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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Port Dickson

We went Port Dickson's Avillion Resort for 3D2N stay.

Kang sleeping in his fortress.

Cool, outdoor shower.

Sunshine, early morning !! Stretching excercise.

Baby boy, wakie wakie.

We went to the local Ostrich farm.

Wei exclaiming : big-bird coming !!!

Kentucky marching..

Boys enjoying the race. Ostrich sure can sprint.

Wei, please be careful of the Billy goat behind. It fancies your hat.

Wei running around..he is very excited about the small farm here.
Wei : smiling again

Daddy took me to the sandbank during low tide..maybe we can see crabs, and small fish?

Let us go push our Kang around, in his cart. This baby is enjoying a Good life, got mummy/dad to serve and pacify him.

Maybe Kang is hungry, he did not smile for camera.

We are getting ready to go for dinner.. but first, another photoshoot.

Once the kids are happy, parents are also happy.
Nevermind the stoller was heavy, or we were tired...

Port Dickson is in between Malacca, and Sepang. You will see a lot of Singapore families/cars in this town :) Nice beaches (consider white sand, but water quality still East-Coast better) , cheap food. Good place to relax and rest.
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