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Thursday, July 30, 2009

weekly roundup - nuggets

- cheesecake
- phase 2c
- monkey
- barrage
- duck/Hippo

31Jul - Cheesecake from BakerZin
Daddy show Mummy another blog with the kids enjoying their delicious Cheesecake.
And today, we get to enjoy Strawberry and Cookies cheesecake yummy.

Yi has already finished his portion, and looks set to conquer Wei and Kang's territory !!
The two kor kor better eat faster.

Thank you to this blog for introducing our cheesecake-->

29Jul - Primary School regstration for Wei
We went to register Wei at Nan Qiao for Phase 2C.
On day 1, quota already overshot. No gurantee even if we live within 1Km.
Out of every three kids registered, two will be disappointed !! (I mean the parents)
Balloting will start on 11Aug.

Refer history chart at this information forum -->

29Jul - Monkey See Monkey Do
We were watching TV when we heard Mummy "Ouch".
She has drop Orange carton onto her toe. Wei and Kang proceed to massage her toe.
saw and imitate, but he massage the other foot's toe ?? So sweet.
No prizes for guessing who is the monkey :p

29Jul - School activities - Marina Barrage
Wei and Kang went for field trip to the Barrage. They had fun learning about how the "pumps" work, and also enjoy some water splashing.

28Jul - Ducks and Hippos

We pass by Suntec everyday, and we will scrutinise what is the Hippo bus colour.
Today, Daddy detour on the way home, and let us see these funny buses upfront and close.

Daddy say this buses are not cheap. one Duck - $30, and one Hippo -$25 !!
Let us wait for some promotions :)

Now we know the Duck bus was used during Vietnam war. But we still cannot visualise how the propeller will push this bus across Marina bay.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kang at 4 years old

It seems like it was only yesterday, when Kang was still our little 弟弟 (small brother).Suddenly, Kang has grown, and is more mature now.

Picture : A commando watermelon makeup gone wrong? hee hee green Kungfu Panda?

Kang can be temperamental at times, but luckily, he does not bear grudges.
He is very sociable, but tends to get too rough with friends and siblings.

On the surface, Kang looks quiet, but he likes to analyse his environment/conversation, before he speaks. Effectively bilingual, Kang speaks in machine gun style.

He is always inquisitive, and has tons of questions for Daddy and Mummy.

Kang remembers all our conversations, eg Daddy's nagging, Mummy's motto, and repeats them to us at regular intervals (eg shouting Garang Guni when Yi is naughty).

Daddy and Mummy can only smile in jubilation (or exasperation), as this little-parrot really knows how to tickle your fancy.

We have told Kang that he will be the big Kor Kor in school in a few months, as Wei is going to Primary school. Kang will need to look after Yi (and maybe Xin).

Daddy and Mummy still have our reservations on whether Kang is up to the mark hee hee.

Play, no problem, exhibit responsibility? Let's see :p

We are secretly confident, as Kang can exhibit empathy,
eg when he sayang our Mei Mei 妹妹.

Picture : Chubby thighs, Kang was fleshly once, but has now shrink :(

For all his innocent look, Kang has a dark side hee hee.
He is a good nurtured boy, who is always curious and inquisitive, but mischievous by nature :p

Kang knows how to toe his line, and not to irritate Mummy/Daddy.

If there should be an OB (out of bound) line, Kang will nudge Wei to step onto minefield first !!! Thus Wei will always get scolding from Daddy :(

Kang has high EQ, but is crafty, and scheming :p

(not sure whether these descriptive should be applied on a 4 year old boy ).

Kang is not scared of any "hard" discipline from Daddy, so Mummy has to appeal to Kang's soft side. Chinese saying - 吃软不吃硬

Daddy and Mummy : on Middle child symptom.

Kang is stuck in the middle, ie not mature enough like Wei to enjoy some additional freedom (yet), and not as young and cute as Yi. Ask any parents with two kids and above, and we come to conclusion second child always has to fight extra hard for attention. If family has three kids, situation will likely gets worse.

Daddy and Mummy would like to acknowledge Kang's role as a live-wire in our house. He will pull everybody together, through his antics (be it good or bad). And we believe our house would see less excitement without Kang :p

More Kang pictures here -->

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wen Yi at 19 months old

Wen Yi has mature into our third brother..and is shouldering more responsibility at home.

