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Friday, November 20, 2009

Learning Vision happenings, assessment, graduation$$

In summary :
1. N2 Parents meet teacher session
2. K2 expensive graduation fees
3. Journey to school

1. N2 Kang's quarterly assessment.

Teacher Xiao Han and 林老师 are very generous when it comes to compliments on Kang's achievements. He can talk fast, adapt well, learn quickly and memorize everything.

Only thing we cannot control is Kang's temperamental/emotional soul. He can kick up a fuss at will !! Kang can also be rough when it comes to play, especially with his friend, Daren.

Daddy and Mummy agree with Teachers' assessment, but we admit that we can only demostrate patience, when it comes to Kang.
Kang is always quoted, "I don't like you", "I ignore you", " Don't talk to you" etc.
Where did he learn all these lingos?

2. We thought post Os or As prom nights were expensive affairs.
Now even K2 graduation can cost a bomb !!

- $100 costume (worn only once for graduation)
- $30 ticket per parent, total $60 (no complimentary ticket?)
- $30 full ticket for child above 3 years old
- $25 Dvd
- $215 full package

Do K2 children really need to spend so much for graduation?
Granted, it is a milestone for our children, and we should celebrate, but modestly.
We highlighted to management that money which we can saved, can buy kiddos more nutrition and enrichment products !!
Singapore just walk out from recession !! Daddy wonder any other parents complained?

3. Video : showing how we tracked to school. Wei often has to carry two bags :)

Mon and Fri means we have tp pack extra bags for kiddos' pillows and blankets.

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