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Monday, November 30, 2009

南侨 Nan Qiao 2010 Orientation

Wen Wei charting his own path. ..
Daddy brought Wei to NanQiao orientation today, and Kang tag along.

School Motto
Sights spotted within school compound

Wen Wei and new classmate going to their own class orientation.
First, Statistics and Accolades..
..then performance by the seniors..Wei say he likes WuShu (because he can learn to fight!!)

Video: Snippets of school performance
Two canteen stalls are open today, beverage and Malay rice. But Nasi Lemak sold out.

Pose for Daddy
On the way home, it suddenly drizzles.
Luckily we got NanQiao handbook to guide us, and provide some shade :)

Daddy and Mummy : Wei, you are not alone on this path, 我们永远支持你.
The orientation was lively and very organised.
Come 04Jan2010, Wei's D-day.

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