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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Relatives and Government knows best..eh..about baby popping!!

What Daddy is trying to say : Relatives and Garment (Government) knows best when it comes to parenting, and their advices are GOLDEN.. period.

This is a classic example.
When we go gongxi gongxi during Chinese New Year, our relatives never fail to run out of script about babies... Your Babies haha.

Just married - Aiyoh, enough me-time and romantic, 要好好做人(make babies).. then life becomes more fulfilling

1 kid - Ah Boy so lonely, get him companion lah

2 kids (if both boys) - get one more, maybe you lucky get a Girl. Then perfect.
(if 1 boy and 1 girl already) - relatives will still ask us to get one more, parents still young :p

3 kids - Can afford, bear more. If family bigger, more fun. Relatives would even add "Enriching"!

4 kids - Your Mrs 40 already? Quick, try one more before factory close-shop. Aiyah, ask your Mum/Mil stay home full time look after baby. Help Singapore garment (government) procreate!

5 kids - Daddy is waiting for 2010 Chinese New Year, we are so curious to hear what tips our Relatives will be dispensing :)

So, no matter how many kids you have, nothing can zip your relatives. They mean well, but sometimes, it can get on our nerves :p

# Tip 1 - never argue with your relatives, just SMILE when they pop the baby question.
Hopefully, they will bite into another relative's juicy topics.

Our Government has also played an active role, when it comes to promoting Family life. Remember these cute posters all over our article?
(if yes, it means you are not too young anymore !!)

Does campaign slogans like "Stop-at-two", or "Three or more" mean anything to you? In the 70s, they really put in a lot of effort to urge our parents to stick to two kiddos.

Our Garment's propaganda wants our parents to believe that if family is too big....
- not enough to eat
- less material comfort
- education and medical coverage spread too thinly
- in summary, our future less bright :(

Fast forward to 21st century, the catch phases are now "baby bonus", "magic number 1.28" etc.

Singapore is one of the fastest aging society, and it's population is not procreating.. Politicians want us have more babies.
If we hit a fertility rate of 2.1, Singapore will have enough new borns to rejuvenate itself.

It is ironic that Singapore started with Stop-at-Two campaign in the 70s, but is now asking families to have more if possible.

**above images are referenced from http://www.postersonline.com.sg
and Fertility Statistic plugged from http://www.singstat.gov.sg/stats/themes/people/popnindicators.pdf

ps..if you are interested in Singapore's histories, you can pop by at this wonderful blog --> http://timesofmylife.wordpress.com/


  1. Seriously...I think 2 is really enough. But like my #2 (12yo) says, if I were to live my life over, I'll probably still go down the same pathway. *sigh*.

  2. thks Cheng, topic very subjective :p We thought two is enough, but end up with four.


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