Go-Round can be enjoyed by all generations !

Video : Jump from Merry Go Round at your own risk !

Meanwhile, someone slip out to test his new cars. No COE needed !

Sun is setting, and we have to say bye bye.

We will not forget this train so soon ! Daddy will miss his Merry-Go-Round.

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  1. you guys really love playgrounds eh? :)

  2. ok, either playgrounds and gardens. as long as big open space for kids to run :)


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