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Sunday, October 5, 2008

2008Oct Corridor

small picnic outside our house..
weather was hot, we decide to seat the kids along corridor, they seems to enjoy their lunch and apples :)

Little one still perspiring..

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Zoo 20080110

We went Zoo on Children day.. two families
Ready,get set, Go !!!


my daddy and Kang

small boy Yi snoozing


let's take a break.. in the aircon enclosure.

Mummy shouting: boys, not too near to the Tiger/Cheetah/Lion whatever !!
Kara and Joley are tired and thirsty too..running around..

splash at the children-zOO.

zzz zzz.. slumber land..again.. like pig

more portraits

finally our little piggy woke up fresh, and decide to challenge the Croc.

Zoo is our regular haunt, and the kids are never sick of this place.
The sprawling compound means sore-leg/cramp-fingers for the daddy & mummies
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