Achievements :
- sweep floor
- use tissue mop floor
- pass pacifier to Wen Xin when she cries (although he might forget to wash his hands sometimes)
- pick up rubbish and throw into bin
- imitation, eg trying to urinate in the loo, like his elder brothers, but he still got pampers hee hee.
- keeping his toys, haha his elder brothers still need reminding :(

We are awaiting for him to open his golden mouth.
Meanwhile, Yi can understand English/Mandarin instructions effectively.

He can identify his body when we say Head, Eye, Ear, Mouth, Hand, Mouth etc..impressive for baby who still refuse to speak.

Yi favourite quote is "No No".. even when he means "yes" at times.
- are you hungry, he nods his head
- you want to play - nod nod
- you want garang guni man to come? No No
Daddy and Mummy just realised Yi is now learning the rights and wrongs, and he is adapting to rules-based rationale. eg when Elder brother is disciplined, Yi will keep low profile, and hide one corner, in case he become collateral damage !!

is exhibiting similar characteristics to Wei. They both like round things, and cars are their lives. Yi will also exhibits jealousy when Mummy or Daddy is carrying Xin mei mei. He will look for the other parent to hug hug, and snug.

Meanwhile, Yi continues to be a darling in school. No problems reported in school, Yi is sleeping well and eating a LOT. And our teachers are paying a lot of attention to him :)
Infact, his old infant teachers remark that he has put on weight.

More pictures on Yi -->

Sunday, July 26, 2009

NDP 2009 preview- from Swissotel

09Aug is Singapore's National Day. We tried to get some tickets for NDP 2009 but were unsuccessful.
Instead, Daddy book a room at Swissotel to view the fireworks. Although this is not Singapore's actual National day, we got more than we bargained for.
All the HarbourFrontView rooms come with a balcony, cool.

We saw all types of birds, ships, soldiers, and of course firework.
And we love Merlion.

Day 1 - View from 3956 . Daddy got wobbly legs from the heights.

Happy posing. The kids were happy, and they were modeling for the camera without any prompts.

Video :Red Lion falling, Kang hysterical :0

Gunboats on the prowl in Singapore River

Video : Coast Guard

Apaches.. HellFire

These buildings need no introduction. Kids shouted Durian, Durian.

The flag came very close.. Mari Kita .. Singapura.. Rasa

Video :Flag fly past

Video : Loud afterburners, Kang ran and hide, Wei exclaiming !!##%% .
Xin got a shock, and started crying :p
21 guns salute

Spectacular night scenes..and firework (Daddy really need a SLR)

Imagin F1 on these circuit

Aegis paper warship at Marina Bay

Video :Fireworks

Firework or Apache, does not interest Xin. She wearing mini Kimono?
Day 2 - Stroll to Merlion park early morning.

The air is fresh, and no cars on the roads.

Daddy told us about the Old satay club at Esplannade.

F1 route, Anderson bridge

Our hotel in the background.

Sands ..building in progress..Daddy tells us a RoofTop garden is coming.

Finally, after 20 minutes.. our Merlion.

Yawning and grouchy look,,try asking your kids to wake up at 0700 Sunday morning, and March 4Km hee hee.

How come Day 2 does not have Wen Xin pictures? This little buffalo was hiding in Mummy's sarong sling.
Let's go, breakfast is waiting.

Swiss Cafe or KopiTiam buffet? Yi does not mind.

Making Merry.

Marina barrage and Helix bridge in background.

Posing with Mei Mei

After checkout, we drove to Flyer. Daddy has never been here yet, but Mummy has brought the kids for her company dinner :(

The boys were amazed at the manicure fishes.

Daddy can only pose for Flyer pics, did not have chance to seat in a capsule.

A mini eco-garden at flyer ground floor.

Home sweet home..

Video : Scenic view
Video : Night scene

Daddy : We had our hesitations whether booking a room would be a wise idea. What if NDP stage is too far away, what if lower floors cannot view the spectacular fireworks? this and that.

Our worries were unfounded. The kids were showing off their firework encounters with their friends :p It is nice to be a visitor in your home country once in a blue moon.

We got our hotel stay tips from
This portal offers a lot of interesting tips for tourists.

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