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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mandarin Curriculum - Meet Teacher Session

All of us went to Wei and Kang's Mandarin drama class for their assessment.
Wei and Kang are enrolled with "Little School Of Big Dreamers" (人小梦大).
Kang's teacher is a celebrity (黄嫊方) :o
But you will noticed, only Wei is in picture, where is Kang?

Wei - need teacher to push him to participate in events, more laid back
No problem expressing himself in theatres.

- very interested in activities, but mostly shy. (sure?)
Does not have a regular buddy :(
Teacher say this could be because we joined only in second half, whereas friendship-bonds are established in first half.

- Both of them enjoy their 儿歌.
They got no issues communicating in Mandarin, but Wei is a bit kan(1)dang(1).
(ie potato kids who grow up on french fries, and US culture hee)

Mummy with our two smallest members in tow.
While teachers were talking to parents, the kids got movie screenings.
Yi was happy to settle down in auditorium.
See, we are going to concert.

Daddy : if you have been following our blog, you will know Kang is anti-social :p
He hates to be photographed ! And will always run ahead, or make funny face to irritate photographer (mostly Daddy)


  1. Hey! I am thinking of enrolling my boy in this school. Appreciate your feedback please. Thanks

  2. hi,
    It would be beneficial if your kid/s is sociable, and join at the start of syllabus. My kids join 1/2 way and somehow did not gel well with the other kids. A lot of group activities/participation.
    Teachers quality and passion is very good, but course fee is slightly on the high side.

    ** before we signed up, we went for an orientation. It was too short at 15min and for warm-up only ! Parents will prefer a more efficient way to access course curriculum for themselves..


  3. Thanks for sharing Andy!
    Don't they give handouts to bring home?
    Are you boys still with the school?

  4. A lot of handouts, for singing and rhymes :)
    They left after two sessions (we felt they were too young and shy to mingle)

  5. Thanks! I'll give the school a try then!


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