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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Is this the cutest Lion dance or not ?

My kids were doing their Youtube thingy, when I hear them chuckle over Lion Dance drums and cymbal.

When Daddy and Mummy saw that one-man-Lion-Dance outfit, we need to know where we can rent one? Awesome cuteness !

ps.. above video from this link.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Chinese New Year feasting

Maybe this is the only period when we can feast without guilt?
Go ahead, you can have the 5th Bak Kwa, or the 10th Pineapple tart haha.

Nothing elaborate, we visited our relatives and friends, enjoy each other's hospitality. And SengkangBabies eat non stop at every house !

拜年 at 奶奶's place

Then we pop by Ah Ma and Ah Gong's house.

Our Ah Gou(1)

Dinner at our relative's, love the curry and noodles !

Meanwhile, kids mischief act up :)

Our doting Ah Yi(2) and Lau Kim(3)

Met our cousins on Day 2

More goodies to munch

Our kids got talent ! They can really BANG the keyboard !

Cousins photoshoot

On Cny Day 7, we 捞鱼生 (yusheng). Basically we toss the mixture (with raw fish slices) high and messy, and say some auspicious wordings, all for the sake of good luck, fortune, health :)

You might be interested to read the YuSheng thesis at Wiki :p

Kids had fun, and they love the crackers !

We hope you and your family had a great start to the Dragon year too !
For more photos, do pop by our Festive album :)

ps.. this is the First year Daddy pull his tripod along, and we are so glad so many relatives obliged with candid photos. Nice memories for the kids :)


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Trip to Ang Mo Kio Wet Market

Every Sunday when we wake up, a sumptuous breakfast awaits us.
You have Nasi Lemak, Wanton Noodle, Roti Prata, and all sorts of kueh (pastries).

We are so pampered by 奶奶.

One day, Daddy ask the kids, where did our breakfast come from?
The next thing we know, Wei is tagging along with 奶奶 on her Market trip.

We reach Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 at around 7am. Normally, we can laze in bed on Sunday morning :p

The Wet market is buzzing with activities early in the morning.
Wet Market is where Singapore go to get their fresh food. Tourist are always curious about how Wet Markets and Hawker Centres have integrated into modern Singapore.

Leafy cabbage and bean sprouts.

Fish, steam or pan fried? Or simply fishball in soup?

Love the crispy duck, or shall we go for baby ribs?

Fruit stall, where is banana?

Look at the colourful photos above, Wet Market is an explosion of rich colours !
Red from Meat, Green from Veggies, White from Beans etc.

The buzz from the shoppers and stallholders is electrifying ! Everybody going about their business with a shopping list. 奶奶 must be pondering over her dinner menu.

**On to part two of our journey, Breakfast.

We are choosing our afternoon snack, maybe Marble cake?

Prata for breakfast?

..or our favourite Nasi Lemak at Blk 532?

Besides enjoying good food, our kids should also appreciate the effort and love which goes into food preparation. Every drop of rice, every strand of noodle means effort, and nobody should take it for granted.

If you like our Wet Market adventure, a trip to Jurong Fishery Port might be your cup of tea.
Check out this fishy post -->
Read our Nasi Lemak story -->

As usual, more photos are available at Sengkang Babies' market.

. **2013Apr - updated Kopi photo #01-128 (and the sotong meehoon next door is also very delicious !)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sentosa Flowers 2012

On day 2 of CNY, we visited Sentosa's Flower festival. Starting from carpark, we realised a lot of people have decided to drop by RWS for their gambling kicks :p

Dragons feature at every corner.

Even dinosaurs are consider "dragons, as their Chinese name is 恐龙.

We did not follow any itinerary, we head to the less popular joints for our photos.

Some queues stretch to 20min, and we realised a lot of tourist request for multiple photoshoot ! One person, two person, whole family, then one person again! We should limit every group to maximum three photos.

Look at the crowd !

Some of the setup will be recycle for Valentine's.

Hot day, and kids miss their naps again, no wonder Yi is yawning. Only food and Fun will keep him awake.

The usual photo booths, ideal for family portraits (but you have to squeeze with others). Do take more photos and join Sentosa Flower contest.

It is a challenge to navigate through the crowd with our stroller, but somehow, we still manage to squeeze in opportunities for family portraits.
(if you need to mount that tripod, do be careful as some kids might trip your precious camera over !)

Before we head home, we decide to pop by Malaysian Food street for some snacks, but the queue put us off! Yes, we blogged about some delicious food earlier, but we are not going to enjoy more Queues :p

Of all the dragons at Sentosa, this is our favourite. Made of lanterns, Dragon looks very impressive.

If you are interested in Sentosa Flowers ,the last day is 29Jan.
We will recommend that you take the boardwalk, our carpark bill came up to $14 for 2 hours.

More Dragon photos are available from our Fanpage.
You might want to consider bringing your external flash, a lot of our photos were under-exposed under the hot sun.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Changi City Point

If you happen to be at Singapore Expo, you might want to checkout Changi City Point. We were there last week, to soak in some Fun at the rooftop.

As shopping mall is new, playground is still very clean and well maintained. Head to Level 3 "The 3 House".

We discover Boon Yee is a sharpshooter, and he will gun you down !

Cooling respite from the Sun.

In case your kids should be bored at the playground, occasional airplanes might attract their attention.

Let us show you how to have FUN ! There is also a Dry section at the playground, but the surface areas are scorching ouch.

Do drop by our Fanpage album for more Wet look ! Indoors, there is a Petite Park for young kids. You might want to pop by Mummy Susan's review.

Need more water playgrounds?
Search our tags for "WetWetWet" and "Playgrounds".
- Nex
- Lower Reservoir
- Sembawang Splash
- Changi City Point


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

River Hongbao

We went to River Hongbao (春到河畔) on CNY eve.

Entrance, we managed to squeeze in one family photo despite the crowd :)

Maybe it has been raining, or everyone is at Chinatown, the crowd situation was not so bad.

As this Fortune God throws "gold" flecks, some people were seen inverting their umbrellas to collect !

All the Zodiac animals on parade

Some other exhibits at River Hongbao.

We did not have any opportunity to try the festive food, as the rain decided to play havoc on us that evening :p

One last shot, before the rain came down again. The crowd rushed for shelter.
This is a "wet" Chinese New Year :)

River Hongbao,will be running until 29Jan2012, for more updates and information, do drop by River Hongbao website. Or you can get more auspicious photos from SengkangBabies Album :p

Huat Ah !

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