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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Singapore Zoo

On Easter holiday, we troop to Singapore Zoo. We notice Wen Xin is now very curious about animals, and there is no better classroom than our Zoo at Mandai.

We rent a Mini Explorer Wagon for $18, Daddy thought it should be Fun to let the kids act "passengers". Notice anything difference from 2007 to 2011? Click to read our 2007 Zoo experience.

As we went on a holiday, big crowd! Daddy has to park 10min's walk away.
Lesson learned, go Early, Zoo opens at 0830.

Giraffe are unfazed by the visitors

Maybe Yi should not eat so near to the proboscis monkey?

We found some Tropical fruits, and everybody recognize Durian as the King of Fruits.

When we are hungry, everybody munch on bread..

Our flurry friends also got a spread of fruit-salad buffet

Video : Cute African Squirrels

Fortunately for Xin and Yi, they got a Taxi to hop onto, whenever they get tired

We explore the East side of the Zoo today.

..and Xin does not like all the creatures :p (scare scare)

Modes of transport in zoo

Daddy told them that crocodile do not mind snacking on humans.

More walking, our two 哥哥 are good and strong!

Video : Wagon fun

Yi and Xin smiling for camera. (they do not look tired)

Carnivorous animals (Wei is omnivorous )

Zebras and deer eat grass, Rhino eat dung?

Mummy and the boys

... and girl

Xin : Look look ! what is that animal?

Family pose with Zebras

Our Zoo is hugh, and it is impossible to cover every hectare within one day.

Zoo Zoolympix
If you are going to the Zoo soon, take note that there is a Zoo Olympic from 23May to 12Jun2011. Zoolympix is an annual event, and Kids are tested on their agility, speed, and brain power. Face painting and tattoo for all :)

If you wish to read our previous Zoo experiences, head to


Thursday, April 28, 2011

I love long long Exposures on my Nikon D5000

Besides candid shots of the kids, Daddy love landscapes.
Imagine when waterfall and water-bodies blurs, and motion looks like silk.

Long Exposure means leaving your shutter open indefinitely.
You might be surprise how easy it is to achieve stunning photos.

Ingredients :
- Tripod (I am still on my stock 18-55mm, no Wide Lens yet)
- patience
- wife's permission (for 3 hours away)

Recommended :
- remote (absolutely necessary for fireworks)
If no remote, you need to set your Camera to trigger on "timer".

- ND filter (3 stops or 10 stops)
Allows you to slow down motion or get ideal depth-of-view "in daylight" , no over-exposure!

Settings :
- Manual Focus (the gurus say focus 1/3 into the picture)
- ISO 100
- Aperture F13 to F22 (depending on what effect you wish to create)
- Shutter from 10s, 30s or up to BULB
- we can adjust the exposure to "+ or -" depending on brightness

What can we do with Long Exposures and some creativity ??

Add Sunset/Sunrise, Fireworks to the list...
The best thing is all this can be achieved with a basic camera kit.

If you need more inspirations or tips, just search "ND110" or "Long Exposure" in

I am a newbie, and still very crazy and passionate about photography.
There are just So many things to learn and explore :)
If you need some tips from me or better still you have tips to share, please let me know. I have learn so much from my friends :)

Anyway, Daddy just bought this copy off Popular Bookstore, the Landscape pictures will blow you away!

The above photos can be found at our FanPage too.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GE 2011 breaking news, our favourite Party is....

... In GE 2011, we will only contest for a SMC. No prize for guessing where SengKang-Babies is contesting. We know a lot of children can identify with our manifesto.

More About Party SengKangBabies

Our little MP :
- Lee Boon Yee
- 4 years old
- Cheerful, playful, know how to act cute

Our Manifesto :
- all children shall have fun
- to build more playgrounds in your neighbourhood
- no more homework and tuition

On 07May, look for our logo, vote Lee Boon Yee into Parliament. Daddy cannot trust the two smaller kids, as they only like logos with "Stars" haha.

We are currently still negotiating with the Elections-Department whether juvenile candidates can get pro-rated deposit, maybe we pay 10%, ie $1600
(that is still a lot of milk powder !)

On a side note, our kids say they like the Bear ( from red-party) who give sweets. Maybe the other parties will start asking their mascots to give sweets and balloons too.

With your support, in 2016, we hope to assemble all our babies to take on a GRC.
If Voting is based on cute factor, we will be a force to reckon with.

Signing off,
Chief Editor Daddy Andy

... disclaimer...
Above post is only meant to trigger your smile, as we understand elections can be very tense and stressful. We are not to be held liable when you cannot find our party-logo on 07May :p

--More voting information can be found @
--Above bear picture taken from TheOnlineCitizen

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Changi Boardwalk

The vicinity around Changi Village has it's own rustic backyard.
Besides the Nasi Lemak and Jetty to Ubin, we just discover about the Changi Boardwalk along the coast.

Map and walking guide available at URA website ,

For this round, we started at the western end, covering only Sunset, and Kelong Walk.

You will be able to see anglers, sailings, and maybe even a wedding photoshoot.
Changi Point can be romantic during Sunset.

What is so interesting?

Daddy told the kids about this iconic house, which somehow resemble Dragonball's (七龍珠) Kame house.

Oil tankers keep drifting in and out of the straits. That might be a reason why nobody is swimming at the seaside.

This is the end point for Sunset Walk (Refer to map above). Low tide has exposed the seabed rocks.

The whole boardwalk is made of wood, it feels like walking on a kelong stilt.


A floating platform?

Next time, we should explore Cliff Walk.
Maybe Daddy will should try a Sunset series soon :)

** Parking could be an issue, as the carparks are meant for the chalets. Daddy had to parallel park along the narrow road.


Singapore Blog Awards 2011

Singapore Blog Awards 2011 ( 新加坡部落格大奖) is here.

In 2010, SengKangBabies had a minute of fame when we were featured in a video clip. Read or view our presentation ...

For Singapore Blog Awards 2011, we are very happy that a new "Family" category has been added. Now parents can yak about the kids, family life, and parenthood :)

For Daddy, this will be another opportunity to share our insights and Fun-places. The irony is, Daddy has been focusing so much on outdoor activities, that some parents view us more like a travel blog haha.

Let us repeat SengKangBabies' manifesto (this word is very hot now)
- we want more parents to bring their kids out
- bond with the kids and let them remember a happy childhood
- through our excursions, we show you the Fun places in Singapore

What are you waiting for?
There are grand prizes worth $30,000, and winners can jetset to Melbourne in style. Nominate your friend or colleague to join Singapore Blog Award 2011, the dateline is 22May2011.

Click to read more about SengKangBabies.
We invite you to join us along our journey, and we hope to meet more like-minded parents :)

This is our entry :

~~~ ~~~ ~~~
SengKangBabies' Andy is about 4 cute kids. We roam Singapore to bring you FUN ! Our stories show how Parenting can also be happening ! Give our kids a memorable childhood :)
~~~ ~~~ ~~~

~~2010 entry~~
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